Daddy Squared: The Gay Dads Podcast has been running since 2018 and already covered a Men Having Babies conference in its first season. Over the past couple of years not only has the podcast peaked as the #1 gay podcast in Apple Podcasts both for Kids & Family AND Parenting categories, the podcast has also “crossed US borders” and now shows up in similar download charts in Canada, France, Germany, Sweden, Spain, the U.K., South Africa, and many other countries. This is an important achievement for gay podcasts that are rarely visible in Family and Parenting categories.

Daddy Squared hosts Yan and Alex with their kids

At the 4th season of Daddy Squared podcast the hosts (husbands with twin 5-year-old boys) Yan and Alex interview gay dads from a different country, focusing on the unique cultural and legal experiences of gay men having kids and building families in that country. The first episode featured France, and the guest were Nicolas and Aurelien, stars of the Dan Savage-produced documentary “Ghosts of the Republique.” This acclaimed documentary tackled the illegality of surrogacy in France and the legal obstacles surrogacy couples face upon returning from a surrogacy journey abroad. You may go to the episode page ( for an overview of parenting options for gay men in France, and a summary of other valuable information that was covered in the interview.

In the season premier’s MHB Corner, our GPAP Manager Lisa Schuster talked about the stigma around surrogacy in countries where it is illegal, especially in Europe, and how we can talk about surrogacy to reduce or disarm the stigma.

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