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The Surrogacy Speakers Bureau of Men Having Babies

While modern surrogacy has been used for several decades to successfully help infertile couples have children, to date the vast majority of heterosexual couples who benefit from the practice chose to keep their experiences private (and often do not even disclose it to their family and children). As a result the positive aspects of this practice were virtually untold, and surrogacy only made the headlines when things went wrong. As a growing number of gay men turn to surrogacy to create families of choice, the practice started to receive more visibility. Gay men are naturally less likely to hide the origin of their children, and therefore in many countries they are at the forefront of advocacy efforts to highlight the potential benefits of this practice. To further assist in this trend, Men Having Babies has launched the first ever Surrogacy Speakers Bureau in July 2012. Prospective speakers are identified through the detailed parent survey initiative of MHB. The hundreds that already provided detailed feedback about their journeys were also asked if they are willing to speak to the press, speak at public events, or participate in relevant academic research.

To see the latest statistics about the people currently in our database please see the reports below (or access the parents one here, and the one for intended parents here). As you can see most of our speakers are parents, and some still in the process of creating their family. While most are gay, we also have some straight couples as well. About 40% are from outside the USA and they speak more than a dozen languages.

We have very detailed information about our speakers, so we can easily segment the group based on demographic (language, country / region, professions) or parenting data (number of children, age, known or unknown egg donations, etc.).
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Press or public inquiry
If you are a member of the press, community organizer or anyone else who want to benefit from access to our Speakers Bureau, please email us with your detailed request. If you like to join our mailing list you can use this form.
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Parents or prospective parents
If you are a surrogacy parent (or future parent) who wants to join our speakers bureau, please fill our survey here.
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If you like access to the rich statistical data we collected in our surveys, please email us with your detailed request.

Couples and singles who are already parents through surrogacy, and willing to speak to the media, researchers or in public events

Couples and singles who are in the process of becoming parents through surrogacy, and willing to speak to the media, researchers or in public events