Stage II applications are by invitation only and are done only one time each year. Once you’ve applied for GPAP you will receive notification if you are eligible to apply for Stage II. With that notification, you might find yourself wondering if Stage II is the right path for you. (If you haven’t yet applied for GPAP or want to know more about the program you can do that here.) Here are some important considerations about the program:

  • The application process takes a long time. Applications open in July and final determinations are not made until March of the following year. If you are ready to start your journey today and have the means to – using your Stage I benefits is the best way to go.
  • You must work closely with the GPAP team at Men Having Babies and within the program rules. A few of which are – single embryo transfers only, working with the providers that are assigned to you, sticking to the budget prepared for you, a waiting period to start a sibling project, among many other things. If you are not comfortable with that oversight and restrictions – pursuing the journey outside of Stage II is a better fit.
  • The program is designed for men who otherwise cannot afford a surrogacy journey – through out the application process we will look into your complete financial situation. So crunch those numbers, determine your savings, and look for what resources you can use to finance your journey. If you can do it on your own, it is not worth the wait through the Stage II application process.

Click here for more information about the GPAP Program.