Kristen Hanson

As a repeat elite egg donor, Kristen’s dedication to helping others create their families started with that first donation. Kristen went on to found Simple Surrogacy with her partner, Stephanie Scott. Kristen is an expert in the legal and financial details of surrogacy, including managing client’s funds as if they were her own, and helping to identify costs that can be economized throughout the journey. As Legal Director, Kristen also works with reproductive law attorneys to determine state laws and legal proceedings; and to oversee legal filings and procedures to smoothly establish parental rights for Intended Parents. As a respected speaker and leader of one of the most successful Surrogacy Agencies in the United States, Kristen’s expertise and skill assists Simple’s Intended Parents in the streamlined navigation of their journeys.

Steven H. Snyder, Esq.

Steven H. Snyder, Esq., is the founding and principal partner of Steven H. Snyder & Associates, and he is the Director IARC Surrogacy a full-service surrogacy agency, both located in the U.S. in Minnesota. Mr. Snyder is an active leader in numerous professional organizations, including RESOLVE, the American Fertility Association, the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, and the American Bar Association Assisted Reproductive Technology Committee. Mr. Snyder is the author of numerous articles and continuing legal education materials. He is also a frequent national and international lecturer and continuing legal education presenter in the area of assisted reproductive technology law. Mr. Snyder regularly contributes to various media interviews and publications as a legal expert in assisted reproduction and third-party reproduction legal issues.

Diane Hinson, Esq.

Diane Hinson, a cum laude graduate of Harvard Law School, founded Creative Family Connections LLC on the principle that “everyone can build a family.” After starting her own family as a single mother, Diane built a full-service surrogacy agency and reproductive rights law firm that is consistently one of the highest-ranked agencies in the world. Clients from across the country and around the world choose CFC for the compassionate care and legal expertise that Diane and her team provide. Because of her passion for family equality, Diane has fought to obtain landmark court rulings for same-sex parents. She has opened doors to IVF clinics for gay fathers, drafted and advocated for gay-friendly surrogacy legislation, served as HRC’s pro-bono counsel for surrogacy issues, spoken frequently about surrogacy, and provided surrogacy advice on the well-known website. She has also collaborated with fellow surrogacy attorneys to develop an in-depth 50-state surrogacy law analysis, which is widely relied upon in the surrogacy world and cited in the media.

Asaf Rosenheim, board member / treasurer

Asaf Rosenheim serves as the head of Business Development for family owned real estate practice, Profimex in Israel. Prior to joining Profimex he was a VP at Ares and served in the Israeli Army as a Medic Staff Sergeant. He graduated summa cum laude from Rutgers University with a BS in Business and Finance and received an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School. Asaf is married to Eric Patton and together they are parents to boy and girl twins born at the beginning of 2012 with the help of a surrogate who became a close friend. In the past, Asaf served at the Head of ‘Rutgers Newark Gay and Lesbian Alliance’, fostered and rehabilitated three rescue pit-bulls for ‘Earth Angels,’ a Bronx based non-profit canine rescue and taught yoga community classes. After speaking at Men Having Babies' workshop and facilitating in the formulation of The Gay Parenting Assistance Program and the 2013 New York annual seminar he joined the board in May 2013. Asaf is passionate about providing information and support to perspective parents on their journey to what he and his husband Eric see as the greatest gift that they have ever gotten, becoming parents.

Sam Hyde

Sam Hyde is the President of Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation. Having experienced fertility challenges when starting his own family, Sam understands firsthand the importance of support and help to fulfill dreams of parenthood. Sam and his wife are now blessed with two beautiful girls with the help of IVF. Sam earned his undergraduate degree from Michigan State University and his MBA at the University of Michigan. He then spent time with both Deloitte Consulting and McKinsey & Company helping advise and build a variety of businesses. At Circle, Sam is responsible for the overall management of the business, including meeting with prospective parents during consults. He finds the most joy both in supporting Circle's staff in their own growth and in seeing the many beautiful baby pictures that come across his desk as a result of all the hard work from the team.

Sherman L. Taylor II, Chairman of the board

Sherman is a technology manager in the Research & Development organization of Procter & Gamble, based in Cincinnati, OH. Sherman received his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering and Colloids, Polymers and Surfaces from Carnegie Mellon University. Sherman leads of group of scientists and engineers to create new and improved consumer products; he has worked across a variety of brands in his career including Pampers, Vicks, PuR, Swiffer, Magic Erasers, Bounce and Downy. Sherman also leads the design of corporate training programs to accelerate the growth and development of New Hires upon entering the company. Sherman and his husband Andrew have two sons via surrogacy, born in 2013 and 2017.

Said T. Daneshmand, MD, FACOG

Dr. Daneshmand is specialty board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and sub-specialty board certified in Reproductive Endocrinology. He serves on the board of several surrogacy advocacy groups. He has collaborated to develop in vitro fertilization (IVF) protocols to improve pregnancy rates, including PTEC (post-thaw extended culture), which is one of the most successful IVF regimens currently available. These groundbreaking findings were published in the internationally respected medical journal, Fertility and Sterility, where Dr. Daneshmand also served as a reviewer. As a leading physician in fertility care at San Diego Fertility Center, intended parents have travelled from more than 40 countries in 2019 alone to seek his help in their journey to parenthood.  He was the Principal Investigator in the Multi-Center Global research trial of non-invasive PGT-A, the latest technique for assessing embryonic genetic health without the need for embryo biopsy.

Michael Doyle, MD, board member

Dr. Doyle is the founder of CT Fertility where he served as medical director for 25 years. During that time he was responsible for the successful surrogacy journeys of hundreds of gay men both in the US and abroad, and in his career helped in the creation of over 7,000 babies. He was an early advocate for safe and ethical surrogacy treatment and a strong proponent of non-anonymous egg donation. He also led one of the first and largest frozen donor egg banks in the US. After retiring from clinical practice in 2017, Dr. Doyle now devotes some of his time to several non-profits which are focused on educational access and community development, and he currently plays lead roles in both philanthropic and VC groups which invest in and assist social entrepreneurs around the world. He is thrilled to join the Men Having Babies board and hopes to focus on both development efforts and advocacy initiatives aimed at legalizing surrogacy anywhere where it currently faces opposition.

Jerald S. Goldstein, MD

Jerald Goldstein is the medical director and founder of Fertility Specialists of Texas. Dedicated to helping single and coupled gay patients build their families, Goldstein is known for excellent success rates in reproductive medicine, especially third-party reproduction, egg donation and surrogacy. LGBT patients from Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and across the United States seek his medical care. Dr. Goldstein is board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology, and in the sub-specialty of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. He has presented before numerous medical conferences and been published in peer reviewed journals. Goldstein graduated with honors from Tulane University followed by Medical School at the prestigious University of Texas, Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, Texas. He currently serves on the Advisory Board of Men Having Babies and has served on the faculty of the Washington University Medical School in St. Lewis. Dr. Goldstein has been committed to helping the LGBT community since he founded FST in 2005 and he is responsible for the birth of 1000’s of babies during his career. Of parenthood, Goldstein says, “Having two boys, ages 14 and 16 years old, I know how much they have changed my life and am committed to making that a reality for others.”

Frank Nelson, board member

Frank Nelson is a High School Teacher, working with at-risk youth in Toronto, Ontario.  Frank received his Bachelor Degree in Architecture from Ryerson University and his Bachelor of Education from the Ontario Institute of Studies in Education at the University of Toronto.  Frank and his husband BJ have a son Milo who was born in June 2014 via gestational surrogacy. By some twist of fate, their birth photo went viral, and their surrogacy story was shared around the world.  Since then, they have started their own website,, and they have also written a children's book called Milo's Adventures: A Story about Love, about their surrogacy journey. Frank believes that it is important to teach others about surrogacy, the importance of skin to skin contact and to show the world that family is about love. Instagram: @frankien70

Virginia Hart

As founder and CEO of ART Risk Financial and Insurance Solutions, Inc.  Virginia Hart is an insurance agent with over 25 years’ experience, specializing in insurance for all aspects of assisted reproduction since 2001.  Virginia is a community leader with an extensive breadth of knowledge, expertise, and passion for the Assisted Reproductive Technology field. Ms. Hart is a frequent guest lecturer at the ABA Family Law section and New York LGBT Center conferences, as well as SEEDS Brown Paper Bag series events.  Additionally, she serves on the MHB Advisory Circle.  Virginia, successfully and diligently, develops products and cost management solutions in the ART community. The insurance world is ever changing and as such, she remains current on insurance issues utilizing commercial insurance, specialty products, and financial case management options for her clients.  Virginia expresses: “Helping to find financial solutions for people passionate about creating a family is one of my greatest joys.  Seeing their dreams come true drives me forward in finding the best solutions to continue to create families.”

Guy Ringler, MD

In clinical practice for over twenty years, Dr. Guy Ringler has developed a large international referral practice due to his excellent patient rapport and expertise in IVF, surrogacy, and gay family building at California Fertility Partners. As one of the world’s first fertility doctors to help gay men become fathers through egg donation and surrogacy, Dr. Ringler has been recognized by the American Fertility Association (AFA) with an Achievement Award. He regularly lends his voice to the public conversation about gay family-building as a spokesperson for GLAAD and a contributor to the Huffington Post. Dr. Ringler has worked closely with the AFA to increase public awareness of fertility options for people with HIV, and he has helped many HIV-positive people have children through assisted reproduction. Dr. Ringler is on the advisory board of Men Having Babies and lives in Los Angeles with his husband, Mark Rios.

Elliott Kronenfeld, LICSW, CSTS

Dr. Elliott Kronenfeld, LICSW, CSTS holds a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality.  He is a certified sex therapist who specializes in fertility, infidelity recovery, and intimacy skills.  He has worked as an adoption and surrogacy social worker for many years helping intended parents from around the world grow their families.  He works with individuals and couples -- regardless of their identity -- as they navigate the pathway to parenthood.  He is a highly regarded public speaker, TEDx speaker, educator, and the author of the best selling book, Couples by Intention: Creating and Cultivating Relationships that Matter!.  His new podcast, The Dr. Elliott Show: A Podcast for Intentional Connections will be launching in 2021.  He currently lives in the Boston area with his husband and is the father of two children -- one through international adoption and one through gestational surrogacy/egg donation.

Susanna Park, MD

Dr. Park is a fertility doctor double board-certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. She spent the first 10 years of her career as a fertility physician at Columbia University in New York City, considered to be one of the leading IVF programs in the USA. She joined the San Diego Fertility Center in 2012 where she combines her extensive experience as an infertility physician with personal care. In 2017, 2019, 2020, and again in 2021, Dr. Park was named "Top Doctor" by the San Diego County Medical Society (SDCMS) in San Diego Magazine.

Victoria Ferrara, Esq.

As the Founder & Legal Director of Worldwide Surrogacy, Vicki leads the agency with a passion for law and the family formation process. She brings over 25 years of experience practicing assisted reproductive technology law and surrogacy law to help people make their dreams of family come true - just as hers have. She and her spouse, Michelle Loris, have two sons, Sal and Nick. Vicki has been practicing assisted reproductive technology, surrogacy, and family law for over 25 years, and serves as the Founder & Managing Partner of Ferrara Law Group, PC. One of Vicki’s greatest achievements is the landmark decision of Raftopol v. Ramey, a Supreme Court case that created a new way to establish legal parentage in Connecticut. The case determined that an Intended Parent was granted rights to a child via a valid gestational agreement regardless of genetic connection to the child to be born to the gestational surrogate. 

New York Senator Brad Hoylman

Senator Brad Hoylman, the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, champions a wide range of issues, such as housing, transportation, public education, environment and seniors. He led the passage of the child Parent Security Act, the nation’s most comprehensive and ethical legal surrogacy framework. In addition he has passed over fifty bills in the Senate, including the Child Victims Act, which enabled adult survivors of child sexual abuse to revive legal claims against their abusers; GENDA, which extended human rights protections to transgender New Yorkers; and banning so-called “conversion therapy.” Brad is a longtime grassroots activist, serving previously as a Democratic District Leader and as the president of the Gay and Lesbian Independent Democrats. He has deep roots in Manhattan but was raised in rural West Virginia. Brad graduated from Oxford University, where he was a Rhodes scholar, and Harvard Law School. Senator Hoylman and his husband David Sigal, a filmmaker, are the parents of two young daughters, Silvia and Lucy.

Brad Spencer

Brad Spencer is the Founder and Owner of Same Love Surrogacy, a global leading egg donor and surrogacy agency based in Los Angeles. Brad and his husband have twin boys conceived through IVF with the good fortune to have a family member as their egg donor and an exceptional gestational carrier. It was his personal journey that helped build a full service agency in 2014 that is owned and operated by gay fathers. Brad is globally known for providing best in class services to LGBTQ individuals seeking to become parents through assisted reproductive technology. He has successfully helped LGBTQ individuals build their families, including HIV-positive gay men. Brad works closely with the leading IVF clinics, attorneys and insurance companies in the US. Brad was born, raised and resides in Los Angeles. Prior to founding Same Love, he worked as a successful investment investor for 20 years and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Finance from California State University Northridge. Brad is an active supporter and volunteer for The Trevor Project, a national non-profit organization dedicated to preventing suicide among LGBTQ youth.

Silvia Schneider Fox, PsyD, board member

Dr. Silvia Schneider Fox is a clinical psychologist and founder of Fertility Resilience, a reproductive psychology practice with offices in the Chicago area. A specialist in the field of reproductive medicine, adoption and family building since 1992, Dr. Fox counsels individuals and couples in various areas of family building, including ART, collaborative reproduction, pregnancy loss, and parenting after infertility. She conducts third party evaluations, facilitates mind/body programs; researches, writes and presents on a variety of topics related to family-building. Dr. Fox has had her own experience with infertility. After undergoing extensive infertility treatment, she and her husband became parents through IVF. Nowadays, she combines her personal, research and clinical experience into one voice, on her Fertility Resilience blog.

