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Surrogacy provider directory and GPAP discount table

Here is a comprehensive listing of surrogacy related service providers, starting at the top with the ones who offer discounts and / or provide free services through the Gay Parenting Assistance Program (GPAP). Note that you may need to browse to subsequent pages to find some providers, or you can use the search feature. You may click on the provider's name to go to an enhanced listing, including ratings and reviews (for those that received at least 3 reviews in our feedback surveys).
  • You may use this form to approach the providers on this directory who participate in our Membership Benefits Program (MBP) or GPAP. You do not need to be approved for GPAP in order to benefit from the consultation request page.
  • You may see the rating table for Surrogacy agencies here.
  • You may see the rating table for Fertility clinics here.
  • You may see the new rating table for Legal providers here.
Note that inclusion in this directory is based on conference sponsorship and/or GPAP or MBP participation. It does not imply an endorsement of any kind. The providers submitted the profile information themselves (through the directory registration form), and when possible we included a video from a breakout session they offered at one of our conferences.
Full profileStatewwwVideoIVF
Providers who participate in GPAP Stage I (discounts) and Stage II (pro bono services):
Alcea SurrogacyNY, TX50%15YesYes
All Families Surrogacy, LLCOR24%5YesYes
All Family LegalCA25%6YesYes
Alternative Reproductive Resources (ARR)IL10%4YesYes
American Fertility ServicesCT$5,000 10YesYes
Andrea Bryman, Marriage and Family Therapy Inc.CA20%UnlimitedYesYes
Angels Creation Reproductive Center IncCA10%UnlimitedYesYes
ART Risk Financial & Insurance SolutionsCA20% off Service FeesUnlimitedYesYes
ARTParentingMD, NJ, Washington, DC10%15YesYes
Atlantic Shared BeginningsNC10%5Yes
Ayelet Tresser Law FirmIsrael10%2Yes
Bouneff, Chally & KohORYes
California Baby Consulting LLCCA30% off surrogacy agency feeUnlimitedYesYes
California Fertility PartnersCA15%10YesYes
Canadian Surrogacy Options Inc.Ontario10%UnlimitedYesYes
Carrying Hope SurrogacyNC20%4Yes
Center for Advanced Reproductive ServicesCT10%UnlimitedYesYes
Chelsea E. Caldwell, PLCTN, AR25%UnlimitedYesYes
Circle SurrogacyMA, NY, CA30%4YesYes
CM Consulting IVFTN$500 off agency fee, complimentary legal, and complimentary psychological evaluation ($2,500 total savings)UnlimitedYesYes
Contemporary Legal Solutions PLLCNVYes
Copps DiPaola Silverman, PLLCNY20%UnlimitedYesYes
Counseling with JoeyCA50%6Yes
Creative Family ConnectionsMD, DC, & VA15%8YesYes
Egg Donor & Surrogacy Institute (EDSI)CA25%UnlimitedYes
EMD SeronoUSA25%UnlimitedYes
Family Choice SurrogacyIN15%4YesYes
Family Forward Law, LLCIL30%UnlimitedYesYes
Fertility & Surgical Associates of CaliforniaCA10%UnlimitedYesYes
Fertility Center of Las Vegas, TheNV$4,500 10Yes
Fertility Law Canada at D2Law LLPOntario15%UnlimitedYes
