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Men Having Babies News

News and announcements for gay men having babies with the help of surrogacy. The peer support network offers seminars, exhibits, conferences and workshops for gay couples and singles interested in biological parenting through surrogacy, in the USA, Europe, and Asia.

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MHB Overcomes Pandemic Constraints to Hold a Hybrid Conference in Taipei

Against the odds, this October Men Having Babies successfully hosted hundreds of people in person in Taipei for the second annual Parenting Options for Asian Gay Men conference. Exceptional public health conditions in Taiwan created the opportunity, while innovative use of technology and diligent preparation allowed MHB to seamlessly incorporate more than 50 surrogacy and IVF experts from around the world who spoke and exhibited remotely. Meanwhile more than 200 attendees enjoyed an almost "pre-COVID" experience, alongside activists from partnering Taiwanese organizations and MHB staff (following a strict two-week quarantine). Additionally, dozens of Asian prospective parents from other countries, who originally hoped to attend in-person, attended the panels and breakout sessions online. In-person and remote attendees and speakers also benefited from real-time interpretation via the advanced Interprefy platform. The unique hybrid model was introduced by MHB to continue offering educational and financial support for prospective gay surrogacy parents worldwide, alongside specialized virtual conference technology the organization utilizes for events where public health conditions are more restrictive.  

MHB Introduces Directory of Independent Surrogacy Law Firms

Further expanding the breadth of surrogacy provider resources, Men Having Babies recently launched a comprehensive USA-Canada Surrogacy Legal Directory with direct access to a large number of independent law firms. Information listed for each firm includes the specific surrogacy related services they can offer, whether they represent parents and/or surrogates, and the states/provinces where they are licensed to offer finalization services. The directory includes peer ratings for some of the providers, and shows which firms participate in MHB’s Membership Benefits Program (MBP) or the Gay Parenting Assistance Program (GPAP).

MHB invites surrogacy providers to participate in the new Membership Benefits Program

Men Having Babies presents new opportunities for surrogacy professionals to reach out to prospective parents in ways that better fit the reality of travel restrictions and financial uncertainty. These include sponsorships of webinars, virtual seminars and "meet the provider" sessions, and participation in a new Membership Benefits Program, where they can reach out to MHB members by offering exclusive discounts. In interactive Zoom meetings on May 8th and 11th the MHB team received valuable feedback from over 60 surrogacy professionals on these programs.