Angeline N. Beltsos, MD

Angeline N. Beltsos, MD is the CEO and Chief Medical Officer of Vios Fertility Institute. She is double board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (REI). Dr. Beltsos completed medical school at Michigan State University. Shen then went on to do her residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Loyola University in 1995 followed by a fellowship in REI at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, completed in 1997. Dr. Beltsos is also part of the Clinical Research team at Vios and participates in a number of research projects and scientific publications. She has received numerous awards in teaching and has been honored as “Top Doctor” from Castle Connelly for several years. She is a popular speaker, both nationally and internationally, and a frequent media resource on the topic of infertility. Dr. Beltsos is the executive chairperson for the Midwest Reproductive Symposium International, an international conference of fertility experts.

Linda Acevedo

Linda Acevedo is the Founder and Owner of Futura Egg Donation, a spearheading international egg donor agency whose underlying goal is to support aspiring parents in obtaining the family they have always wanted. Linda has an extensive professional background within the healthcare industry and enjoys leveraging her ardency for egg donating to deliver both the donors and the Intended Parents the most positive and holistic experience as possible. Previously directing an IVF clinic in the NYC tri-state area, the fertility world exposed her to the prevalent emotional gaps within the egg donation field. Seeing this issue firsthand inspired Linda to improve the fertility industry by creating an advanced support system for abroad traveling parents and for the egg donors themselves. Overall, Linda made it her mission to not only create a caring space for International Parents looking for egg donation services in the USA, but to raise the standards bar for the industry along the way. 

Lindsay Agne, LICSW, Social Worker

Lindsay Agne is a Licensed Clinical therapist. She joined the Men Having Babies team in December 2018, and her primary focus is conducting psycho-social assessments for the Gay Parenting Assistance Program, and helping IP’s and gestational surrogates to properly structure their surrogacy experience from the beginning. Lindsay is also the founder of Full Circle Fertility, a private practice dedicated to supporting men and women who are struggling with infertility. Lindsay spent five years at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston as a medical social worker and covered OBGYN units as well as post -partum and NICU support. Lindsay also worked for six years for Circle Surrogacy, a full service surrogacy and egg donation program in Boston. Lindsay lives in Needham, MA with her husband, two children and her neurotic Border Collie. She is still trying to convince him to relax.

Julie Allgood

Julie began her career as an early childhood specialist in Chicago, and continued her studies while raising her own children, receiving an MA in psychology with additional training as a mediator. Continually developing skills, she is a strong communicator and has unique insight into people. Julie makes it a priority to educate people about infertility, surrogacy and this new path to parenthood. Her gentle approach makes her a strong, yet safe touchstone in the sometimes challenging and confusing process of surrogacy, offering hope and guidance to clients all over the world.

Naomi Alon Coe

Naomi Alon Coe is the founder of Little Crown Interiors, a design studio solely for nurseries and child
spaces. Her work has been featured everywhere from Domino and HGTV to People Magazine and Access
Hollywood. Naomi’s blog, Instagram, and Pinterest have become go-to resources for expecting parents.
Naomi has been designing nurseries and children’s spaces for 13 years. She has been called on by People
Magazine, HGTV, Project Nursery and many more for her expert commentary. She’s also a regular writer and
contributor for Project Nursery, and the author of Your Perfect Nursery.

Juan Alvarez, MD

Dr. Juan P. Alvarez is board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. He completed his fellowship at the University of California, Los Angeles and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center combined program, fulfilled his residency at Emory University School of Medicine, and received his medical degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago. As a physician at Fertility Centers of Illinois he is committed to helping, treating, and advocating for the reproductive health of the LGBTQ community with a specific interest in egg donation, sperm donation, and surrogacy. Dr. Alvarez’s published research has centered around topics such as PCOS, miscarriage, the impact obesity has on egg quality, ovarian function, and fertility potential. “As a member of the LGBTQ community, I want to help, treat, and advocate for the reproductive health of the LGBTQ with a specific interest in egg donation, sperm donation and surrogacy. As a native of Colombia, I am fluent in Spanish.”

Robert Anderson, MD

Dr. Robert Anderson is a board certified reproductive endocrinologist who has been practicing in Orange County since 1989. As a supporter of the LGBTQ+ community, Dr. Anderson offers family-building options that include IUI and IVF with donor sperm and IVF with egg donation and gestational surrogacy. He has developed highly successful approaches to treat numerous fertility issues, and he advocates for a “one embryo, one baby” approach to in vitro fertilization (IVF). Throughout his distinguished career, Dr. Anderson has incorporated the latest developments in reproductive medicine into his practice to give his patients the most-current, proven treatments. In 1992, he founded the Southern California Center for Reproductive Medicine (SCCRM). Dr. Anderson is a visionary in reproductive medicine who leads a dedicated team that includes some of the most-accomplished and respected fertility specialists in the region.

Christene Anthony

As an intended parent case manager for the Center for Surrogate Parenting, Christene Anthony provides information and support to intended parents throughout the surrogacy process, from exploring options to matching with a surrogate, taking care of all financial and legal aspects, and participating in the pregnancy and birth. Christene has focused her career on helping others, first in the corporate sector and then as an independent counselor assisting intended parents and surrogates in the unique relationship aspects of surrogacy. Intended parents find her experience extremely valuable while navigating surrogacy with Christene as a case manager. Christene holds a Master of Arts degree in marriage and family therapy, and has also worked as an elementary school and private practice counselor and in corporate external affairs, specializing in philanthropy and large community volunteer projects. She has taught English as a second language to adults from all over the world, learning about different cultures and forming many international friendships.

Christene Anthony


Hiroki Aoyama

Japanese co-founder of Uterus International medical

Professor of Social Economics, Kyoto Ryukoku University

Distinguished Expert of Reproductive Medicine Branch, Japan Overseas Medical Association

Hiroki Aoyama 青山弘樹

日本合夥人, 日本京都龍谷大學, 社會經濟學部教授, 日本海外醫療協會, 生殖醫學分會特聘專家

Wendy Arker

Wendy Arker is the founder of Creative Love Egg Donor & Surrogacy Agency. Wendy got her start in the infertility world in Southern California in 2005. Being a single-mother-by-choice, Wendy understands firsthand the unique way families are built. Faced with her own infertility struggle and turning to an egg and sperm donor she completed 8 IVF cycles, 3 frozen transfers, 3 Zift cycles, and 2 egg donors before welcoming her son in 2010. Wendy founded Creative Love in 2010 with the desire to guide many others to grow their families in a smooth and cost-effective manner. Wendy is a member of ASRM and Resolve.

Ying Asano

Ying was born in mainland China and came to United States at age of 12. She graduated from University of California, San Marco with Bachelors of Arts in human development emphasis in health service. She has 7+ year of experience working at Extraordinary Conceptions, as a surrogacy department supervisor, she guides intended parents and each team coordinators through the surrogacy journeys. Ying is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and English. She is a mother of two young children, a 9 year old son named Ethan, and 5 year old daughter named Genesee. These beautiful children have brought much joy and blessings into her family, and she wishes every intended parents can have the opportunity to experience such joy in their lives.

Ying Asano

Ying 出生於中國廣西,12 歲跟父母移民到美國,在美國加州聖馬哥大學人體健康本科畢業。在美國加州聖地亞哥的捐卵代孕中介Extraordinary Conceptions有7+多年的工作經驗。作為E.C 的代孕部門主管,她協助準父母和每個代孕協調團隊把代孕週期順利的完成。她自己有兩位小孩子,9歲的大兒子叫 Ethan, 5歲的小女兒叫 Genesee. 有了這兩位可愛的小孩子, 她的生活充滿了幸福和歡樂。她希望每一位準父母都能夠擁有這樣的幸福美滿。

Logan Ash, Finance Manager

Logan joined the Men Having Babies team in March 2019 as our Finance Manager. His primary focus is to oversee cash inflows and outflows while maintaining provider and vendor relationships. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. Logan has spent four years working as an accountant for the governmental and not-for-profit sectors and seven years in accounting positions. He currently lives in Queens, New York.

Trudi Atherton

Trudi is L.A. Surrogacy's Director of Client Services. With over 10 years experience in the surrogacy field she works closely with our Surrogate Mothers and Intended Parents to make sure their journeys go as smoothly as possible. Trudi has been a surrogate herself and is very familiar with the ins and outs of the medical and legal process. Her most admirable expertise is the ability to find a surrogate mother that fits various criteria requested by our Intended Parents. Trudi’s favorite part of the surrogacy journey is attending a birth and seeing the parents hold their baby for the very first time. She enjoys being a part of surrogacy journeys and seeing the wonderful results at birth. 

Dawn Baker

Dawn Baker is the founder and Director of US Surrogacy LLC. She enjoys her family of three amazing young adult children and traveling with her husband. An ardent supporter of the ability to have a family, much of her passion for surrogacy comes from her experience as an infertility patient and her 5 year journey to have her second son. Dawn brings significant work experience from the legal field, having worked as a paralegal for 20 years. Prior to her legal career, she served as a Personnel Specialist in the US Army and as Assistant to the Personnel Director on Yokota Air Base, Japan. She believes that an inherit desire for a family is within many of us and we are blessed to have the options in our society to realize that desire. She is passionate about the ability to help parents throughout the world as they follow their dream to build or grow their family!

Brandon J. Bankowski, MD, MPH

Dr. Bankowski is one of the most-respected and experienced physicians helping LGBTQ intended parents build their families through donor egg surrogacy. He is a board-certified reproductive endocrinologist with extensive experience in IVF, egg donation, surrogacy and genomics. He has practiced at ORM Fertility since 2005. He and his partners at ORM Fertility have helped LGBTQ intended parents from across the world build their families. Dr. Bankowski is passionate about providing ORM Fertility's patients the best care and the highest chance for success on their first attempt, while looking after the genetic health of their family. His vision led to the formation of ORM’s industry-leading reproductive genomics program, as well as the integration of advanced genetic screening of all donors in ORM’s donors program. He is committed to helping LGBTQ intended parents using donor egg surrogacy benefit from the latest advances in genetic screening to help them have the best chance of a healthy baby on their first attempt.

Elizabeth Barbieri, MD

Dr. Barbieri is one of the lead physician-partners at ORM Fertility (ORM) – recognized globally for its success rates and for being among the top 3 IVF programs in the US for donor egg surrogacy by number of cycles annually. She is highly respected for her personalized care and experience building families through IVF, egg donation, surrogacy and reproductive genomics. She is instrumental in the high medical standards within ORM Donors and ORM Surrogacy. She has a particular interest in pre-implantation genetic diagnostics and is a lead physician directing ORM Genomics. She joined ORM in 2009. Dr. Barbieri is a board-certified reproductive endocrinologist. She holds a bachelor degree with distinction from Yale University, and completed her medical training at University of Connecticut School of Medicine, Northwestern University McGaw Medical Center, and the Weill Cornell Center for Reproductive Medicine. She is honored to work with LGBTQ+ families across the US and globally and is committed to helping all her patients achieve their dream of a healthy baby on their first attempt.

Elizabeth Barbieri, MD

Barbieri醫生是ORM生育中心(前身為俄勒岡生殖醫學中心)的主要醫生合夥人之一,ORM生育中心因其一貫的高成功率以及在美國最大和最成功的捐卵代孕體外受精項目獲得全球認可。她因客製化照顧而備受推崇,並通過體外受精、捐贈卵子、代理孕母和生殖基因學建立家庭。她對植入前遺傳學診斷特別感興趣,並且是指導ORM基因學工作的主要醫生。她在ORM捐贈者和代理孕母項目中的高醫療標準方面發揮了重要作用。她於2009年加入ORM。 Barbieri醫生是一名經過醫學委員認證的生殖內分泌學家。她以優異的成績獲得耶魯大學的學士學位,並在康乃狄克大學醫學院、西北大學麥格醫學中心和威爾康乃爾生殖醫學中心完成了醫學培訓。她很榮幸能與全球的LGBTQ家庭合作,並致力於幫助所有患者在第一次嘗試時實現健康寶寶的夢想。

Holly Barden

Holly has a M.S. in Counseling Psychology and is currently working on her Ph.D in Clinical Psychology. Additionally, Holly, is working as an Educational Diagnostician for her local public-school district. She and her husband are proud parents to an amazing daughter and son. In 2011, Holly, became an egg donor and made three egg donations between 2011-2013 for a same-sex couple, a traditional couple, and a single gay father. Holly became a surrogate in 2017 after having her son where she carried for a same-sex international couple. Having friends and family that struggled with having children of their own was what led to Holly’s passion in helping others pursue their dream of building a family. She is ecstatic to continue as a surrogate but also to further help families and surrogates through serving on the Surrogates’ Advisory Committee.

Erez Baron

Erez Baron is the Director of Patient Relations at ORM Fertility. Erez is a parent to two twin girls via egg donor surrogacy.  His journey took him and his partner Roy to the USA to pursue their lifelong dream of becoming parents.  He knows first-hand the multiple difficult and incredibly important decisions that intended parents need to make. At ORM Fertility, Erez educates international intended parents and coordinates new families' surrogacy and egg donation journeys.  He works to tailor the parenthood journey to the needs of each couple or single parent.  With the experience of guiding hundreds of couples and single parents through their journey, he has become a resource for ORM patients.  Before becoming a dad and joining ORM, Erez worked as a product manager and project leader in the global hi-tech sector, and is one of the first activists at the Israeli Gay Dads association.

BJ Barone 

BJ Barone resides in Toronto, Canada with his husband Frank, and are raising their 7-year-old son Milo who became a part of their family via gestational surrogacy. BJ is a High School teacher, LGBTQ+ advocate, volunteer, author, but most importantly a dad.  After their birth photo went viral, they were inspired to write a children's book called Milo's Adventures and create a website where they share their stories of raising their son and hope to inspire others to create families of their own.

Marcelo J. Barrionuevo, MD

Marcelo J. Barrionuevo, M.D., is subspecialty certified in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, is published in his field, and has over 25 years' experience in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility. He joined IVF FLORIDA Reproductive Associates in July 1998 and became a partner in the practice in 2005.

Doctor Barrionuevo received his medical degree from the University of Buenos Aires, School of Medicine in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He completed his residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Sinai Hospital in Detroit, Michigan, and his fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at the University of South Florida, College of Medicine in Tampa, Florida, where he served on the faculty before joining IVF Florida Reproductive Associates.