Fertility Match CanadaOntario10%UnlimitedYesYes
Fertility Specialists of TexasTX10%UnlimitedYesYes
Flowerday Fertility LawON20%UnlimitedYes
Gaydos Duffer, P.C.TX20%UnlimitedYesYes
Gifted Journeys, LLC CA25%5YesYes
Greenspoon Marder LLPFL50%2YesYes
Harvest FertilityCA25%UnlimitedYesYes
Heartland SurrogacyIA15%2YesYes
Henderson, Nystrom, Fletcher & Tydings, PLLCNC20%4Yes
IARC SurrogacyMN10%*20YesYes
International Fertility Law Group, Inc.CAVariableUnlimitedYesYes
IVF Florida Reproductive AssociatesFL15%10YesYes
Jerner Law GroupPA15%10Yes
JSRC Group LLCCT10%5YesYes
Kindred Surrogacy LLCCA20%5Yes
L.A. Surrogacy/L.A. Egg DonorsCA25%UnlimitedYesYes
Law Office of Crystal YazgulianCA25%UnlimitedYes
Law Office of Debrah B. RosenthalCA$500 offUnlimitedYes
Law Office of Elizabeth F. SchwartzFL15%10YesYes
Law Office of Erin RobinsonOR30%UnlimitedYes
Law Office of Jennifer P. Maas, PLLCNY20%UnlimitedYesYes
Law Office of Julia J. Tate-KeithTN20%3Yes
Law Office of Ryan C. FerranteIL20%UnlimitedYesYes
Law Office of Sarah R. Saul, P.C.OR30%UnlimitedYesYes
Law Office of Virginia L. FrankCO20%UnlimitedYes
Law Offices of Allie Weinstein, IncCA30%UnlimitedYesYes
Law Offices of Amy DemmaNY50%4Yes
Law Offices of Gregory S. MaslerCA$850-$12508Yes
Law Offices of Robert T. TerenzioFL15%6 per year. Also offering 12 Free Legal ConsultationsYes
Law Offices of Victoria GelfandIsrael20%7Yes
Law Offices of Werts and WertsCA25%UnlimitedYesYes
Little Miracles Inc.Ontario10%UnlimitedYesYes
Los Angeles Reproductive CenterCA30%UnlimitedYesYes
Love & Kindness SurrogacyGA15%UnlimitedYesYes
McArthur Law Firm, LLCCO30%UnlimitedYes
Meyers & O'HaraCA20%UnlimitedYesYes
Modern Family LawMA25%UnlimitedYes
Northwestern Mutual - Scott Taylor Jr.CASee MBPUnlimitedYesYes
OC Child & Family Formation Law Group, LLPCA25%5YesYes
ORM FertilityOR, WAYes
Palm Beach Women's CounselingFL"20%UnlimitedYesYes
Pitter Patter SurrogacyCA, NV20%UnlimitedYesYes
Reproductive Centers of America, PLLCCT20%UnlimitedYesYes
Reproductive Medicine Associates of CT (RMACT)CT15%10YesYes
Road to BabyCA30%UnlimitedYes
Roia Barrios, PAFL20%UnlimitedYesYes
Roots SurrogacyCA$10,000 1Yes
Same Love SurrogacyOR15%10YesYes
San Diego Fertility CenterCA10%UnlimitedYesYes
Shorebreak Family & Fertility LawCA30%10YesYes
Simple SurrogacyTX15%20YesYes
Sunray Fertility CA35%UnlimitedYesYes
Surratt Law PracticeNV10%10YesYes
Surro ConnectionsOR15%UnlimitedYesYes
Surrogacy CreationsMO20%UnlimitedYesYes
Surrogacy Journey ConsultingNJ25%4YesYes
Surrogacy Miracles & ConsultingGA$5,000 off Agency fee5YesYes
Tarnoff Law OfficesCA20%5Yes
The Baby LawyersCA, MD, Washington, DC30%UnlimitedYesYes
Tiny Sprouts SurrogacyCA25%UnlimitedYesYes
Trachman Law Center, LLCCO25%UnlimitedYesYes
US Surrogacy LLCCA10%10YesYes
Vios Fertility InstituteIL, WI, MO15%UnlimitedYesYes
Wald Law Group, P.C.CA17%1Yes
Watkinson Laird Rubenstein, P.C.OR$8501Yes
West Coast Egg Donation, Inc.CA20%2Yes
Western Fertility Institute CA25%UnlimitedYesYes
Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists LLCCT20%5YesYes

