City(ies): Tel Aviv


Country(ies): Israel

Contact: Victoria Gelfand OR Daphna Cohen Stow

Email: OR

Phone: +972 3-5259017

Year founded: 2008

Employees: 3


IVF clinic?
Surrogacy agency?
Egg donation?
Law firm?

Legal Services:

IP Contracts?
IP Finalization?
GS Contracts?
GS Finalization?
State Licensed (Finalization Services)Israel


Participation in the Gay Parenting Assistance Program and the Membership Benefits Program:

Notein most cases the best way to take advantage of these offers is to reach out using our REFERRAL FORM, and include your certificate number. 

GPAP Stage II - 1 pro bono Law Service(s) per year

GPAP Stage I - 20%. Annual quota: 7 cases per year.

Membership Benefits Program (MBP):  Not Participating