Roia Barrios

Roia has always had a passion for service, community involvement, and advocacy. Following law school, she gained significant litigation experience protecting the rights of indigent individuals. After experiencing the joys of starting her own family, Roia witnessed her love ones struggling to conceive and, as a result, shifted her practice area. As a cancer survivor, she has a unique and personal understanding for the growing need for Assisted Reproductive Technology.

Angeline N. Beltsos, MD

Vios生育研究所由首席醫學官兼首席執行長Angie Beltsos博士領導,她獲得了婦產科(OB / GYN)和生殖內分泌與不孕症(REI)的董事會認證,並且從1991年開始從事醫學工作。Beltsos博士完成了她於1991年在密歇根州立大學獲得醫學學位,並於1995年在伊利諾伊州芝加哥的洛約拉大學(Loyola University)擔任婦產科醫師。1997年,她在密蘇里州聖路易斯的華盛頓大學完成了REI的研究金。 Beltsos博士和Vios團隊為患者提供了創新和先進的生育治療方法,以滿足其計劃生育目標的多種需求;他們在評估及改善為患者提供的護理和結果的新數據,研究和技術時,努力保持開明和前瞻性的思維。 Beltsos博士是國際中西部生殖研討會的創始人和執行董事,該會議是國際會議,每年世界一流的生育專家都會一起開會,並探討和分享有關生育治療,技術進步和突破性醫學研究的最新知識。

Liat Ben Senior

Liat Ben Senior manages communication and marketing for Anova Fertility. Liat holds an MBA and MSc in Human Genetics from the Sackler School of Medicine of Tel-Aviv University, Israel. With this unique combination, she has focused her career in medical knowledge translation. Taking complex scientific processes and presenting them in a way in which the end recipient, the patient, can understand and apply is something she takes pride in. With over a decade of experience in the field of reproductive care, Liat strongly believes that an informed, educated patient is an empowered one. At Anova, she is involved in developing the Third Party education program and creating a consistent client experience.

Jennifer Benson, MS, APRN, CNM

Jennifer Benson brings over 18 years of experience providing care to patients as an advanced nurse practitioner to her role at Fertility Centers of Illinois. As a clinician and educator, her vast expertise spans fertility care to birth and postpartum care. Jennifer earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing and a master’s degree in midwifery from Columbia School of Nursing, as well as a PhD(c) in public health from University of Illinois at Chicago. She guides and supports patients and their families throughout their treatment journey by performing fertility assessments and testing, explaining medication, and sharing self-injection education, and providing hands-on care during ART procedures such as IUI, IVF, and ICSI. As a member of the LGBTQ community, she is a strong advocate for making reproductive health services accessible to LGBTQ couples and individuals and helping others in the community build their dream families.

Kim Bergman, PhD

Dr. Kim Bergman, a licensed psychologist of 26 years, has specialized in the area of gay and lesbian parenting, parenting by choice and third party assisted reproduction for over two decades. Dr. Bergman has created a comprehensive psychological screening, support and monitoring process for Intended Parents, Surrogates and Donors. She is a member of ASRM, the American Psychological Association, the LA County Psychological Association, the Lesbian and Gay Psychotherapy Association, and the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association. She is on the national Emeritus board of the Family Equality Council. Dr. Bergman writes, teaches and speaks extensively on parenting by choice. Along with co-authors, she published “Gay Men Who Become Fathers via Surrogacy: The Transition to Parenthood” (Journal of GLBT Family Studies, April 2010). Dr. Bergman is the author of the book, Your Future Family: The Essential Guide to Assisted Reproduction (Conari Press 2019). Dr. Bergman created her own family using third party assisted reproduction and she lives with her wife of 35 years. Her two daughters are in college.

Stefan Beuge

Born and raised in Germany, Stefan moved to the U.S. to pursue his passion for law. After graduating from Stetson University with his Juris Doctorate.  Stefan gained vital courtroom experience and successfully argued highly contested cases in U.S. Federal Court while working for a large, national law firm representing Fortune 500 companies.  He is a published author and frequent lecturer at legal conferences. With more than a decade of litigation experience, Stefan’s focus changed when his own personal surrogacy journey began. When he and his husband decided to start their own family, Stefan decided to focus his professional efforts towards helping prospective parents have children. They were blessed with twin boys who are a constant reminder of Stefan’s passion to assist others in creating their own families. He is an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and a member of Lambda Legal.

Patrick and Colin

Patrick and Colin had been together for 6 years and married for 2 when they decided to take the leap into parenthood.  Their best friend was their surrogate and through the process, her family became an extension of their own. They partnered with Family Formers for their journey, and welcomed their son, Chess, in January 2020 in Florida.

Brian Blitzer, GPAP Benefits Coordinator

Brian is the benefits coordinator for MHB. He has been affiliated with the organization since 2016, when he first attended a MHB conference in New York City with his husband Matt. Prior to that, he (and Matt) knew little about gestational surrogacy. After attending additional MHB meetings and completing a successful surrogacy journey that resulted in the birth of their son Gabe, Brian works to share his accumulated real-life knowledge about becoming a father with future intended parents. He has many years of experience in the real estate and mortgage industries, where he listened/advised clients and prepared financial documentation. Since Brian’s journey to fatherhood is recent, he remembers having to manage uncertainties of the surrogacy process, including a chemical pregnancy and a miscarriage. He and his husband were GPAP Stage II recipients.

Nancy Block

Private Label Surrogacy Founder and Director, Nancy Block, started her career as an OB/GYN nurse at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. In 2000 she founded The Center for Egg Options, a highly sought-after egg donor and surrogacy agency. After helping build families for 15 years, she sold her company to a national agency where she stayed on to assist with business development. Though she loved that part of the business, her heart longed to work with parents and surrogates again; she founded PLS in 2017, alongside an expert team. Nancy has served on the Advisory Board of Parents Via Egg Donation and the Executive Board of the Society of Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy. In 2018, she received the Shining Star award for her lifelong commitment to the industry’s best practices. Nancy has presented at numerous Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) conferences in the US, China, Israel, and Europe and is recognized as an expert in her field by her colleagues, clients, the medical community, and supporting professionals necessary to help clients realize their families.

Allison Bloom, DO

Allison Bloom, DO, is experienced in the field of in vitro fertilization with a particular interest in LGBTQ+ family building. In addition to her medical training, Dr. Bloom earned a Master’s in Public Health and is an advocate for fertility awareness and education. She truly believes in teaching and empowering her patients. An avid lifelong learner herself, Dr. Bloom continually pursues educational opportunities to stay abreast of the latest advancements in the field of infertility and is an active member of many professional societies. Dr. Bloom and her wife underwent infertility treatment for over a year before successfully conceiving twin boys through IVF. Their family building experience has helped her truly understand the physical and emotional journey of her patients and shapes her empathic and holistic approach to treatment. Dr. Bloom practices at Main Line Fertility’s Philadelphia, Bryn Mawr and Havertown offices and is also available for virtual telemedicine appointments for out-of-town patients. 

Shadina Blunt

Public figure & two-time surrogate, women’s advocate, and Master of healthcare business management and Nursing. Shadina Blunt is on a mission to impact the lives of millions through surrogacy, by supporting the LGBTQ Community and empowering women. Once she obtained her degrees, she started her OBGYN career and found the love for women’s health and babies. It was at this very moment Shadina became passionate about helping women become parents through surrogacy. Shadina has over 16 years’ experience in the field. As a two-time surrogate herself, Shadina has helped parents become families. Shadina decided to continue her passion by becoming the founder and co-owner of Surrogacy Miracles & Consulting.  Shadina is also the Founder and Owner of Surrogacy Miracles Family Foundation, and a Partner of Surrogacy Miracles Escrow Management. Shadina’s mission is to carry on the knowledge of surrogacy and help millions of families.

Henny Bos, PhD

Henny Bos is Full Professor at the Research Institute of Child Development and Education (the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands). The title of Dr. Bos Chair is “Sexual and Gender Diversity in Families and Youth”, and she has been conducting a longitudinal study of Dutch lesbian families, is co-investigator of the US National Lesbian Longitudinal Family Study (NLLFS; P. I. Dr. Nanette Gartrell) and the Dutch P.I of an European study on gay fathers who became parent through surrogacy (P. I. European project: Prof. Dr. Michael Lamb).

Anate A. Brauer, MD, FACOG

Anate A. Brauer, M.D., FACOG, is a board-certified reproductive endocrinologist with extensive experience in treating all medical and surgical aspects of infertility. She serves as Shady Grove Fertility New York’s IVF Director.  Dr. Brauer earned her medical degree from the George Washington University School of Medicine and completed her residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at New York Presbyterian Hospital-Weill Cornell Medical Center. Dr. Brauer subsequently completed her fellowship training in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at the Ronald O. Perelman and Claudia Cohen Center for Reproductive Medicine and Infertility-Weill Cornell Medical College. Prior to joining Shady Grove Fertility, Dr. Brauer was an Assistant Clinical Professor at NYU School of Medicine. Dr. Brauer has published and presented at numerous national meetings on the topics of optimizing fertility treatments. Dr. Brauer is a regular contributor on a variety of women’s health topics to local and national media such as Parents, Reader’s Digest, Refinery 29, Woman’s Health Magazine, Byrdie and Shape, to name a few. For Shape, she serves on their expert Brain Trust.

Vanessa Breedlove, Finance & Administrative Coordinator

Vanessa joined MHB in May 2020 as an Administrative Coordinator.  Vanessa’s professional background is in television news, and she has over a decade of experience leading non-profit organizations in coordinating and marketing programs and events.  Vanessa holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from the University of Miami with a double major in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science.  She lives in Central Florida with her husband and two teenage children.

Heather Brooks, RN

Heather is a Registered Nurse who has worked in Reproductive Medicine since 1994 and brings a unique perspective to her role as she has also been a patient while she and her husband had their son through IVF process. After that experience, she was filled with a passion to help others that had to build their family using Assisted Reproductive Technologies. Heather has always considered it a privilege to work with clients on this very personal level, and believes they deserve to be treated with honesty, integrity and transparency.  She believes that counselling and support services are very important components to patients embarking on their fertility journey and is happy to have joined Fertility Match Canada as a patient resource where she can continue using her years of experience assisting clients utilizing egg donors to create their families.

Darcy Broughton, MD

Darcy Broughton is a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist, fellowship trained in reproductive endocrinology and infertility. Dr. Broughton graduated summa cum laude from Mount Holyoke College with a major in biochemistry. She then attended the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University where she concentrated in women’s reproductive health, freedom and rights and was inducted in the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society and the Gold Humanism Honor Society. She returned to the West Coast to complete residency at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland where she was an administrative chief resident. She discovered her passion for reproductive endocrinology and matched into fellowship at Washington University in St. Louis. During fellowship, her research focused on the effect of Zika virus on the female reproductive tract. It is important to Dr. Broughton to focus on evidenced-based and personalized care for women and couples.

Anthony M. Brown, Esq., board chairman 2013-2019

Anthony is the founder of Time For Families Law, PLLC and currently is a senior associate at the law firm of Chianese and Reilly Law,P.C., heading their family and estates law division serving married and unmarried individuals, couples and families. Anthony was the Executive Director of The Wedding Party and was been a Board member since its inception in 1999.  Anthony has worked as a law guardian at The Children’s Law Center, representing the legal needs of children in Brooklyn Family Court. Anthony also worked as a legal intern for Lambda Legal in the summer of 2002. Anthony was appointed as a board member and Secretary of the board of Men Having Babies upon its incorporation in July 2012 and served as Board Chairman from 2013 to 2019.

Anthony Brown

Anthony Brown is a Parent Intake Consultant for Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation, as well as an Attorney and the Chairman Emeritus of Men Having Babies. He graduated from Brooklyn Law School, where he served as research assistant to Nan Hunter, the founder of The Gay and Lesbian Project at the ACLU.  Anthony and his husband were the subjects of CNN's, "In America, Gary and Tony Have a Baby”, a documentary about their journey of having a child through surrogacy. He is also a member of The Family Law Institute of the National Gay and Lesbian Bar Association, the New York State Bar Association, the New York County Lawyers Association, and the Committee for Assisted Reproduction of the American Bar Association. Anthony enjoys meeting with intended parents and sharing his personal experience with surrogacy. 

Andrea Bryman

Andrea has more than 25 years of clinical experience working in the mental health field. Her early training began in the field of Geriatrics. She has also had extensive experience working in an inpatient psychiatric facility where she was able to strengthen her testing and diagnostic skills. Andrea's focus on assisted reproduction stemmed from her own personal experience with infertility over 20 years ago when she was beginning her family. Since that time, Andrea has had three children, two with methods of assisted reproduction. Her past and personal experience provides her with the knowledge to skillfully assess prospective egg donors and surrogates. It also provides her with the compassion to provide support and guidance to individuals pursuing assisted reproduction. She continues her professional growth through research and involvement as a professional member of ASRM, Pathway 2 Parenthood, the ESHRE and Resolve. Andrea was the previously on the board of directors for the Egg Donation and Surrogacy Professional Association, Fertile Action and an advisor to Parents Via Egg Donation.

Joanne Bubrick

Joanne Bubrick is the program administrator for the Center for Surrogate Parenting’s California office, and works hands-on with intended parents as a senior intended parent case manager. She feels honored to support intended parents throughout the entire process of becoming parents, from understanding the process to matching with a surrogate, managing the financial and legal aspects associated with surrogacy, and involving parents in the pregnancy and birth. Joanne joined CSP in 1997, taking the next step in her lengthy professional customer service career.
After graduating from Queens College in New York City with a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications, she spent a decade working at a media retrieval company, working with public relations professionals and moving up from a customer service representative role to become general manager of Los Angeles office. Joanne went on to continue her customer service management career at other companies in the corporate sector, and was involved with nationwide public relations campaigns for well-known companies.

