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The Members Benefits Program (MBP) introduces fee-based membership to our network of 12,000+ future and current gay parents worldwide. As a participating provider you’ll have the opportunity to reach our entire membership base by pledging modest promotional offers such as discounted services or goods. There is no sponsorship fee associated with this participation: you only honor the promotion if a client signs up.

The outreach benefits you will receive will include:

  • Your participation and the details of the promotion will be featured on our website, including at the provider directory page and new enhanced provider profiles.
  • Eligibility to sponsor webinars (only providers who are part of both GPAP and MHB have access to webinar sponsorship and speaking opportunities)
  • Inclusion in a year-round consultation / referral system that is open to all (not just GPAP recipients or members).
  • Promotion on social media and newsletters to our entire mailing list.
  • Keep engagement with dads-to-be, families, and supporters through more than just conferences. Continue to serve as a resource for the membership community.

In many ways this program is an expansion of our assistance program. However compared to GPAP there are some important differences:
  • The MBP will reach a much larger number of participants: we typically have around 400-500 GPAP recipients annually, while we expect the number of members to be several times larger. Also note that all GPAP recipients automatically become members as well. (However, GPAP recipients must choose only one level of discount / benefit - they cannot stack discounts.)
  • The proposed benefit to MHB members should be of value that exceeds benefits otherwise widely offered by the provider to non-members.
  • It is expected that the benefits to all members would be less than the GPAP level.
  • Pledged promotions can be associated with any of your services offered and do not need to be your main service.
  • Pledges can be changed (or canceled) once per year, and are otherwise automatically renewed.
To sign up, please use the form below. Please note you can offer a promotion for prospective parents (such as a percentage or dollar discount off services), and also to parents (for instance a discount off embryo storage). Our membership includes many parents that plan a sibling journey, and they also tend to act as important influencers for other IPs.

Note that the MBP is just one of several benefits our members enjoy. Among them are members-only virtual events, discounted access to conferences / events, online mentorship program, etc.

Pledge form

Join the MHB Membership Benefits Program

Please list as completely as possible the discount/free services or products you'd like to offer. (ex. $x or x% off named service/product). Please list one offer per field.

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Terms and Conditions:

Sponsorship pledges made after June 30th are not guaranteed inclusion in any marketing materials for that calendar year. Pledges can be changed once per year or more often as approved by Men Having Babies. If no changes are made the pledge will remain the same for the length of the membership program. Membership sponsorship does not constitute a partnership with or endorsement from Men Having Babies. The newsletter and online learning seminars are subject to change at Men Having Babies discretion. Inclusion in marketing material (including but is not limited to the newsletter, online learning seminar, social media, other mailings, and conference announcements) is at Men Having Babies discretion. Men Having Babies reserves the right to remove any membership sponsor if they are in violation of Men Having Babies Ethical framework, in violation of state or federal laws, or for any reason Men Having Babies deems is in the best interest of the membership community. The proposed benefit to MHB members should be of value that exceeds benefits otherwise widely offered by the provider to non-members. Membership benefits must be given to all Men Having Babies members unless specifically noted restrictions, such as geographical restrictions, are made in the pledge.

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