Providers who participate in GPAP Stage I (discounts) only:
Abundant Beginnings CompanyCA10%UnlimitedYes
Agency for Surrogacy Solutions, Inc.CA10%UnlimitedYes
Anova Fertility & Reproductive HealthOntario10%5Yes
Building Families LLCSC15%Unlimited
Center for Surrogate Parenting LLCCA20%5Yes
Creative Conception, Inc.CA$1,500 off Surrogate Journey or $2,500 off Combined Egg Donor & Surrogate Journey10 eachYes
Donor Egg Bank USAMD$1,500 offUnlimitedYes
Doulas of Capitol Hill & Doulas of Prince George's CountyVA20% off birth doula services and 30% off postpartum supportUnlimitedYes
Elite Fertility Solutions IncCAFree Consultation, Free Egg Donor Data Base, and 10% off Egg Donor Agency Fee6Yes
Extraordinary ConceptionsCA15% off Surrogacy Agency fee for US Program and 15% off agency fee for egg donationUnlimitedYes
Fairfax Egg BankVA$3,000 UnlimitedYes
Family Creations, LLCCA, WA, TX, GA, IA20%UnlimitedYes
Family FormersFL$2,500 - discount applies to "Combined Egg Donation and Surrogacy Services Fees"UnlimitedYes
Family Solutions InternationalTX10%UnlimitedYes
Florida Fertility Legal ServicesFL10%UnlimitedYes
Gift of Life SurrogacyOH10%UnlimitedYes
Giving Tree SurrogacyCA20%UnlimitedYes
Golden SurrogacyIL10%5Yes
GSHC Surrogacy AgencyCA10% discount on agency feeUnlimited
Herrin & Leach, LLCIN10%Unlimited
Hope FertilityGA$3,000 5Yes
Hope SurrogacyWI20%5Yes
HRC Fertility RanchoCA10%4Yes
IVF Ohio Fertility CentersOH10%UnlimitedYes
New England Fertility InstituteCT10%UnlimitedYes
New Family Fertility LawCA10%3Yes
New Hope Fertility CenterNY10%UnlimitedYes
New York Surrogacy Center NY10%2Yes
Northwest Surrogacy Center, LLCOR, WA, CA20%7Yes
Pacific NW FertilityWA15%Unlimited
Patriot ConceptionsCA$5,000 UnlimitedYes
Payne Hicks BeachEngland10%5
Ross & Zuckerman LLPIL15% - Court Fees Excluded3
Shining Light BabyIL10%UnlimitedYes
Southern California Center for Reproductive MedicineCA20%UnlimitedYes
SpringCreek FertilityOH10%Unlimited
The Chosen One Egg DonationNY$900Unlimited
The Surrogacy Law CenterCA25%Unlimited
Triplett Woolf & GarretsonKS5%2
Tsong Law Group, A Professional CorporationCA, IL, AZ, WA, OR25%UnlimitedYes
USA Surrogacy InternationalCA$3,000 offUnlimitedYes
Vermont Surrogacy Network, LLCVT10%5Yes

Providers who sponsor MHB conferences:
Advanced Fertility Center of ChicagoIL
Carrot FertilityCA
Center for Reproductive Medicine of Weill Cornell MedicineNY
Coastal PaternitySCYes
CReATe Fertility CentreOntario
Elevate Egg Donors and SurrogatesNY
Embryo ConnectionsCOYes
Family Source Consultants, LLCIL, FL, CA, TX, NYYes
Fertility MiraclesCA
Fertility Nutrition CoachingCAYes
Fertility Source CompaniesCAYes
Inclusive SurrogacyTXYes
International Surrogacy CenterCA
Los Angeles SurrogacyCA
Main Line FertilityPA
Milk StorkCAYes
Pacific Fertility Center-Los AngelesCA
Renew BiobankCA
Shady Grove Fertility CenterNY
Warshaw Burstein Fertility Law GroupNY
West Coast Surrogacy, Inc.CA
* Note that an asterisk by the discount unit number indicates that 2020 discount quota is exhausted. You may ask the provider regarding timing for 2021 discounts.