Joanne Bubrick

Joanne Bubrick是Center for Surrogate Parenting的项目主管,任职高级代孕专案经理,面对面与代孕父母打交道,基于经济实力和法律规定选择代孕者并在怀孕和生产过程中提供辅助。能够帮助代孕父母成为孩子的父母,她感到非常荣幸。 Joanne于1997年加入了CSP,继续在其专业客户服务生涯中努力前进。 她从纽约市的皇后大学毕业并获得了传播学专业的文学学士学位。随后进入一家媒体检索公司工作了十年,与公共关系专业人员共事,从客户服务代表的职位晋升成为了洛杉矶办事处的总经理。之后Joanne进入了企业界的其他公司继续追求自己的客户服务管理事业,并曾为知名公司提供全国性的公关活动服务。 Joanne是纽约市本地人,自1985年起就居住于洛杉矶。

Scott Buckley

Scott Buckley is the Vice President of Client Services at Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation, LLC. He received his bachelors at Boston College and his law degree from Boston College Law School. In his current role as the Vice President of Client Services, Scott oversees the Circle team, as well as serving clients. He enjoys meeting with Intended Parents, whether in Boston, on Skype, or in their hometowns throughout the United States, Europe, and Australia. Scott has moderated and presented on panels focused on different aspects of surrogacy and egg donation; including legal, budgeting and insurance across the world. He has been recognized as a Rising Star by Super Lawyers each year since 2012.

Sanne Buursink-de Graaf

Mrs Sanne Buursink-de Graaf is one of the founders of A New Way, a Dutch adoption organization set up by experienced adoptive parents that have adopted from the USA. The USA is one of the only countries that allows same sex couples to adopt. Sanne and her husband adopted two children from Tampa Florida USA. She has a degree in social studies and she prior worked as a (business) consultant, was responsible for the department of Economical Development and international affairs at the Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands and owned her own business during the time she and her husband became an adoptive family. One of her motivations to found ANW was that she firmly believes that same sex couples should have the opportunity to provide forever families for children in need. In her spare time she has always been actively involved in charity work.

Stephanie Caballero, Esq.

Stephanie M. Caballero, Esq. and her firm, The Surrogacy Law Center, have represented thousands of clients from all over the world in Surrogacy, Egg, Sperm, and Embryo Donation arrangements. Stephanie has appeared on various programs and in print media including the Today Show, Access Hollywood, HuffPost Live, ABC News, Fox 5 San Diego, BBC Mundo, The Daily Beast, In Touch Magazine, NPR, The Los Angeles Times, The Union Tribune and L.A. Daily Journal. After eight years of treatments including more than 10 artificial insemination procedures, three surgeries, three miscarriages, and 13 IVF procedures, Stephanie finally realized her dream of having children when a surrogate carried her twins. Stephanie is a member of the American Bar Association, Academy of Adoption & Assisted Reproduction Attorneys, and American Society of Reproductive Medicine, having chaired and served on the Legal Professional Group board. Stephanie lives and works in beautiful San Diego County with her family and two toy poodles and in her free time enjoys cooking, swimming, reading, yoga and traveling.

Amy Cameron, GPAP Coordinator

Amy joined the Men Having Babies team in November 2019 as the GPAP Application Coordinator. Amy's responsibilities include processing GPAP applications and renewals, answering questions about the Gay Parenting Assistance Program, and compiling resources for GPAP applicants.  Amy's professional background is in administration, and she currently serves as the assistant treasurer for a local nonprofit.  Amy lives in Maryland with her husband and two children.

Betsy Campbell

Betsy Campbell has spent her career working for non-profit organizations and her free time volunteering for worthy causes. Her  experience in public relations, fundraising and volunteer management spans a wide range of sectors, including health care, social service, philanthropy, and politics, and organizations such as Mount Sinai Medical Center, American Hospital Association, Chicago Foundation for Women, and EMILY’s List. Betsy received an AB in Psychology from Princeton University, where she has also served as a volunteer leader for annual giving. As RESOLVE’s Chief Engagement Officer, she is responsible for empowering constituents to make a difference through volunteering and advocacy. She is honored to work with RESOLVE’s community of 800+ volunteers to support, educate and advocate on behalf of the family building community. Betsy’s secondary infertility issues were resolved, and her three daughters inspire her to make a difference.

Ashley Cantrell

Ashley is a mother to two boys and joined the surrogacy world in 2013. She completed her first journey as a gestational surrogate for a same sex couple in January 2019, giving birth to a perfect little boy. She is now in the process of a sibling journey. She lives in Houston, TX and is the Surrogate Program Manager at Surro Connections. She recruits and filters all surrogate applications and she is also a caring surrogate coordinator. Her passion and drive to support surrogates on their journeys is what will make you feel that your surrogate is being well taken care of.

Randi Caporale

I first reached out to Building Families in 2006, interested in becoming a Surrogate Mom. Now, more than a decade after my first journey, I've delivered 5 surrogate babies and am working alongside Carol and the rest of the BFI team. For the last 5 years, my role has been to educate and screen potential Surrogate Mothers. Most recently, I have moved into more of an Administrative role, overseeing each and every case in its entirety.

Nicola Carone, PhD

Dr. Nicola Carone is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist and a researcher in the field of gay and lesbian parent families through assisted reproduction. During his PhD he investigated the psychological functioning and the experiences of conception in gay father families formed by surrogacy. In 2018 Dr. Carone won the Doctoral Thesis Prize awarded by the Society for Reproductive and Infant Psychology (SRIP). He is currently Assistant Professor in Developmental Psychology at the Department of Brain and Behavioral Sciences, University of Pavia (Italy), where he is conducting a longitudinal study on parenting, attachment, and the psychological adjustment of children born to gay fathers through surrogacy. This research is supported by both national and international grants. His other ongoing projects include a study on single parents through assisted reproduction, a study on lesbian mother families formed using partner eggs, and a study on how gay and lesbian parents socialize their children about family structure.

John Chally, JD

John Chally, J.D. is one of the Directors and Founders of Northwest Surrogacy Center, LLC. He has 20 years of experience as a surrogacy attorney, with a focus on securing the legal relationships between intended parents and their children. He also has nearly 40 years of experience practicing in the areas of adoption and adoption litigation. He has a Martindale-Hubbell rating of AV Preeminent, indicating the highest level of professional excellence and ethical standards, and is ranked as a Super Lawyer. He is a member of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys and the American Academy of Assisted Reproductive Technology Attorneys.

One of the early promoters of open adoption, John is a former member of the State of Oregon Task Force on Adoption Services and the Oregon Law Foundation Adoption Committee. In 1985 he co-founded Open Adoption & Family Services, Inc., one of the largest adoption agencies in the Pacific Northwest. He has published numerous articles and book chapters on adoption and frequently speaks at adoption seminars.

Sam Chally

Sam Chally graduated with a degree in philosophy from San Francisco State University. A Portland native, he lived and worked for many years in Mexico and Nicaragua, where he was a teacher, Peace Corps volunteer, and Sales Consultant. Sam loves working at Northwest Surrogacy Center and helping families make their dreams come true by helping them bring babies into the world. Sam's work is primarily focused on introducing NWSC to intended parents as they begin the process of surrogacy. He also assists with the development of our international and domestic programs.

Barney Cheng

Barney Cheng landed on the Hollywood map as an actor in 2002 with his acclaimed performance in Woody Allen's Hollywood Ending. The New York Times described Cheng's comedic timing as "surgically precise." The Orange County Register raved that Cheng "steals every scene he's in." In addition to acting, Cheng is an award-winning writer-director. His award-winning films have collectively screened in over 100 film festivals worldwide. His Chinese-English language feature Baby Steps received Tribeca Film Institute’s All Access fellowship as well as jury and audience awards for best feature at numerous festivals. The San Francisco Chronicle calls Baby Steps an “engaging” and “touching” film. “Inarguably, here’s an LGBT film created by and starring Asian Americans that is definitely worth applauding,” raves Huffington Post. “Baby Steps is becoming more and more relevant by the second.”

Alison Chrun, LMFT

Alison Chrun is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist working at Center for Fertility Support in San Diego, California. She has specialized in fertility for three years and continues to support surrogates, intended parents, couples, families and all individuals struggling with fertility. Her mission is to provide support and normalize the emotions experienced through all unique aspects of creating a family.

Sandy Chuan, MD

Dr. Sandy Chuan is a double board-certified fertility specialist, with extensive experience in complex IVF cases and third-party reproduction. She is known for combining science and compassion, to optimize the chance for success for every patient. Dr. Chuan has received numerous awards including America’s “Top Doctor” from 2017-2019 and in 2018 she was named "Top Doctor" by the San Diego County Medical Society and featured in the San Diego Magazine. She graduated from UC Irvine with degrees in Biology & Comparative Literature and earned her MD from the prestigious UCLA School of Medicine in 2003. She completed her fertility fellowship at UCSD, joining SDFC in 2012. Dr. Chuan and her team at SDFC are passionate about family building for the LGBTQ community around the globe. Their mission is to provide compassionate, individualized care with clinical excellence for all intended parents during their journey to parenthood. Dr. Chuan relocated with her family to the United States from Taiwan when she was 8 years old and is fluent in English & Chinese.

Sandy Chuan, MD

Sandy Chuan 全帥如 醫學博士是美國婦產科委員會雙局認證的婦產科和生殖內分泌和不孕症的專家。全醫生擁豐富的研究和臨床經驗,擅長於復雜的試管嬰兒病例和第三方輔助生育技術。她用心為每位就診者提供個性化的護理並將最新的科學知識融入臨床護理中, 帶來最高的成功率。在她生育專家的職業生涯中,全醫生獲得了無數獎項,包括2017-2019年美國的“頂級醫生”。在2018年,全醫生被聖地亞哥縣醫學協會(SDCMS)評為“頂級醫生”,出版在《聖地亞哥雜誌》。1997年她從加州大學爾灣分校(UCI)畢業,主修生物學和分析文學雙學位,輔修中文。全醫生在2003年從久負盛名的加州大學洛杉磯分校(UCLA)醫學院獲得醫學博士學位後,叢業婦產科。 2007年,全醫生開始了她的生育專家職業生涯,並獲得了為期2年的研究獎。之後她在世界著名的加州大學聖地亞哥分校(UCSD)醫學院完成了3年的生殖內分泌及不孕症的專科訓練和深修.全醫生與SDFC的團隊熱衷於為全球LGBQ人士建立家庭。他們的使命是通過愛心和卓越的成功率幫助所有就診者實現成為父母的夢想 全醫生與家人在8歲那年與家人從台灣移居美國,她精通英語和華語。

Luke Chung

Luke grew up and lives in Taiwan where he completed his university finance degree and LLM. Apart from that, Luke obtained his MBA degree overseas in the Netherlands and worked as a fixed income trader in the IB arm in London. He is now the local team head of a US Financial Institution in Taipei. Thanks to surrogacy, Luke is now a father of a two year old and planning for his second wonderful child. Luke is always eager to share the experience of his delightful journey and wishes we can have more diverse families and communities in Asia. He believes being a dad is a fantastic job in which he can find his inner kid, give advice like a buddy, and protect like a guardian.

Luke Chung


Maître Catherine Clavin

Me Catherine CLAVIN est avocate au barreau de Marseille depuis plus d’une 20 aine d’années et exerce principalement en droit de la Famille et en droit du travail. Elle a co-fondé l’AARPI Clavin-Richard avec Me Clelia RICHARD, avocate au barreau de Paris, cabinet d’avocats dont l’objectif affiché est de conseiller les particuliers et défendre les intérêts des familles formées grâce aux techniques de médecine reproductive. Membre de la Commission Juridique de l’Association des Parents et futurs parents Gay et Lesbiens (APGL) depuis plusieurs années, Catherine CLAVIN a également co-fondé l’Association Française des Avocats LGBT+ (AFALGBT+) dont elle est aujourd’hui la secrétaire.

Sara R. Cohen, LLB

Sara Cohen is a fertility law lawyer at Fertility Law Canada in Toronto, with clients throughout Canada and beyond.  She regularly acts for intended parents, surrogates, donors, cryobanks, hospitals, distributors and fertility clinics on a wide range of fertility law issues. Sara was recently named by Canadian Lawyer Magazine as one of the Top 25 Most Influential Lawyers in Canada.  She is on the board of directors of the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society, sits on the ethics committee of one of Canada’s pre-eminent clinics, and is the president of Fertility Matters Canada. She is also an adjunct professor of reproductive law at Osgoode Hall Law School, a fellow of the Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Attorneys (AAAA), and on the executive of the American Bar Association’s Family Law Committee on Assisted Reproductive Technologies. Sara is a frequent guest speaker in Canada and abroad. She loves what she does, cares about her clients, and it shows.

Lauren K. Cohn, PhD

Dr. Cohn works with children, adolescents, adults and families to treat a wide variety of problems. These include depression, anxiety, life transitions, bereavement, relationship problems, divorce adjustment and childhood behavior problems. She also specializes in reproductive psychology, providing therapy for individuals and couples dealing with infertility, pregnancy loss and decisions about family building. Dr. Cohn conducts evaluations for gamete donors and gestational carriers, and provides counseling for intended parents. Because of her experience with both children and adults, Dr. Cohn has a broad perspective that allows her to help intended parents and new parents navigate the complex issues involved in raising children created through ART. Dr. Cohn is a member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, the American Psychological Association and the Florida Psychological Association (FPA). She was president of the Broward Chapter of FPA in 2013.

Miles Collins

Miles had his own personal experience with the Pacific Fertility Center of Los Angeles, as it was through Dr. Sahakian that he created embryos to eventually start his own family. Now, Miles Collins is the President of PFCLA. Social infertility is a personal interest of his, and PFCLA is one of the top international destinations for third party reproductive services using surrogates and egg donors.

Jenny Congiardo, Director of Operations

Jenny joined MHB in October 2017 and held several roles in the organization before being appointed as Director of Operations. She brings her many years of non-profit and corporate communications experience to help improve MHB’s efficiency and effectiveness, while drawing on her experience in the education field to help make every person’s experience with MHB rewarding and pleasant. Jenny received her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Central Florida, and she enjoys living with her husband and two children among the happy faces in sunny Florida.

Jay Cook-Wong

Jay Cook-Wong is co-owner and co-founder of Same Love Surrogacy, a full service gay owned and operated egg donor and surrogacy agency based in West Hollywood, CA. Jay married to Danny Cook-Wong along - the personal experience of gay dads who created their family via surrogacy and egg donation. What all this personal experience taught us is that more and more LGBTQ individuals are seeking to become parents via assisted reproductive technology, and we want to assist intending parents through their journey to parenthood while giving back to the LGBTQ community. Jay was born in Michigan and has resided in Los Angeles, CA for the past 20 years with his husband and twin boys. He has worked as a health club general manager and registered nurse. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Fitness Management and an Associates degree in Nursing. Jay utilizes his management and medical experience as a unique blend to assist LGBTQ in the creation of families.

