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Our strongest passion at Men Having Babies is to make gay parenting more widely available – including to those guys who cannot afford surrogacy on their own. To that end, every year we facilitate the award of free services from over 90 reputable clinics, agencies, and law firms worth more than a million dollars, coupled with cash grants that are funded by sponsorship proceeds from our conferences.

In COVID-ravaged 2020, even as our sponsorship revenues have been cut by more than 50%, we were still able to provide financial assistance to 16 gay couples and singles (compared to 20-25 couples in previous years), while pivoting to offer a large range of virtual programs and dramatically increasing and improving our online resources.

But now we have a problem… While we have dozens of free or discounted professional services pledged for 2021, these donated services cannot be used without the cash grants needed for surrogate / egg donor compensation, etc. With several months still ahead of us before in-person conferences can resume, we already know that our sponsorship revenue will not recover enough to yield ANY surplus for grants (even after drastic cost cutting, including some voluntary unpaid leave).

Bottom line: Without substantial fundraising we may need to suspend direct financial assistance (GPAP Stage II), and more than a million dollars of pledged free services will go to waste.
Donate Now!

So we need your help: dads, guncles, and friends. Help us to continue making gay fatherhood a wider reality by donating to our GPAP fund. Every additional dollar we raise goes entirely towards grants to the recipients. The funding is stretched even further as every dollar given through grants allows the recipients to access up to five times that amount in donated services.

Around the world LGBTQ communities are struggling hard to gain rights and freedoms that were excluded from us in the past. In a growing number of countries there is even wider support for our desire to build families of our own. How frustrating it is for those of us for whom financial means remains the only obstacle in achieving this dream?