As 2019 is drawing to a close, we gathered some statistics about the year that passed. We were happy to welcome a significantly larger number of attendees at our conferences and workshops, and almost 100 conference sponsors. In addition, the Gay Parenting Assistance Program (GPAP) has helped 330 couples this year and to date we have 36 babies that were born to Stage II fathers! Furthermore, MHB has worked extremely hard to raise awareness with dozens of partners and getting involved in research and advocacy groups worldwide.

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2019 attendees growth_180

In 2019 we saw a 24% rise in overall conference and workshop attendance from 1,870 to 2,310 intended parents. 95 clinics, agencies, law firms and related providers sponsored at least one of our conferences. Our directory now includes 120 providers, and over the year we generated 1,719 consult referrals to providers who took part in our conferences or GPAP.

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2019 online growth_180

MHB has a wide community of parents and parents-to-be who daily engage with us online. Our mailing list grew 30% to 7,439 emails, representing 11,158 individuals worldwide. 94,085 unique web users from 191 countries visited our website in 2019, and we have reached 20,000 Facebook fans!

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In our 6th year, the Gay Parenting Assistance Program (GPAP) continued to grow. In 2018, over 275 Stage I certificates were awarded, a number that has already been surpassed for 2019 as of September. Applicants come from 48 states and 22 countries (compared to only 14 countries last year). The Stage II program awarded 22 couples with pro-bono services in 2019 – growing the program to 55 Stage II recipients in the surrogacy process. Stage II has allocated over $500,000 in grant funding since 2016. It has also given $149,000 in interest free loans since 2018. 80+ providers offered discount or free services through GPAP, growing from 69 in the previous year. To date, 36 babies have been born to Stage II fathers!

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MHB’s network of collaborating LGBT family organizations worldwide continues to grow. Dozens of partners in the U.S, Canada, Europe, Asia and Israel help us reach out to prospective parents and expand the Gay Parenting Assistance Program to 22 countries. We also work together to promote a Framework for Ethical Surrogacy that benefits all parties involved. We further work to raise awareness about surrogacy through our Advocacy and Research Forums, and by collaborating with credible academic studies worldwide.