Kenesh Pundekaut

The Third International
Surrogacy and Infertility Conference

Tel Aviv, February 12-14, 2015

We were proud to once again offer a 3-day international surrogacy conference in Israel in February 2015. The conference attracted over 100 intended parents, dozens of parents who came with their children for a family reunion, agencies and clinics from around the world. The conference focus was on international surrogacy opportunities, mostly in the USA, but also in Israel, Nepal and Mexico. Additional co-sponsoring organization is the Israeli Gay Fathers Association. Proceeds from sponsorship fees benefited the Gay Parenting Assistance Program and are earmarked to help Israeli couples in 2016.
  • See below for the original event program
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Comprehensive "how-to" parenting program
Medical, psychological, and legal experts
Parent and surrogate testimonies
20+ Surrogacy Services Exhibitors from Israel and the USA
24 "meet the sponsor" breakout sessions
Advice for both gay and straight prospective parents

The City of Tel Aviv, in cooperation with the international organization Men Having Babies, is proud to present the third annual International Surrogacy and Fertility Conference in Israel

Israel's third international surrogacy and fertility conference will take place in February 12-14, 2015. The three-day event will feature expert and personal advice, exhibits and specialty panels for both gay and straight prospective parents. The program is based on the successful format of conferences that also took place in the USA and Europe.

The conference will feature surrogacy opportunities in Israel alongside with options abroad, including the USA, Canada, India, Nepal and Mexico.

For English Speaking Attendees: There will be simultaneous English translation available Thursday evening, for all the major sessions of the program - 10:00 - 13:00 on both Friday and Saturday. Three of the workshops Saturday afternoon will be in English (see the detailed program). In addition, the majority of the breakout sessions will be in English and private consultations on Saturday can be scheduled in English as well.

Last year’s Tel Aviv conference attracted more than 150 intended parents, dozens of parents who came with their children for a surrogacy family reunion, agencies and clinics from around the world, the Tel Aviv mayor, and much media attention.

So don't miss this event, and register early to save time when you check-in, and to get updates on new speakers, sponsors and breakout sessions as they are added.
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February 12, 13 and 14, 2015. See program below for more information.
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The conference will take place at the Tel Aviv Gay Center, at Gan Meir (22 Tsernichovsky Street). You can see this illustration for exact location (the Center is located at a Park and the best access is from King George Street).
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Admission is $15 per person for Friday or Saturday, or $25 for the entire conference, when registering in advance (the cost will be higher for walk-ins at the door the day of the event).

Sponsoring law firms

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Supportive community organizations

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