MHB's new and growing Parent / Peer Advice Network was created to allow gay surrogacy families to connect for advice or social purposes, as well as to offer advice to prospective parents. Families that become part of the Network receive free Family Membership that provides access to the password protected profiles, and access to family-focused programming. Prospective dads can access the Network if they are supporting members of the organization.

Each family is featured in a profile with a photo album, details about location, language and family makeup, and tags for various aspects of their parenting experience. “These details are all searchable, making it easier for other members to find the exact advice and connections they seek” says Ron Poole-Dayan, Executive Director of MHB. “We've added about 100 of the 900+ interested families so far, and we're adding more profiles daily.”

“We see it on a daily basis in our Facebook group, prospective dads are asking, ‘who worked with such and such agency?’ or ‘are there any dads in Maryland?’,” adds Yan Dekel, MHB’s Social Media Director. “The new network is designed to make it easier for both future and current dads to find each other based on their desired criteria.”

MHB is hoping that the Parent / Peer Advice Network will strengthen the connections in the gay dads community and will make it easier on new and prospective dads to join in.

If you're already a parent, and would like to join this network, please submit a Parent Questionnaire and make sure to include at least one photo, and check the box "Speak / provide advice to prospective parents" on the question about sharing your surrogacy experience.