Here is a summary of some of the new programs: 

Our new Membership Benefits Program (MBP):     

MHB is rolling out fee-based membership to our network of 12,000+ future and current gay parents worldwide. Members will enjoy a wide range of peer guidance benefits, and access to special offers from surrogacy provider. As a participating provider you’ll have the opportunity to reach our entire membership base by pledging modest promotional offers such as discounted services or goods. There is no sponsorship fee associated with this participation: you only honor the promotion if a client signs up. 

MHB Virtual: Webinars and “Meet the Provider” virtual breakout sessions     

In the last few weeks we already offered 9 webinars that were each attended by 50-100 couples and singles. For the coming months we are planning webinars for almost every week, often repeating on two time zones. We're now offering sponsorship and speaking opportunities for surrogacy providers at these webinars, with significant outreach opportunities at very modest costs.             

MHB is also continuously upgrading and expanding its website, and recently launched new Resources including FAQs about COVID-19 and the NY Surrogacy Bill, a Research Library, Ask The Expert section, Video library, GPAP Blog, etc.