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Help us make gay parenthood a wider reality!

For many prospective gay fathers, the path to parenthood through gestational surrogacy may seem financially infeasible and incredibly daunting.

To that end, our Gay Parenting Assistance Program (GPAP) annually facilitates more than a million dollars worth of grants and free services. Since 2014 we have helped more than 500 couples and singles who otherwise would not be fathers today! These are teachers, veterans, hair stylists, nurses, social workers, etc. from all over the world - all with the dream of becoming a father.

Please see for more details our 2019 Report Card or 2018 full annual report with audited financials.

But now we need your help! Will you donate today to help make the dream of fatherhood possible for more gay men?

We hope that, together, we can continue to promote the affordability, accessibility and viability of biological parenting as an option for gay fatherhood.
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Over 90 reputable clinics, agencies, and other providers that help gay men become parents through surrogacy, have donated or discounted their services. We match those services with couples that cannot afford a surrogacy journey on their own. However, there is still a significant cost to the journey and without enough monetary assistance we cannot help all the applicants and those donated services may go unused.

Even with the rising costs of producing our conferences, sponsorship proceeds still cover more than 2/3 of GPAP’s budget – so every additional dollar we raise goes entirely towards grants to the recipients. The funding is stretched even further as every dollar given through grants allows the recipients to access up to five times that amount in donated services