Meet Andrew and Jeramie

Andrew and Jeramie of Alameda, California, have been together 10 ½ years, married the past 6 ½ years. They met in Los Angeles, where Andrew was working with Jeramie’s brother. Soon after they started dating, they realized their paths had crossed before!  Most likely multiple times! Turns out, three years before meeting, both lived in Kansas City, Missouri. Andrew actually worked at a restaurant where Jeramie often ate on his way home from work! Needless to say, they believe in fate!

This fun-loving couple enjoys going out to eat, singing and dancing, traveling, going to festivals, concerts, the theater, and sports games. Jeramie and Andrew are also involved in their community.  When we spoke, they had been busy gathering items to donate to California fire victims. 

Having a family was a deal breaker for Jeramie. Luckily, Andrew was on board! Both were raised in the Midwest, have large families, and love kids very much. However, Andrew and Jeramie admit the decision to have their own baby was overwhelming!  Just as they were trying to figure out where to start, they heard about the Men Having Babies San Francisco Conference.  Another twist of fate they say!

That was January 2017. The couple took a year to process all they learned and figure out how to start saving money. The next year they attended again, but this time they had a plan! Jeramie and Andrew talked to as many MHB employees and board members as they could, and then applied for GPAP, the Gay Parenting Assistance Program. In August 2018, during Jeramie’s sister’s wedding festivities, they got the good news that they had been approved for Stage II GPAP! Just over a year later, their embryos were complete!  But soon after, COVID-19 put a stop to their baby journey. 

Andrew, a coffee shop manager, was fortunate to get to go back to work after 6 weeks.  However, Jeramie, a hair stylist, was out of work for six months.  Despite the search for a surrogate and regular life being put on hold, they did find one blessing in disguise.  Since the only “going out” they did was to meet up with their small pod of friends or to go camping, they were able to save more money and put it toward their surrogacy escrow account. 

Now, with two frozen embryos ready, paperwork, background and medical checks done, they hope to match with a surrogate soon and welcome their first baby girl next year!  And if all goes well, their second daughter a few years after. Both Andrew and Jeramie’s friends and families are just as excited as they are! In fact, Andrew’s mother keeps saying she can’t wait to meet her frozen granddaughters!

Andrew and Jeramie say they can’t wait until they can bring their first daughter to her first MHB conference!  The pair hopes to continue volunteering for years to come with MHB to share their knowledge with other intended parents!  “We would have never been able to do this without Men Having Babies,” says Jeramie, “You guys are basically making miracles happen.”