Jay Cook-Wong

Jay Cook-Wong是Same Love Surrogacy的負責人和創始人,Same Love Surrogacy是一家由同志來經營提供全方位服務的卵子捐贈和代理孕母的機構,本公司部位於加州西好萊塢。 Jay和Danny Cook-Wong結婚以後,透過卵子捐贈和代孕的方式而擁有了自己的家庭。 這些個人的經歷告訴我們,越來越多的LGBTQ通過輔助生殖技術來尋求成為父母,而我們希望在回饋LGBTQ社區的同時幫助他們成為父母的身份。 Jay出生於密歇根州, 搬到加州有20年的時間,現在與丈夫和雙胞胎男孩住在洛杉磯。 他曾擔任健身俱樂部的總經理和醫院註冊護士。 他擁有健康與健身管理學學位和護理師學位。 Jay利用他的管理和醫療經驗作為獨特的融合來幫助LGBTQ創造家庭。

Casey Copps DiPaola, Esq.

Attorney Casey Copps DiPaola is a Partner at Copps DiPaola Silverman, where she represents clients in all areas of assisted reproduction law, including gestational surrogacy.  Casey, who lives in upstate New York with her husband and two children, is licensed to practice law in New York, Vermont, and New Jersey, and has extensive experience helping clients build their families through gamete/embryo donation, adoption, assisted reproduction, and surrogacy.   Casey has been a Fellow of the Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Attorneys (“AAAA”) since 2015 and the President of New York Attorneys for Adoption & Family Formation (“NYAAFF”) since 2019.  She also serves as pro bono counsel for the Pride Center of the Capital Region. Casey is also the founder and Director of Intended Parent Services for the New York Surrogacy Center, which is a surrogacy matching program located in Albany, New York.

Molly Corcoran

Molly Corcoran, a former surrogate herself, is the Surrogate Screening Coordinator for Worldwide Surrogacy where she brings compassion, understanding, and insight to the initial stages of the application and screening process. Molly is responsible for supporting the surrogate screening team by procuring, reviewing, and coordinating all required documentation from new surrogate applicants. She completed her first surrogacy journey during the summer of 2018 and delivered a healthy baby girl for a couple in Belgium. Molly’s experience allows her to give surrogates a more personal perspective on their journeys. Molly’s experience during her surrogacy journey motivated her to join the Worldwide Surrogacy team in 2018. She found the journey to be so inspiring that she wanted to be a part of the process. Molly brings over 15 years of administrative experience to the Worldwide Surrogacy team, and previously worked for a local fertility office. She and her husband, Scott, are parents to three children: Ryleigh, Jillian, and Cameron.

Ruth David

Ruth David is the Senior Manager for Client and Surrogate Matching with Creative Family Connections. She oversees the surrogate recruiting and client matching process, and often meets with prospective or onboarding clients to educate them on the surrogacy process. She contributes to CFC’s business development, branding, and marketing efforts. As a certified paralegal, she also assists with research and with clarification of client preferences prior to CFC’s attorneys drafting an Agreement for Services for incoming Clients. Ruth received her BS in Business Management from George Mason University. After several years in the corporate sector as a professional technical writer/editor, she spent 8 years as a professional portrait and commercial photographer. She photographed for the Obama campaign, including coverage of White House events with staff and the President. Ruth began her work with CFC in 2010, as our family reunion photographer, and became a full-time staff member in 2012. She actively advocates for LGBT rights, including her volunteer work as a trained workshop facilitator for the Trevor Project.

Yanir Dekel, Marketing & Social Media Coordinator

Yanir (Yan) Dekel is a content creator, web designer and social media influencer who joined the MHB team in November 2020. He co-hosts and produces the successful podcast Daddy Squared: The Gay Dads Podcast. Originally from Tel Aviv, Yan served as a Hollywood entertainment journalist for Israel’s top online news websites, magazines, TV and radio. Since 2011, he has been working as a digital consultant, providing freelance design, web programming and social media marketing services for individuals and non-profit organizations, specializing in the LGBTQ community. Dekel’s debut book, “Imperfect Thing Called Love,” was published in 2015. Before coming to the U.S., Dekel served as a publicist for top Israeli pop stars as part of the major Israeli record label Helicon Music, and its artists-management label Pop Art. Yan resides in West Hollywood with his husband Alex, their twin boys born through surrogacy, Adam and Ben, and their dog Charlie.

Amelia Demma, Esq.

Amelia Demma is a New York licensed attorney and founder of Law Office of Amelia Demma, offering legal services specific to collaborative family formation. Amelia began her career in assisted family building as a staff member at RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association in 2003, working on legislative matters related to infertility. She is credentialed in Family Mediation through Harvard Law School. In 2019, Amelia was awarded the Mary L. Landrieu Supporter of Adoption through Knowledge and Action Award by the Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Attorneys at which she is a Fellow. Amelia is a board member at the New York Attorneys for Adoption and Family Formation. She is a provider to Men Having Babies’ Gay Parenting Assistance Program. Amelia served as a legal advisor to Parents Via Egg Donation and to the Society for Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy. Most importantly, Amelia is the blessed parent of 26 year-old twins conceived through assisted means.

Casey DiPaola

Casey is the Director of Intended Parent Services for NYSC, working directly with individuals and couples hoping to build their family through surrogacy.  Casey, who lives in upstate New York with her husband and two children, is an attorney licensed to practice law in New York, Vermont, and New Jersey.  Casey is the co-founder of NYSC, the first New York-based surrogacy matching agency in the country, and has extensive experience helping clients build their families through gamete/embryo donation, adoption, assisted reproduction and surrogacy.  Casey helped write the law (literally!) on surrogacy and parentage in New York, and is a foremost authority on surrogacy and assisted reproduction in that State. Casey has been a Fellow of the Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Attorneys since 2015 and the President of New York Attorneys for Adoption & Family Formation (“NYAAFF”) since 2019.  She also serves as pro bono counsel for the Pride Center of the Capital Region

Didier Disenhaus

Didier is a trained historian and teacher. Didier and his husband Eric and are the proud fathers of two children born through surrogacy in the United States. Didier has been active with the Belgian non profit association "Homoparentalités" since 2008 and currently serves on its board. Alongside of pursuing with fervor the main goals of the association such as welcoming and supporting all current and prospective same sex parents in every possible way, Didier is very interested in helping to advance the debate and the legislative issues surrounding surrogacy in Europe and in Belgium.

Marjorie E. Dixon, MD, FRCSC, FACOG, REI

Dr. Dixon founded Anova Fertility & Reproductive Health with the vision of a reproductive medicine centre where evidence-based medical care could be balanced with compassion for any person who requires assistance to create their families. With over 18 years of reproductive health experience, Dr. Dixon has taken the approach of educating to empower – with both patients and peers. In addition to presenting at international conferences, she is involved in physician/community outreach, offering lectures and information sessions to facilitate patients' management through the often challenging process of dealing with infertility. To further public education, Dr. Dixon was involved in developing a documentary for the Discovery Channel, looking at the human reproductive system. She is a staunch advocate for women's health and the right to a family for the LGBTQ community. In 2018 she won the RBC Canadian Women of Influence Momentum Award and, in 2017, was recognized as the YMCA Woman of Distinction.  In 2020/2021, Dr. Dixon is proud to be a Perspectives Columnist for the organization Women of Influence.

Souad Dreyfus

Souad was raised in Morocco and arrived in the U.S. to attend university in 1998. With dual Moroccan/American citizenship, she speaks fluent English, French, and Arabic. After studying computer networking and business relations in college, she found her niche managing both the business aspects and the egg donation/surrogacy cycle for a local fertility specialist. During this time, she began to nurture the dream of expanding her role and helping bring families together through her own consulting business. In June, 2003, Souad founded Open Arms Consultants, Inc. with the mission of offering intended parents, egg donors, and surrogates the complex services they need in an environment of nurturing and warmth.

Michal Dviri, MD

Dr. Dviri completed her medical training in Israel. She received her medical degree (MD) from Ben Gurion university of the Negev and did her Obstetrics & Gynecology residency at Sheba medical center, affiliated to Tel Aviv University. Following residency, she practiced fertility for 2 years in one of the biggest IVF units in Israel, at Tel Aviv Sourasky medical center. She joined the CReATe Fertility Centre two years ago and since then she has helped many IP's and is also involved in some science and clinical research projects at the clinic.

Liz Ellwood

Liz Ellwood founded Fertility Match after a decade of charitable work and personal hardship in fertility.  At the age of 24, Liz was diagnosed with cervical cancer, and was told that by receiving the required treatment to survive, she would never have kids again. The best specialists in the country were not able to provide her with any information on how to preserve her eggs or if that was even possible in advance of her treatment. Liz used her life experiences to start Fertility Match Canada with the goal of helping Intended Parents through the long hard journey of finding suitable egg donors, and ensuring that they do not have to endure as many hardships as she had.  Taking on new Clients always brings back the emotion of harder times for Liz, but it fuels her fire in guiding others through similar situations.

Ellen K. Embury

Ellen K. Embury is the founder of Western Canada’s largest law practice specializing in the area of surrogacy and fertility law.  She has been practicing as a surrogacy and fertility specialist in Canada for 20 years.  Together with her law partner Rachel West and their wonderful team, Ellen has helped thousands of couples and individuals of all backgrounds and sexual orientations to achieve their dream of become parents. Ellen works with intended parents, surrogates (gestational carriers), egg and sperm donors and also with physicians and clinics across Canada and the United States.  
Ms. Embury is regularly asked to lecture on surrogacy and fertility law across Canada and around the world.  She prides herself on delivering caring, cost effective services to her clients both domestically and internationally.

Wilma Eusman

Wilma Eusman graduated in Civil Law and in International Law in 1980. She became a Clerk at the District Court of Amsterdam in the Family Division and in the Division of the Court’s President. She was sworn in as a lawyer in 1987 and has been a partner at Advocatenkantoor De Binnenstad in Amsterdam since then. In the last two decades she became specialized in legal aspects concerning children born in non-traditional families, ie children of lesbian and gay couples and children born via ART. She also speaks at conferences and meetings regarding this topic, in The Netherlands as well as abroad. She is a member of the American Bar Association’s Section of Family Law, Assisted Reproductive Technology Committee, and a member of the Euro LTBG Family Law Institute. From 2014 to 2016 she was a member of the Government Committee on the Reassessment of Parenthood. This Commission advised the Dutch Government on new regulations regarding multiple parenthood, custody and surrogacy.

Aurelien Evenor

Aurélien is one of the Intended Parent Coordinators at Surro Connections and is a father to 2 kids through surrogacy and egg donation. He felt the need to give back to the surrogacy community and help other families with their dreams of becoming parents. Aurélien is based out of Paris, France. He speaks English and French. His empathy, passion, and personal experience with surrogacy is what will make you feel you are being taken care of during your journey.

Marc Faber

Marc and his boyfriend have 5-year-old twins and a 2-year-old boy with the help of two surrogate moms and an egg donor from the USA. For 6 years he is a board member at the Dutch foundation “Meer dan Gewenst”. This non-profit organization is active in Holland for LGBT families and intended mothers and fathers. They are committed to help lesbians, gay men and bisexuals who have chosen to have children within their relationship. At the informational meetings they welcome almost 1000 intended parents a year. Meer dan Gewenst also closely follows developments concerning gay/lesbian parenthood in Holland. By means of contacts with Dutch politicians they try to put this topic on the agenda. For instance, the legal situation of families with multiple parents and surrogacy are their priorities at this moment. Marc started the first male meetings for gays who intend to have kids and he was the driving force in the first family boat at the Amsterdam Canal Pride this year. Marc and his surrogate mom were also one of the speakers at the main program at the first MHB conference in 2015.

Joao Feldman DePinho, MD

Dr. Feldman DePinho graduated from Medical School Magna cum laude and has a bachelor's in Pharmacy. He completed his OBGYN residency at Baylor College of Medicine (Houston) and his Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility fellowship at Columbia University (New York). He is a recipient of numerous awards & publications for significant fertility advancements, with ongoing collaborative stem-cell research alongside Columbia University. He has long served at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine review committee. Dr. DePinho, the founder of Reproductive America & Proud RCA Parents, a New York and Connecticut practice based on embracing diversity, compassionate, personalized care, state-of-the-art technologies, and the highest success rates while cost-effective. Moreover, Dr. DePinho is well-known for his long-standing dedication for more than 15 years to Third-Party Reproduction (Egg-Donation/Surrogacy), assisting successfully over 5,000 family building journeys and strong LBGTQ+ community rights advocate worldwide. He is well-recognized as a trusted Third-Party Reproduction reference by the most trustworthy referring sources, communities, and surrogacy agencies, both in the US and Internationally. Dr. DePinho speaks Portuguese, English, Spanish, French.

Ryan C. Ferrante

Ryan C. Ferrante is a Reproductive Law attorney, founder of Law Office of Ryan C. Ferrante, with a unique perspective on the intersection of assisted reproduction and the law. Once an intended father himself in a gestational surrogacy arrangement, Ryan brings intimate awareness of the challenges each one of his clients face in growing their families. He combines a breadth of experience in assisted reproductive technology law with firsthand knowledge of the difficulties in starting or growing a family. His practice is focused on representation of intended parents, gestational surrogates, and donors in all collaborative reproduction matters. Raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Ryan is a proud graduate of Ohio University and earned his J.D. from the University of Illinois Chicago School of Law. He is a professional member of RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association, the American Bar Association, Chicago Bar Association, and a volunteer advocate for RESOLVE’s federal advocacy efforts to increase access to family building options. Ryan resides in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago with his wife Lyndsie, son Eddie, and daughter Josie.

Theresa Ferrara

Theresa brings a wealth of knowledge and first-hand experience to her position at Fertility SOURCE Companies. As a three-time gestational carrier she has extensive knowledge of the unique journey of third party reproduction. Her sincerity and empathy shines through in her desire to guide Intended Parents, surrogates and egg donors through this wonderful journey. Theresa is passionate about working diligently to ensure all parties enjoy a smooth surrogacy and/or egg donation process. She is committed to keeping clients informed in all aspects of their journey with her exceptional communication and dedication to each individual. Theresa takes pride in helping create families.

