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News and announcements for gay men having babies with the help of surrogacy. The peer support network offers seminars, exhibits, conferences and workshops for gay couples and singles interested in biological parenting through surrogacy, in the USA, Europe, and Asia.

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MHB Introduces Directory of Independent Surrogacy Law Firms

Further expanding the breadth of surrogacy provider resources, Men Having Babies recently launched a comprehensive USA-Canada Surrogacy Legal Directory with direct access to a large number of independent law firms. Information listed for each firm includes the specific surrogacy related services they can offer, whether they represent parents and/or surrogates, and the states/provinces where they are licensed to offer finalization services. The directory includes peer ratings for some of the providers, and shows which firms participate in MHB’s Membership Benefits Program (MBP) or the Gay Parenting Assistance Program (GPAP).

Judge Reverses Trump Administration’s Citizenship Denial to Child of Gay Couple

In a recent ruling significant for American LGBTQ parents, a federal judge ordered the State Department to recognize the U.S. citizenship of children of same-sex couples born abroad. As reported in many media outlets, including Time and CNN, this ruling gives U.S. citizenship to a married Maryland gay couple’s daughter, who was born via surrogate in Canada.

MHB Presents: How to Ensure Your Surrogacy Journey Abroad is Safe, Legal and Ethical

Considering going outside of the United States or Canada for your surrogacy journey? Before you do, read MHB's guidelines for safe and ethical surrogacy practices to protect yourself, your surrogate, and your future child. The guidelines, developed by an independent legal advisory committee, recommends what intended parents should take into consideration when considering surrogacy abroad, and whom should they consult with.