Stefan and Gideon of the Netherlands welcomed their son on December 31st. Baby arrived a few days ahead of schedule to the anxious, awaiting fathers. They welcomed their son with the assistance of their wonderful surrogate (and cousin!) Megan, along with the teams at Simple Surrogacy and RMACT.

Henrik and Balazs of the Netherlands welcomed their daughter on January 4th. This long-awaited birth was 4+ years in process. The dads went through 4 failed transfers, a second round of embryo creation, and worked with 2 surrogates before welcoming their daughter.  They could not have done this without the support from their surrogate Molly, and the teams with Worldwide Surrogacy, RMACT, and California Fertility Partners.

Avi and Elad of Israel welcomed their son on January 12th. They were overjoyed to hold their baby boy in their arms and so thankful to all the support they received on their journey to fatherhood. Their journey was possible through the support of Creative Family Connections and RMACT and their wonderful surrogate Erin.