Carey Flamer-Powell

Carey Flamer-Powell is the Founder and former owner of All Families Surrogacy, LLC. Carey is an experienced gestational carrier, having delivered a healthy baby boy for a wonderful lesbian couple. Carey's passion for surrogacy began even before she became a gestational carrier; when she and her wife conceived their daughter through third-party reproduction. Carey founded AFS with the intention of making surrogacy accessible to all families. Carey is proud to serve as a Co-Founder and Co-President of the Oregon Surrogacy Professionals Association (OSPA) and the LGBT Advisor for Parents Via Egg Donation (PVED). She is an active member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and serves as the Chairperson of the Grievance Committee for the Society for Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy (SEEDS). Carey studied at Brigham Young University Hawaii and Utah Valley State and has enjoyed a professional career for the last 20+ years, focused on business ownership, legal operations, administrative management, and public relations. Always keen to further her professional development, Carey has been accepted to Harvard Business School, taking dynamic, executive level online courses that contribute to her successful leadership of AFS

Taylor Frey

Taylor founded Elevate after feeling his own assisted reproductive journey could have been vastly improved upon.  He wanted to build an agency that specifically spoke to and celebrated people like him, a gay man.  Although Elevate assists a wide array of clients, he still feels most passionate about LGBTQIA+ family building. Having been through the process of assisted reproduction himself, he understands the meticulous and individual care needed for every journey.  For Elevate clients, Taylor has assembled a remarkable team of case managers that help put the joy back into what is sometimes a stressful and emotional process.  Education: Brigham Young University, Harvard Business School.  Languages: English, Portuguese.

Brooke Friedman, MD

Dr. Brooke Friedman is double-board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. Through her work as a fertility specialist, she has been selected by her peers as a San Diego Magazine “Top Doctor” in 2016, 2017 and again in 2018. She also has been recognized by her patients with several awards, including Vitals’“Patients’ Choice Award,” the “Compassionate Doctor Recognition” award, and the “Top Ten Physicians” award. Dr. Friedman graduated from Princeton University, Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa and earned her medical degree from the University of California San Francisco Medical School, graduating Alpha Omega Alpha at the top of her class. She completed her OB-GYN residency and Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility fellowship at Stanford University Medical Center. Dr. Friedman is the author of several published book chapters and articles in peer-reviewed journals and has presented award-winning research at national meetings. Her scientific areas of interest include: optimizing embryo transfer technique, recurrent pregnancy loss, diminished ovarian reserve, depression treatment, and infertility outcomes. She also speaks French and Spanish.

Mary M. Fusillo, RN

Mary M. Fusillo, RN, BSN, MS, CEO and Founder of Family Solutions International. She began her work in Fertility in 1999 when she pivoted from a career as Director of Critical Care at a tertiary care hospital for the Nursing Director role at an IVF Center. This led to the beginning of an in-house Egg Donor pool and from there a position at an East Coast IVF clinic as Nursing Director. Growing the Egg Donor pool and expanding access to egg donation positioned her for the role of Egg Donor Educator with a Pharmacy Benefit Manager’s Fertility line. Mary worked with nurses and physicians all over the US assisting them in establishing best practices in egg donation and surrogacy. Taking that experience and knowledge, Mary founded The Donor Solution in 2007, 3 Sisters Surrogacy in 2012 and in 2020 joined them under the umbrella of Family Solutions International.  With degrees in Journalism, Nursing and Public Health, Mary has the knowledge and expertise to help guide you on your journey to parenthood.

Dawn Galbo

Dawn Galbo is the Founder and President of USA Surrogacy International based in San Diego, California.  Dawn is also a licensed marriage and family therapist who has specialized in third party reproduction for over a decade. She holds a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and has operated a private practice. Her work with children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families has provided her with a deep understanding of human experiences in multiple social settings and multicultural environments. As a reproductive specialist, Dawn has experience conducting psychodiagnostic evaluations which includes psychological testing for egg donors, gestational carriers, and sperm donors. Dawn has also conducted intended parent consultations for individuals and couples utilizing assisted reproductive technology. Dawn is a single mother, by choice, of two young children, a perspective that helps her to guide and support people who are passionate about assisted reproductive technology and the birth process. She is a member of the Society of Ethics in Egg Donations and Surrogacy (SEEDS) among other professional affiliations.

Emily Galpern, MPH

Emily Galpern, MPH, is a consultant for the Center for Genetics and Society (CGS) and Pro-Choice Alliance for Responsible Research (PCARR). She manages CGS' Surrogacy360 project, a website providing factual information and resources about the health, legal, and ethical issues surrounding surrogacy. She also coordinates the ART Working Group, an international network co-hosted by CGS and PCARR. Emily works closely with organizations and scholars in the US and internationally and specializes in policy advocacy, capacity building, and education in relation to the intersection of assisted reproduction and reproductive justice.

Fabien Gaudry

Fabien, who is both French and Belgian, joined the Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation team as an International Outreach Associate after becoming a dad through surrogacy. Fabien earned his Master's Degree in European Law, and has worked as a lawyer in the insurance industry in France, as well as in the communication department of a non-profit organization. His passion for surrogacy and willingness to share his personal story, allows him to easily connect with International intended parents as part of the consultation legal team. Fabien is active in the gay community, and loves spending time with his daughter and son. 

Lauren Gaydos Duffer

Gaydos Duffer, P.C. is a family law firm that understands that creating your family through Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART) can be exciting, emotional, and challenging all at the same time. Lauren Gaydos Duffer also understands that there are many moving parts in a journey, all of which are time sensitive and critical in yielding a successful outcome. She and her team pride themselves on providing a seamless experience for families where the legal component of the process is one less thing to worry about. Lauren specializes in drafting and negotiating surrogacy agreements, egg/sperm/embryo donation agreements, and establishing legal parentage, and has represented hundreds of Donors, Surrogates/Gestational Carriers and Intended Parents. Lauren is an ART Fellow in the Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproductive Attorneys (AAAA), and a member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine. Free consultations are provided to all ART families interested in beginning the next step in their journey.

Victoria Gelfand

Victoria Gelfand runs Israel's oldest and most experienced firm in the field of surrogacy abroad, which has successfully led the vast majority of related legal achievements. It’s also the only law firm outside North America which is a member of all major professional groups and societies in the field: the American Bar Association, the Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Attorneys, and SEEDS (Society for Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy). The meaning of these memberships is compliance with the most stringent standards, and extensive networking with the most prominent attorneys in dozens of states in the US and in Canada. Combined with our diverse and intensive experience in the legal world and beyond, it allows us to provide our clients with the most comprehensive and individually-suited support throughout the process. Even after having assisted with over 350 surrogacy procedures, having accomplished naturalization and parentage of nearly 500 children and having executed hundreds of prenuptial and co-parenting agreements since 2004, we continue to see each of our clients as a whole world.

Shahin Ghadir, MD

Dr. Ghadir is a huge advocate for the LGBTQ community and has helped hundreds of same sex couples. As a founding partner of Southern California Reproductive Center, Dr. Ghadir is double Board-certified in both Obstetrics and Gynecology as well as Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. SCRC has one the largest third-party divisions helping all individuals with donors and surrogates. He is currently an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of OBGYN at UCLA and USC. Dr. Ghadir earned his bachelor's degree with cum laude in psychology From UCLA, and his medical degree from the Central University School of Medicine, where he graduated summa cum laude and was ranked first in his class. He completed his residency in obstetrics and gynecology at the Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center, as well as a three-year subspecialty fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at the combined UCLA and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center program. Dr. Ghadir currently serves on the Board of Directors for the American Fertility Association as well as the Neuromuscular Disease Foundation (NDF).

Michael Glassner, MD

As the founding partner and medical director of Main Line Fertility, Dr. Michael Glassner’s personal philosophy is to always provide the most caring, personalized treatment for all patients. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Dr. Glassner is both a scientist and clinician and has treated patients from across the globe. He is a true pioneer in the field of Reproductive Endocrinology and his research has helped lead to breakthroughs in the treatment of infertility. Most notably, he was involved in the first pregnancy and live birth in the world to use early screen with Next Generation Sequencing. Dr. Glassner has been named a Philadelphia Magazine and Main Line Today “Top Doctor” every year for over a decade and is often featured on national news programs as a valued and respected source in the field.

Frank Golden

Frank Golden has a B.S. in Management and over 19 years of expertise in consumer psychology. Throughout his career in various roles Frank was tasked with developing innovative processes to streamline the customer experience. Inspired by the success of his own journey to become a Dad, Frank established the third-party reproduction consulting agency, Golden Surrogacy. Frank works passionately to assist all loving couples and individuals who wish to follow in his footsteps. Previously, Frank has served as Vice Chair on the Board of Directors for the American Fertility Association and is now a Board Member Emeritus with Family Equality Council. In addition, Frank is a professional member with RESOLVE, The National Infertility Association. In furtherance of his support and dedication to gay parenting options, Frank’s firm is a consistent supporter of the not-for profit organization Men Having Babies; listed as one of their highly rated service providers year after year. Frank has become a leading resource for those who wish to pursue a path to parenthood through gestational surrogacy.

Laurie Goldheim, Esq.

Laurie B. Goldheim is an attorney specializing in domestic adoption for more than 28 years and assisted reproduction law for 10 years. In addition to representing the parties in assisted reproduction matters including Egg Donor Agreements, Sperm Donor Agreements, and Embryo Donor Agreements, she also represented Gestational Carriers in compassionate surrogacy matters in New York. As one of the initial drafters of the Child Parent Security Act, she is excited that compensated surrogacy in New York will be another avenue for families to consider. Laurie has been a Fellow of the Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Attorneys since 1993, served as President, Adoption Director and as a Trustee for seven years. She is a founding member of the New York Attorneys for Adoption and Family Formation (NYAAFF) and is currently serving as Secretary.  Laurie is also a member of the New York State Bar Association and the Rockland County Bar Association.

Jennifer Goldin, Ph.D.

Jennifer Goldin, Ph.D., a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, is the Director of Psychological Services for Palm Beach Women’s Counseling. After graduating from Cornell University studying Human Development and Family Studies, she completed her masters and doctoral degrees at Emory University in Clinical Psychology with certification in Women’s Studies. Following her clinical internship at the University of Miami Counseling Center she pursued post-doctoral training at the Renfrew Center, an eating disorders treatment facility. She also served as an adjunct faculty member at Florida International University, teaching The Psychology of Gender. Dr. Goldin worked in-house in a reproductive endocrinology practice, developing programs to help patients cope with the stress of treatment and remain positive in their pursuit of family building. She also worked within an Ob/Gyn practice to help normalize the role of mental health services in reproductive care. In her private practice, Dr. Goldin provides her patients with the information, support and resources they require to be successful at reaching their goal of building their families.

Jerald S. Goldstein, MD

傑拉德.戈德斯坦博士是Fertility Specialist of Texas(FST)的創建者,畢業於德州大學西南醫學院。戈德斯坦博士壹直被大眾視為這壹領域的領航者,擁有婦產科、生殖內分泌學和不孕癥的專項認證,並且是美國生殖醫學會、美國婦產科學院、生殖內分泌學會和不孕不育學會的成員。戈德斯坦博士曾多次在醫學會議上演講,發表了多篇著名學術文章。數次被評選為德州最佳醫生,超級醫生和頂級醫生。

Antonia Granados

After attending Loyola University, Antonia pursued a career that balanced her love of helping people and science. When she joined ARR in 2008 it was a perfect match. Egg donation and surrogacy sparked a passion within her and she took it upon herself to delve into learning the intricacies of ARR’s programs. Antonia has held virtually every title at ARR, including Egg Donor Coordinator, Intended Parent Coordinator, and Surrogacy Intake Coordinator, all leading to her current position as Chief Operating Officer. Her collaborative spirit and meticulous attention to detail with each member of the ARR team ensures that each match is moving forward efficiently. Antonia also provides additional support to intended parents, surrogates and egg donors throughout their journey.  Her dedication to ARR and her extensive background in egg donation and surrogacy make her the team’s go-to person for any questions or when challenges arise.

Brett Griffin-Young

Brett, who is based in the United Kingdom with his husband Matt, is Head of International Client Services for Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation. He serves as a resource and support for Intended Parents from more than 25 countries around the world. Brett has more than twelve years of experience in surrogacy and has two sons, Sebastian born in 2009 and Frederick born in 2020, through the Circle Program. After his first surrogacy journey in 2009, he was inspired and compelled to join Circle. “I’m so appreciative that Circle has given me the opportunity to draw on my personal experience to help others understand surrogacy as a family building option. To be able to assist Intended Parents from all around the world and bring the dream of parenthood to a reality is a true honor”. Brett has shared his experience and expertise with numerous publications and TV programs, and has presented at conferences throughout Europe, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand.

Zara Griswold

Zara Griswold is a Surrogacy professional dedicated to helping Intended Parents and Surrogates create families. Her own journey through Surrogacy and Egg Donation and the birth of her boy and girl twins in 2003, ignited Zara’s obsession with family building through Assisted Reproduction. Zara’s personal history and knowledge enabled her to establish her career and the founding of Shining Light Baby. Zara believes all people who want to be parents should have the opportunity to do so. She enjoys developing relationships with her clients and is honored to work with people during this important time in their lives. Zara has a master’s degree in Education from Northern Illinois University, a bachelor’s degree in English from Eastern Michigan University and a bachelor’s degree in nutrition from Illinois State University.

Marc Gualtieri, M.D.

Marc R. Gualtieri, M.D., is board-certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology as well as Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. He completed his subspecialty fellowship training in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles after attending medical school and residency at the University of Miami. Dr. Gualtieri has won numerous awards for his clinical ability, including being inducted into Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society and being voted Best Clinical Skills in OB/GYN and Top Chief Resident in OB/GYN at the University of Miami. Dr. Gualtieri also was the Most Outstanding Fellow in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at the University of Southern California. His work with stem cell technology and patients with diminished ovarian reserve have garnered him national recognition and top research awards from the Pacific Coast Reproductive Society, Pacific Coast Obstetrical and Gynecological Society, University of Southern California, Department of OB/GYN, and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Dr. Gualtieri joined IVF Florida in 2015. He sees patients at the Jupiter and Wellington offices.

