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Sponsorship and Outreach Opportunities for Professionals

Why support Men Having Babies?

Men Having Babies annually hosts thousands of intended parents in conferences, seminars and workshops worldwide, as well as webinars for many more. Attendees benefit from unbiased guidance and access to a wide range of relevant service providers. Proceeds from conference sponsorship fees benefit our Gay Parenting Assistance Program (GPAP).

Consider this:
  • Each year our conferences, webinars and other events are sponsored by over 90 different surrogacy service providers from the USA, Canada and Israel.
  • Our surveys show that more than 58% of our USA members are from households that make over $200k annually; 73% of European and 95% of Americans are from households that make more than $100k; and over 70% of all of them hold graduate degrees.
  • We annually facilitate thousands of consult referrals to providers who take part in our conferences or GPAP.
  • Our assistance program keeps growing. More than 400 couples annually receive substantial discounts from participating providers, and dozens benefit from direct assistance, including grants and free services donated by those providers (“Stage II”). More than 45 babies were already born to Stage II parents, and many more are on their way.
  • Our new Membership Benefits Program expands outreach for providers who offer promotions to MHB's entire membership.
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"Men Having Babies is a great organization and we love attending their events as it is great exposure for our agency! The MHB NY event was an amazing opportunity for Intended Parents and surrogacy professionals to get together at a forum full of information and opportunity. There was a great sense of warmth and collegiality as lawyers, doctors and other professionals reached out to assist hopeful parents-to-be plan for having their children through surrogacy."
— Victoria Ferrera, Worldwide Surrogacy
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"San Diego Fertility Center is very proud, and honored, to participate in the MHB conference in NYC 2015.  The conference was an informative, and truly enjoyable, opportunity to share information about our center with intended parents.  The intended parents were very receptive, interested, and engaged.”
— Susanna Park, MD, SDFC
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"The International Surrogacy and Fertility Conference [in Tel Aviv] provides an invaluable opportunity to connect, face-to-face, with intended parents from around the globe in one place, at one time in a wonderfully relaxed setting.”
— Tessa Falk, Marketing Director, Fertility Specialists of Texas
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"The MHB team put on another inspirational event! The atmosphere created at the MHB conferences inspires and energizes me, and reminds me of the reason I became a fertility Doctor, to make the dream of parenthood a reality. We are proud to support MHB and their noble cause."
— Said Daneshmand MD, FACOG, San Diego Fertility Center
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"MHB is a superb organization for men providing research, friendship and emotional support as they navigate through this remarkable journey."
— Cindy Wasser, Hope Springs Fertility Law
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“I wanted to take a moment to congratulate you on the tremendous success of yesterday's event. I have just completed my tenure as President of the Board of Directors at RESOLVE New England, as such, I understand more than most how challenging it is to accomplish what you did yesterday, particularly with that level of turn-out. Very impressive, indeed."
Amy Demma
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"Thank you again for an AMAZING day yesterday. It was so incredibly inspirational to meet so many gay dads who have options. Your hard work provided all of us an opportunity to meet, educate and connect on a growing community. All in all, you did a wonderful job and should be so proud. I'm thrilled we were able to attend!"
Jennifer (Jay) Palumbo, Director of Patient Care / Fertility Authority
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"Congratulations on yesterday. Unanimous feedback from professionals was extremely high."
Michael Doyle, MD