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Meer Dan Gewenst

Meer Dan Gewenst is the rainbow families Dutch organization committed to assist existing and future LGBT families. The organization holds informative meetings about the legal, social, medical and scientific aspects of LGBT parenting. We also organize social events in the format of "speed dating" for those who are interested in co-parenting arrangements. In addition, we actively lobby to advance the rights of LGBT parents and their children, we promote awareness about these issues in the media. We offer information and facilitates interaction between prospective parents on our website, via newsletters, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Meer Dan Gewenst Team

Sara Coster

Sara Coster from The Netherlands is boardmember of the Dutch foundation for rainbowfamilies “Meer dan Gewenst” (More than Wished for). Meer dan Gewenst is a well known foundation and represents a large community. We give a lot of information to LGBT’s who want to become parents, we organize speed dates for people who want to co-parent, we give a lot of interviews to national and international media, and also we have a strong lobby to the politicians, to try to get good laws for rainbowfamilies. Sara works as a rainbowfamily coach, she helps people who want or have a rainbowfamily. She has two children together with a gay couple, they co-parent (the children are one week at the fathers and the other week at Sara’s house), they are one family in 2 houses. Sara wrote a book about her co-parenting rainbow family (The Wish and The Fathers).

Sjors Veenendaal

Sjors is a board member of Meer dan Gewenst, (more than wished for). The dutch foundation for LGBT families and intended parents, committed to help LGBT’s who have chosen to have children within their relationship. Professionally, Sjors is a surrogacy counselor. In his own practice Studio Kinderwens, he counsels intended parents, egg donors and surrogate mothers on a practical and emotional level in every phase of the process. As a social worker, his extensive experience in the field of surrogacy with- and without egg donation in the Netherlands and abroad, large network and broad knowledge, he helps clients to give substance to your child wish or help with the practical and emotional side of surrogacy. He also works as a counselor in a fertility clinic where he guides intended parents in making a choice with egg or sperm donation, helps people with fertility problems and does donor screening. Together with his partner, Sjors has a son, Tom (3yo) thanks to a surrogate.