Corinna Guerzoni, PhD

Corinna Sabrina Guerzoni is a Professor in Anthropology at Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Milan – Italy, and a Researcher at Western Fertility Institute (California). In 2016, she was Visiting Researcher at San Diego State University, Department of Women's Studies (California). In 2017, she obtained the Ph.D. in Cultural and Social Anthropology at Milano-Bicocca University (Italy). In the same year, she received the VISA O-1a (Individuals with Extraordinary Ability) to conduct a 3 years postdoctoral research on surrogacy between USA and Europe.

Joey Guzman-Kuffel, LMFT

Joey Guzman-Kuffel is a licensed marriage and family therapist.  He has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in marriage and family therapy.  Joey spent his early clinical years as a therapist working with individuals and families who suffered from severe mental illness and behavioral issues at treatment centers.  He transitioned into private practice and founded Counseling with Joey after his own journey with surrogacy.  Joey and his husband welcomed a daughter through surrogacy in August 2019.  Joey currently dedicates himself to providing support and psychological evaluations for surrogate, donor and intended parents and recently joined the MHB staff to conduct psycho-social assessments for the Gay Parenting Assistance Program.

Bruce Hale

Bruce Hale became a parent through gestational surrogacy (with egg donation) prior to earning his law degree, and this experience has shaped his legal career.  Before starting his own practice in 2015, Bruce worked with a large surrogacy agency and was able to help many people from all over the world to achieve their dream of parenthood. Today, Bruce represents intended parents, surrogates, and gamete donors in a wide variety of assisted procreation matters.  Bruce practices in Massachusetts, and is able to help clients whose family-building project touches that state in some way. Si vous êtes français ou francophone, Bruce peut vous aider dans votre langue préférée.

Megan Hall

Megan founded Surro Connections after seeing first-hand the need for a more unique surrogacy agency for all family types. Her vision & leadership are the heart of our organization. It is her commitment and passion that truly serves as the foundation of our agency approach. It is our goal to give each party the focus and attention they deserve through this very personal process. She has both a professional and personal investment in your experience, ensuring your comfort, regardless of the services provided. Megan is passionate and eager to see your dreams of a growing family come true, and also has great appreciation for the women giving the gift of Surrogacy. Megan is the mother of 3 beautiful children, 1 born through IVF, and has been a Gestational Surrogate for three other families as well. Her experience in deeply rooted careers after graduating with her MBA in both Business Administration and Accounting, were not nearly as fulfilling as the work she does today with each individual involved in Surro Connections.

Bingbing Han

Bingbing Han is the Co- Founder and Case Manager of California Baby Consulting, LLC. She is a mom, a dreamer, and a family maker. She has 5 years working experience in the Third Party Reproduction Industry. She loves helping to bring angels in to this beautiful world and looks forward to starting the magical journey with you soon. California Baby Consulting has helped hundreds of couples to fulfill their family dream. 

Isiah Harris, MD

Dr. Harris is a Bay Area native, who attended college at Duke University and then completed medical school at UCSF. He left the Bay once more to complete his Obstetrics & Gynecology Residency at Harvard's esteemed Brigham & Women's Hospital. After completing his fellowship in reproductive endocrinology, Dr. Harris transitioned into seeing patients at Kaiser and, most recently, developing their IVF program in Santa Clara and Fremont. Through patient surveys, Dr. Harris has earned both the Patients' Choice Award and the Most Compassionate Physician Award. We're so excited to have Dr. Harris, for both his remarkable communication skills and inherent sensitivity toward his patients and colleagues. Areas of interest include IVF, preimplantation genetic screening (PGS), and the impact of diet and lifestyle on reproduction.

Virginia Hart

維吉尼亞·哈特在過去25年裡是一名保險經紀人,其專門從事輔助生殖各方面的保險長達17年。作為ART Risk財務和保險解決方案有限公司的創始人和首席執行官,她始終關注與該領域相關的保險問題,與客戶合作尋找最佳解決方案,無論是通過商業保險、專業產品還是財務案例管理。她在所有50個州均獲得經營許可,可以與美國和國際上的客戶合作。憑藉在輔助生殖技術保險行業的廣泛知識和專業知識,維吉尼亞多次受邀擔任會議的客座講師,最近她還在美國律師協會家庭法分會《家庭權益宣導員》雜誌上發表了一篇文章。哈特女士一直專注于向客戶提供知識,協助他們更好地瞭解自己的責任風險,以及提供最佳的財務風險管理解決方案,這是她的首要任務之一。

Amira Hasenbush, Esq.

Amira has been called "a lawyer with heart."  In addition to being thorough, efficient, and detail oriented, she cares about every one of her clients and making sure that they are getting what they need when they walk out of her door.  Amira has chosen family representing all ends of the LGBT spectrum, giving her a deeper understanding of the special needs that may be involved for LGBT families.  Prior to taking her law practice full-time, Amira spent five and a half years as the Jim Kepner Law and Policy Fellow for the Williams Institute, where she did research and published reports on LGBT law and policy, including discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, family law issues for transgender parents and children, and the legal needs of people living with HIV. Amira graduated second in her class from UCLA School of Law and holds a Masters in Public Health from UCLA School of Public Health.

Doug Henderson

We are Doug Henderson and Charles Chung from San Francisco, CA. Our daughter, Andromeda is 3 and our son Zephyr is 19 months. We found both of our surrogates through Northwest Surrogacy.

John Hesla, MD

Dr. Hesla is one of the most respected and experienced physicians helping LGBTQ+ intended parents build their families through egg donor surrogacy. He joined ORM Fertility in 1999 as the co-founder of its groundbreaking IVF program - helping to build one of the first embryology clean rooms in the world. Dr. Hesla is internationally recognized for his innovative methods of treating infertility and his overall tenacity and dedication to helping patients achieve their dream of becoming parents. Prior to joining ORM, Dr. Hesla was director of IVF and head of reproductive surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Dr. Hesla is globally recognized by the LGBTQ+ community for his compassionate approach and consistent success. He’s has been instrumental in setting ORM Fertility's high standards in all aspects of its program and helping it consistently achieve among the highest live birth success rates of all US IVF clinics. His goal is to help LGBTQ+ intended parents achieve first time success and a healthy family.

Valerie Hewitt

Valerie is a three time surrogate who helped two different families achieve their dreams of parenthood. Surrogacy has become such a passion of hers; she has been in the surrogacy world for 5 years and has worked for Tiny Sprouts for 2 years. When not helping other families, Valerie enjoys spending time with her husband and three boys in California. She is a big Disney fan and loves the Chicago Bears. Valerie is available to help anyone in their surrogacy journey, whether you’re a first time parent or experienced.  

Franco Ho

Franco is a senior counsel at Lin & Partners specializing in regulatory and public policy, corporate and market entry strategy and international business and commercial transactions. He has a blended background of law, public policy and business management. He received his LL.B. from Soochow University in Taiwan, LL.M. (cum laude) together with a MBA from Leiden University in the Netherlands, and an LL.M. from UC Berkeley. He is admitted to practice law in California and is fluent in English, Mandarin and Spanish. Lin & Partner is an internationally ranked top-tier full-service law firm in Taiwan with multidisciplinary attorneys admitted in Taiwan, Hong Kong, England & Wales and/or parts of the United States. Leveraging on the firm’s extensive experience in civil and administrative law, Lin & Partners aims to become one of the pioneer law firms in Taiwan in the field of cross-border fertility and surrogacy law.

Franco Ho


Jonathan Hobgood

Jonathan and Kerry from South Carolina started their journey towards fatherhood in 2018 doing research and trying to get a handle on the surrogacy process.  Worried about the financial portion of the journey, they came across the MHB GPAP program application and attended the NY conference that November in the hopes of starting their journey.  They were accepted in the GPAP Stage II program in 2019, partnering with Heartland Surrogacy and Fertility Specialists of Texas.  From there, the process moved along with them matching with their wonderful surrogate and selecting an egg donor to get their family started.  On November 2, 2020, their journey to becoming dads became a reality with the birth of their first son, Kaiden.

David Hoffman, MD

David I. Hoffman, M.D., is subspecialty certified in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility and has over 35 years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility. He has published over 65 abstracts, articles, and book chapters. He joined Doctor Maxson at the Northwest Center for Infertility and Reproductive Endocrinology in 1989. Prior to coming to South Florida he served on the faculty at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Northwestern University in Chicago, Director of the IVF Program at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, and Section Head of the Division of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at Northwestern University Medical School. Currently, in addition to working at our Fort Lauderdale-area offices as an infertility specialist, David I. Hoffman, M.D., also serves as a Voluntary Associate Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Miami, School of Medicine.

Ben and Erik Holladay-McCann

Ben and Erik are Yvie's dads and they currently live in Grand Rapids, MI. Ben is a financial systems consultant and Erik owns and operates a photo studio, Holladay Photography. While there are definitely stereotypes about gay dads, our number one goal is to always be the best dads for Yvie and let our actions speak for themselves. We often find ourselves engaging with others about what real life looks like for gay parents, whether it's friends, family, daycare staff or coworkers and we take a lot of pride in showing people that anyone can be parents even when it's not picture-perfect.

Jolie Holliman

Jolie Holliman is Senior Director of DEI and Community Groups, at the Center on Halsted.  She is a passionate advocate for marginalized groups. Her current focus is on embedding racial equity and inclusion practices at Center on Halsted. Jolie is a collaborative leader with strong and credible roots in the community. She has spent the last decade in senior leadership positions implementing innovative models for equitable healthcare and support services. She successfully led large-scale HIV and HCV clinical operations and developed strategic partnerships between minority community stakeholders, researchers, government entities and community-based organizations. Jolie has crafted the practice of grooming intergroup relations and applying conflict resolution strategies prior to polarization. She currently holds a seat on the Illinois Getting to Zero (GTZ) Implementation Council and co-chairs the Standards of Equity subcommittee.

Petra Hollosi

Petra has nearly a decade of increasingly senior expertise in the health industry of which half has been spent in the infertility sector. With years of experience as an IVF nurse and EMR specialist,  Petra joined Extraordinary Conceptions as the Senior Client Relations where she is focusing on developing the Canadian and International Egg Donation and Surrogacy Programs and their growth, nationally and globally. As part of her role, Petra builds and maintains relationships with clinics assisting intended parents, egg donors, and surrogates throughout their journey. Inherent to her responsibilities, is reinforcing and ensuring best results through the sourcing of top tier clinics to patients. Petra also ensures smooth process towards successful pregnancies for Intended Parents. Petra is a passionate advocate for the LGBTQ community and her favourite part of her role is providing accessibility to fertility services for patients all over the world.

Tricia Howard

Tricia has extensive knowledge in egg donation and the surrogacy process. With her had personal experience as a gestational surrogate and an egg donor, Tricia wanted to continue her dream of helping people experience the joys of parenthood. Tricia states, “I believe everyone should have the chance to fulfill their dreams of having a family. I am excited to guide everyone through their journey and help create the pathways to parenthood.” This, combined with her dedication and emotional connection to each client, ensures that each client understands and feels complete support throughout their endeavor. Ultimately, Tricia feels it is a privilege to work in the business of helping dreams comes true.

Luis Hoyos, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.

Luis R. Hoyos, M.D., F.A.C.O.G., joined IVF Florida Reproductive Associates in 2021. He is board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and board eligible in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. Dr. Hoyos completed a four-year residency at Detroit Medical Center/Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit, MI., where he was the Academic Chief Resident and received multiple accolades including, Recognition of Excellence in Minimally Invasive Gynecology, Residency Excellence in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, and Excellence in Academic Achievement for four consecutive years. He then completed his three-year subspecialty fellowship training in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.  An accomplished researcher, Dr. Hoyos has published over 20 peer-reviewed articles and has presented at national and international meetings. He is an active member of the American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, the Society for Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, the International Society for Fertility Preservation and the Pacific Coast Reproductive Society.

Jasmine Hsieh

Prior to Love & Kindness, Jasmine worked with over a thousand intended parent(s) and hundreds of surrogates and egg donors, providing consulting, translation, and liaison services at one of the country's biggest assisted reproductive technology (ART) law firm. She has also spoken at the Society for Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy (SEEDS) conferences in 2017 (Costa Mesa, CA) and 2018 (Chicago, IL).  Jasmine carries a B.A. in Mathematics and a minor in Data Analysis. Before joining the surrogacy industry, she worked in business intelligence at a Fortune 100 company. A five-time successful egg donor herself, Jasmine’s extensive knowledge of egg donation and surrogacy, as well as her informational technology (IT) background, is matched with a heart to help both personally and professionally.  As the program director, Jasmine strives to make sure that the journey to become parents is as affordable and as stress free as can be, and that everything is done in the highest efficiency and professionalism possible.

Jasmine Hsieh

在加入愛慈之前,執行總監Jasmine Hsieh曾在美國前幾大的頂級代孕律師事務所工作多年、幫助超過一千名的準父母,以及幾百名代理孕母和卵子捐贈者,提供顧問、翻譯、以及管理服務。她也曾經受邀於2017年(芝加哥,伊利諾伊州) 和2018年(科斯塔梅薩,加州) 在美國卵子捐贈和代孕倫理學會演講Jasmine 擁有數學學士學位和輔修數據分析,並曾在美國Fortune雜誌排行百大的某企業商務智慧部門任職。她本身也是五次成功捐贈卵子的捐贈者,她將自身的和就業以來的所有經歷都轉化為寶貴的專業知識、與她的科技業背景相結合,竭誠為準家長提供幫助。身為愛慈執行總監,Jasmine致力於確保準家長完成代孕的旅途盡可能地負擔得起且無壓力,並確保一切以最高的效率和專業精神進行。

Jeffrey Hu

Jeffrey Hu, Founder and Managing Director of SurrogateFirst, a full-service surrogacy agency that has successfully assisted intended parents start their families from the US, Europe and Asia. SurrogateFirst’s multi-lingual staff speak native English, French, Spanish and Mandarin; representing a truly global team capable of serving Intended Parents around the world. Jeffrey’s journey started 15 years ago in China as an international intended parent himself, struggling for almost a decade to start a family. Jeffrey intimately understands the challenges (and joy) of navigating the international surrogacy journey. Based in Los Angeles, Jeff is an active participant in the lives of his 3 young children. Prior to SurrogateFirst, Jeffrey spent 10 years as the Founding Partner of Atomic Recruitment, helping to scale one of China’s largest private agencies with 8 offices and 250 staff, serving Fortune 500 clients. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics at the University of California, Irvine and acquired his Master’s in Business Administration at USC Marshall School of Business.

