Meet Lukas and Peter

Lukas and Peter have such a special, fun dynamic. Lukas is a graphic designer and very artsy and Peter is a Latin teacher could be described as an academic type. They live in NYC drawn there by the culture and opportunities. Lukas, originally from Arkansas, is a pie in the sky dreamer and Peter, from Wisconsin, pulls him down to earth – but they both share the dream of becoming fathers. They’ve always had the love and support of their family. Lukas’ father was so excited when they told him they planned to make him a grand-dad but tragically he lost his life in a horrible trucking accident on the way to work in 2018. In his memory they are continuing their journey to fatherhood.

This journey has not been easy for them. After being accepted into Stage II they quickly got start on their embryo creation process and in a few short months had beautiful embryos waiting for transfer. Unfortunately, they had three failed transfers and used all their embryos in these attempts. They are now back to the start of their journey after this huge emotion and financial setback. Lukas and Peter are as determined as ever to become fathers.

I’ve loved getting to know Lukas and Peter over the year (plus) they’ve been in the program. From our first video call where I saw the spark of hope in their eyes to today when I see how determined they are to become fathers. Even through their setbacks they maintain an unwavering optimism that they can achieve their dream and that they can welcome a grandbaby into their loving families. They look forward to being able to share their passions with a child.