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USA-Canada legal directory and discount table

Our new USA-Canada Legal Directory offers direct access to a large number of independent law firms, the specific surrogacy related services they can offer, whether they represents parents and / or surrogates, and the states / provinces they are licensed in. Note that you may need to browse to subsequent pages to find some providers, or you can use the search feature. We are in the process of adding reviews to each profile based on data collected from our parents surrogacy survey. You may click on the provider's name to go to an enhanced listing, including ratings (for those that received at least 4 reviews in our feedback surveys).
  • You may use this form to approach the providers on this directory who participate in our Membership Benefits Program (MBP) or GPAP. You do not need to be approved for GPAP in order to benefit from the consultation request page.
  • You may see the rating table for Surrogacy agencies here.
  • You may see the rating table for Fertility clinics here.
Note that inclusion in this directory does not imply an endorsement of any kind. The providers submitted the profile information themselves (through the directory registration form), and when possible we included a video from a breakout session they offered at one of our conferences.
Full profilewwwPercent
Number of reviewsIP Contracts?IP Finalization?GS Contracts?GS Finalization?State Licensed
Finalization Services
Providers who participate in GPAP Stage I (discounts) and Stage II (pro bono services):
Fertility Law Canada at D2Law LLPON15%UnlimitedYes
Field Fertility LawCA20%UnlimitedYes
Greenspoon Marder LLPFL50%2YesYes
Hope Springs Fertility Law100%1610%5Yes
International Fertility Law Group, Inc.96%23All states where surrogacy is legalVariableUnlimitedYes
Law Office of Amira HasenbushCA25%6YesYes
Law Office of Erin Robinson100%7OR, WA30%UnlimitedYes
Law Office of Julia J. Tate-KeithTN20%3Yes
Law Office of Virginia L. FrankCO, OK, NY20%UnlimitedYes
Law Offices of Allie Weinstein, IncCA30%UnlimitedYes
Law Offices of Amy DemmaNYYes
Law Offices of Gregory S. MaslerCA$850-$12508Yes
Meyers & O'Hara83%41CA20%UnlimitedYesYes
OC Child & Family Formation Law Group, LLP25%5Yes
Shorebreak Family & Fertility Law30%10YesYes
Surratt Law Practice50%4NV, CA20%UnlimitedYes
Tarnoff Law Offices82%11CA20%5Yes
Trachman Law Center, LLC25%UnlimitedYes
Watkinson Laird Rubenstein, P.C.OR, WA, IL$8501Yes

Providers who participate in GPAP Stage I (discounts) only:
Herrin & Leach, LLCIN10%Unlimited
Spence & Elster P.C.IL20%3
The Surrogacy Law CenterCA25%Unlimited
Triplett Woolf & GarretsonKS5%2
Tsong Law Group, A Professional CorporationCA, OR, IL, WA, AZ25%Unlimited

Providers who are not part of the GPAP program:
Carbert Waite LLP83%6
Falletta and Klein83%6
Law Office of Elizabeth F. Schwartz80%5
Law Offices of Robert Rettenmaier
Prather Ebner LLP
Tripcony May
Wald Law Group, P.C.100%4
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* Note that an asterisk by the discount unit number indicates that 2020 discount quota is exhausted. You may ask the provider regarding timing for 2021 discounts.