Surveys launched to gather reviews and feedback about surrogacy service providers, and for program improvements

We have exciting news! After more than 7 years of sharing our experiences in meeting, we decided to start the first ever systematic feedback gathering on surrogacy service providers and the needs of surrogacy prospective parents, in order to help future parents make more informed decisions.Now after months of work and with input from volunteers and professionals, we are launching two surveys to start collecting this feedback from the network's members. One survey is for parents, the other is for prospective parents. And after receiving more than 100 surveys in the first week, we already started posting initial results about agencies and clinics in our directory.
We will use the feedback from parents to add ratings and reviews about the providers in the directory (see below for real samples of reviews we already received), and to collect interesting "real life" statistics such as how much people actually end up spending on the process, how many cycles and how long it took them to get pregnant, etc. We also ask parents if they can speak at meetings or help in other ways, and what programs or information they may be interested in now that they already have kids.

We ask prospective parents what type of assistance and activities they will find helpful, and for topics they want included in workshops, seminars and online resources. We also hope that this survey will allow us to connect people who are unable to come to the workshops with prospects or parents in their regions. We have many international members in our network and we encourage you all to participate (you can write reviews in any language you want!).

On our website you will find more information about how we keep the results confidential and reliable. We have a FAQ section to help members and service providers with more concerns you may have.

We have many more ideas to improve what we have been doing, including starting to stream workshops online, attain member discounts and even grants and financial aid... We see this effort to receive feedback through the surveys as a crucial step in that direction.

So please take a few minuted and provide us your feedback!