Meet Avi and Adir

Avi and Adir are a fun loving, adventurous couple from Israel. They’ve been together for 10 years and married 3 years ago in a small ceremony in Cyprus. Family has always been important to Avi and Adir. For the first part of their relationship they lived with Avi’s mother, caring for her for five years until she passed from ALS. Before she passed, she told them she wanted to be fathers and to pursue their dream of fatherhood. Her passing left a whole in their hearts and they were unsure how they would even be able to move forward with a surrogacy journey. It is not permitted in Israel and other countries it was risky medically and legally. Avi and Adir began savings with the goal of starting a journey in the US. Even though the dream still felt so far away.

They eventually found out about Men Having Babies and the Gay Parenting Assistance Program (GPAP). Avi and Adir attending the monthly workshops in Israel to learn more about what they would need to do to become fathers. They decided to take a leap of faith and dedicate themselves to the process. They sold their home and moved in with Adir’s mother. They still did not have enough to afford a journey on their own but were accepted into GPAP Stage II and with the support of donated services from Oregon Reproductive Medicine (ORM) and All Families Surrogacy it was within their reach.

Unfortunately, their journey took another turn, the relationship with Adir’s family has always been strained. When Adir came out at 18, his family had cast him out. He worked to rebuild those relationships, but they were still tenuous. As tension built with his extended family, Adir’s mother asked them to move out, leaving Adir and Avi to start over and dip into their savings to find a place to live, leaving them with a financial gap and unable to move forward with their journey.

Through the Stage II program, I’ve gotten to know Avi and Adir over the last 9 months or so. Fatherhood is always the first thing on their mind. They are always checking in to make sure they are following all the steps and doing all they can to keep their journey going. They approach everything as a couple, making sure that even through the setbacks their relationship stays strong and that they are both on the same page for every decision. I look forward to our update calls and seeing their eagerness for the next step and the possibility that their dream of becoming fathers will become a reality. I can’t wait to see them become fathers.