Family Q partners with MHB, offers a support group, workshops and free family therapy for our members

Family Q
We encourage members of our network to take advantage of services offered by Family Q, a ground-breaking NY program of the Institute of Human Identity (ihi). Among these services are support groups, workshops and family therapy for gay parents and prospective parents. Our members will be eligible for free follow-up counseling sessions if they either attend Family Q’s workshop or one of ours. (see details below).

Support Group for Gay Fathers: Thursday evenings until April 18, 2014

Have you ever had to deal with an insensitive comment or question from your child’s school or from another parent on the local playground? Have you ever thought about how your gay identity is impacting the way you parent? Would you like to meet and share experiences with other gay dads?

This 8 session workshop will provide fathers who identify as gay with an opportunity to meet other gay dads in a safe environment where they can explore these experiences with a trained psychologist who is a gay dad as well. They will not only be able to examine their beliefs about fatherhood and gender roles in parenting,  but will also have the time to get to know each other and provide support and guidance with any particular parental issue that may arise.

This group will offer:
• Support and Guidance
• An opportunity to network with other gay fathers
• Sharing of Common Experiences
• Access to resources

Time: Thursdays from 11am to 12:30
Group Ends: April 18, 2013
Location: 740 West End Avenue, Suite 101, NYC, NY 10040
Cost per group session: $35, rolling admission
The group will be facilitated by Adam Benson, Psy.D.

Workshops and counseling

Throughout the year Family Q offers a program of free workshops and counseling for LGBTQ parents and prospective parents. While LGBTQ persons now more freely contemplate marriage and family life, they still face more difficult challenges than their straight counterparts. The family Q workshops alert the participants to the emotional issues they and their children will face and gives them the insights and tools needed for productive family-building. 

To be eligible for two free follow-up family therapy counseling you need to either attend one of Family Q's workshops or one of the monthly Men Having Babies ones. Please contact us if you need a reference email for this purpose. Additional counseling sessions will be provided for a fee (adjusted for income).