We can now receive online donations to our Financial Assistance fund!

We would like to encourage you to think about Men Having Babies when you consider your end of the year giving! You can now make online donations to our Financial Assistance fund using PayPal or credit cards. Your donations will go towards the important goal of helping several couples become parent in 2013! We already raised around $100,000, but hope to more than double that by the summer, when we award the first grants.

A short personal note if I may... As a gay parent of 12 years old twins (see them coming out of the egg to the right?), I feel amazingly blessed and fortunate. My husband and I had them with the help of a gestational surrogate to whom we are eternally thankful. We are excited to see how many men today are becoming parents (our mailing list has about 1,000 couples from all over the world!). But we are also heartbroken to see how this is still financially out of reach to many more. This is why I proposed to make Men Having Babies into an independent nonprofit organization, so we can move from providing educational help to also providing financial assistance.

The first thing we did was to create the "SurrogacyAdvisor" directory with hundreds of reviews and ratings of agencies and clinics, promoting transparency and creating downward price pressure in the field. But we feel this is not nearly enough… The Gay Parenting Financial Assistance Fund we created will provide direct grants of $10,000 - $20,000 to several couples (plus significant discounts form our partners) as soon as 6 months from now. In just 3 months we raised about $100,000 from the industry, but we hope to more than double that before the summer.

We feel strongly that we can also raise funds from the community of gay men who are already parents. Would you be able to hep us with an online donation and / or help in reaching out to additional parents?

If a majority of the parents already on our mailing list give as little as $25 each this holiday season, we can give the gift of parenting to one or two more couples!

Warm regards and happy holidays,

Ron Poole-Dayan
ED / Men Having Babies Inc.