Jeffrey Hu

Jeffrey Hu為SurrogateFirst LLC的創始人兼董事總經理。SF美國第一助孕是一家提供全方位服務的代孕機構,成功幫助诸多伴侣和個人建立了美滿的家庭。我們的員工遍佈美國洛杉磯、三藩市、拉斯維加斯、亞利桑那州,佛羅里達州,德州,以及亞洲的上海和深圳,英語、中文、法語和西班牙語流利。 SurrogateFirst 美國第一助孕是一支真正的全球化團隊,勝任為全世界的准父母提供服務。Jeffrey曾在中國內地有15年的工作經驗。做为一名代孕准父母,他自己也努力了近十年才完整了一个家。因此Jeffrey對國際代孕的挑戰和喜悅感同身受。在创办SurrogateFirst 之前,Jeffrey曾擔任Atomic Recruitment的創始合夥人10年。該人力资源猎头公司在中國的5個辦事處擁有200多名員工,服务于「財富」500強客戶。他榮獲加州大學歐文分校的經濟學學士學位,在南加大馬歇爾商學院榮獲工商管理碩士學位。

Dr. Yu-Ying Hu 胡郁盈

Kurt Hughes

Kurt M. Hughes has been involved with adoption and assisted fertility family-building since 1995.  As part of his law practice with Murdoch Hughes Twarog Tarnelli, PC, he is a fellow of the Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Attorneys. He has provided legal services for hundreds of adoptions and assisted fertility arrangements, including gestational surrogacy, and egg and sperm donation contracts. He helped write the Vermont Parentage Act of 2018, which provides legal security to families participating in assisted fertility and gestational surrogacy arrangements.  Kurt has long seen the need for a local matching organization dedicated to the needs of New England and New York intended parents who wish to build their families through gestational surrogacy, as well as the needs of Vermont women who wish to become gestational surrogates to help others achieve the dream of parenthood.  He is very excited to be a partner with Jes Stumpf in the Vermont Surrogacy Network, the first and only surrogacy matching organization based in Vermont and run by Vermonters.

Jean-Raphaël Hureau

Jean-Raphaël is the author of a multidisciplinary book about surrogacy oriented to the general public: GPA, l’essentiel pour comprendre, devoted to different perspectives of experts in their fields and the second GPA pour tous, offers a surrogacy glossary describing more than 230 related terms. Jean-Raphaël is a parent through surrogacy, administrator of the French Union Family Affairs, engineer, civil protection expert, and activist who has been involved in the voluntary sector for nearly 20 years, before becoming a self-taught specialist in the field of surrogacy. He is a member of the French Association of Gay and Lesbian Parents and Future Parents (APGL), where he acts as the surrogacy referent, coordinator of French antennas.

Amanda Hurliman, MD

Dr. Hurliman is a board-certified reproductive endocrinologist and infertility specialist and is dedicated to helping build LGBTQ+ families. She joined ORM Fertility in 2013 and helps build LGBTQ families worldwide through IVF, egg donation, surrogacy, and reproductive genomics. As a fellow, Dr. Hurliman received the prestigious ASRM/SREI National Research Service Institutional Training Award for her research. She completed her education and medical training at Oregon Health and Science University and University of Vermont. Along with the entire team she is committed to helping every patient at ORM Fertility achieve their dream of a healthy baby on their first attempt.

Dean Hutchison

Dean has been part of the Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation family since 2004. Along with being Circle’s Vice President of Legal Services, Dean is also an Attorney and the Chairman of the American Bar Association’s Committee on Assisted Reproductive Technology. He received his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Richmond and his Law Degree from Suffolk University. Dean has managed thousands of ART matters over the course of his career and has organized and presented on many panels – both US and International - on the legal aspects of surrogacy and egg donation. In his current role as the Vice President of Legal Services, Dean oversees Circle’s legal team, as well as serving clients. He enjoys meeting with Intended Parents, whether in Boston, on Zoom, or in their hometowns throughout the world. Dean is married with 3 beautiful children, and has been recognized as a Rising Star by Super Lawyers and Boston Magazine each year since 2009.

Mohamad Irani, MD

Dr. Mohamad Irani, of Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago, completed his fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York. He is double board certified in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility as well as Obstetrics and Gynecology. Dr. Mohamad Irani’s clinical expertise comprises all aspects of reproductive medicine, including IVF, ICSI, preimplantation genetic testing, recurrent implantation failure, previous unsuccessful IVF cycles, fertility preservation, egg freezing, ovulation induction, intrauterine insemination (IUI), polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), amenorrhea, diminished ovarian reserve, premature ovarian insufficiency, endometriosis, male infertility, recurrent miscarriage, egg donation, surrogacy, and LGBTQ+ reproduction. He is a skilled surgeon and performs minimally invasive laparoscopic and hysteroscopic procedures to treat uterine, tubal, and ovarian pathologies. His certifications from the American Board of Bioanalysis and the American Association of Bioanalysts in Andrology and Embryology provide him with extensive knowledge of laboratory procedures to formulate treatment plans and reach great outcomes."

Chris Jackson

Born and raised in Southern California, Chris has been surrounded by surrogacy most of his life. His mother completed two surrogacy journeys when he was a child, and has gone on to be a case coordinator for over 20 years. His wife donated eggs and is together, Chris and his wife are raising two of their own lovely children. Chris started Shorebreak shortly after his son was born, with the goal of being able to better balance his family life as well as helping others achieve their dream of parenthood. For the past 3 years, Chris has dramatically growing Shorebreak Law, completing over 85 surrogacy and egg donor contracts in 2018 alone.

Vasanti Jadva, PhD

Dr Vasanti Jadva’s BSc in Psychology was from City University, where she later worked as a Research Assistant at the Family and Child Psychology Research Centre on a project looking at families created using reproductive technologies. During this time she also conducted her PhD which examined sex differences in 12-24 month-old infants' preferences for colours, toys and shapes. She joined the Centre for Family Research in March 2006. She is currently a Senior Research Associate and an Affiliated Lecturer at the Department of Psychology and a member of the National Gamete Donation Trust’s advisory council.

Katelyn C. Jakobsen, LICSW, Social Worker

Katelyn joined the Men Having Babies team in October 2013 as part of the launch of the Gay Parenting Assistance Program. Her primary focus is conducting psycho-social assessments and helping IP’s and gestational surrogates to properly structure their surrogacy experience from the beginning. A Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in providing clinical support during the gestational surrogacy experience, Katelyn holds a Master’s of Social Work degree from the University of Michigan. Upon completion of her degree, she worked for social services in multiple states, specializing in foster care and adoption until she made the transition to surrogacy in 2008. Katelyn also works as a consultant at The Center for Surrogacy and Egg Donation in Southborough, MA, managing the surrogate screening process. She is a member of the National Association of Social Workers and presents at their annual conference on clinical aspects of surrogacy. Katelyn resides in a suburb of Boston, MA, wife to husband, Bjorn, and mother to two young, energetic and adorable boys, Carter and Bradley.

Roohi Jeelani, MD, FACOG

Roohi Jeelani, MD, FACOG provides quality, compassionate care to patients in Vios Fertility Institute's Hoffman Estates and Wicker Park offices. A highly-skilled reproductive endocrinologist and infertility specialist focusing on all areas of reproductive health, Dr. Jeelani has a special interest in onco-fertility, toxins impact on reproductive function, chemotherapy and oocyte cryopreservation to give those facing cancer a better chance of seeing their dream of parenthood come true. Dr. Jeelani, a graduate of Ross University School of Medicine, completed both her residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology and her fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at Wayne State University – Detroit Medical Center. During her medical training, she received numerous awards in the areas of fetal medicine and reproductive medicine, including the Excellence in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Award from Wayne State. In addition, she has authored a variety of publications and book chapters in well known journals highlighting cutting-edge REI advancements, from preimplantation genetic diagnosis to enhanced embryo transfer, and has presented at national/international conferences and symposiums focused on advancements in women’s health.

Gary Jones, MD

Dr. Jones completed his Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility fellowship at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. He is board certified in Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility, and Obstetrics & Gynecology. Dr. Jones has been treating infertility patients for over 20 years. He has been a Clinical Assistant Professor and Lecturer at Michigan State University. His philosophy of care is to offer patients all possible options and empower them in their treatment decisions. He currently practices at Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago.

Kim Kaplan

Kim Kaplan has served as Deputy Director at the Hebrew Free Loan Society (HFLS) since 2014. HFLS fosters financial stability and opportunity among lower-income New Yorkers by providing access to safe, affordable credit in the form of interest-free loans. Kim manages HFLS lending, develops new loan programs and partnerships, and plays a leading role across the organization’s operations. Prior to joining HFLS, Kim held positions in fundraising, grant-making, communications, and administration at nonprofit institutions including The Jewish Theological Seminary, the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, and Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion. Kim earned an MPA in Nonprofit Management and an MA in Judaic Studies from New York University and a BA in Jewish, Islamic and Near Eastern Studies from Washington University in St. Louis.

Kathryn Kaycoff, MA

Kathryn is co-owner and co-director of Agency for Surrogacy Solutions and Egg Donor Solutions. Before Kathryn became an agency owner and leading expert in the field of surrogacy, egg donation, infertility and traveling for treatment – she encountered her own struggles to become a mother. Four years, 6 fresh IVFs, 3 frozen embryo transfers, an egg donor, sperm donor, over 100 embryos and 2 Gestational Surrogates later, Kathryn and her (now ex) husband became the proud parents of identical twin boys in 2003. She and her business partner (Lauri de Brito) opened their agency in 2004 hoping to help others have a smoother, shorter, less turbulent journey. The have successfully helped hundreds of people all over the world become parents. Kathryn is a member of PVED, RESOLVE, ASRM, SEEDS and ESHRE, and has appeared in many media outlets around the world.

Michelle Keeyes, Esq.

Michelle Keeyes is the Managing Partner of Reproductive Law Center, one of the oldest firms in the United States focusing solely on assisted reproductive technology law. She is a fellow of the Academy of Adoption & Assisted Reproduction Attorneys and a member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) where she currently serves as the Past Chair of the Legal Professionals Group. Michelle is also an active member of the American Bar Associations' Family Law Committee on Assisted Reproductive Technologies where she has worked with fellow attorneys to draft model legislation governing Assisted Reproduction and Assisted Reproductive Technology Agencies. Michelle is a frequent speaker on reproductive legal issues, addressing both medical and legal professionals in the U.S. and abroad.

Francesca Kennedy

Francesca Kennedy is the Executive Director at International Surrogacy Center. Francesca guides Intended Parents through their first steps of starting their surrogacy journey. Francesca has a degree in Social Work and has been in the surrogacy industry for over 8 years. Francesca has been a surrogate four times, two of those times was a sibling journey for a same sex couple from Germany. Francesca is passionate about surrogacy and loves to help Intended Parents and Surrogates have a great journey that they can reflect on for the rest of their lives.

Nir Keren

Nir Keren, originally from Israel now lives in Toronto, Canada with his partner Bob. Nir has assisted several of his friends throughout their surrogacy journeys, in different countries which has opened his eyes to the many challenges intended parents are facing to create their families. Nir's background is in business improvement and marketing however after seeing first hand the obstacles international IP's endure, he felt that his mission and passion is to bring the awareness of the Canadian surrogacy option to IP's seeking alternative options. He has now dedicated his life to support IP's around the world to have a smooth and straight-forward journey in Canada. He established 'Babies Come True' several years ago which is now the largest intended parent support service worldwide. Nir and his husband went through surrogacy in Canada themselves and love to share their story.

Brooke Kimbrough

Raised in Los Angeles, Brooke Kimbrough attended Occidental College and received her business degree before a 15-year career in Human Resources. in 2010, she left corporate America to spend time with her four young children. During her time spent as a Stay at Home Mom, she was a gestational carrier for a single gay father. After her experience as a surrogate, she was called to use her professional experience and personal passion to open Roots Surrogacy in 2014, joined shortly by her business partner, attorney Cassie Aaronson Wright in 2015. An advocate for the LGTBQ+ community, Brooke rides on an all gay male cyclist team and completed the AIDS Ride 2018 (a bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles), where she raised $10,000 for AIDS research and education. She continues to be passionate about family building in the LGTBQ space and uses Roots Surrogacy as the vehicle to help LGTBQ+ and HIV+ people build their families through surrogacy and egg donation.

Natalie King

Program Director Natalie King is passionate about making pregnancy affordable and successful for those seeking to start a family with donor eggs. Building the Atlantic Shared Beginnings program is a dream come true for her. Natalie’s career in reproductive health began with her own fertility treatment. She left her career in emergency medicine and went back to school to become an Embryologist. She then obtained another degree in biobehavioral medicine to become more involved in patients journeys on an emotional level. Today, she loves both the science and the patient side of fertility work. She is well known for her work nationally and overseas. Patients compliment Natalie for her communication. She takes the time to carefully discuss each stage of treatment, explaining the processes in detail to ensure understanding, which creates peace of mind for both. Natalie is continually driven by her desire to make a difference in the lives of patients. She is proud of making donor eggs accessible and affordable through the program options at Atlantic Shared Beginnings.

Brian Klein

Brian Klein, a partner of the firm, joined Falletta & Klein in 2011, where he practices exclusively in the area of fertility law. Brian currently manages Falletta & Klein's contract team, where every year, he assists hundreds of families through the surrogacy and egg donation process. Brian also leads Falletta & Klein’s team for international relations. Brian built the largest Mandarin speaking team within any fertility law firm in the United States. Together, they have assisted more than one thousand clients from throughout Asia since he joined the firm. Brian Klein is a frequent guest speaker at international surrogacy seminars to provide guidance on cross-border surrogacy and egg donation issues, and to provide insight on California's laws. He is a member of the legal committee in the Society for Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy (SEEDS). Brian is licensed to practice law in the State of California.

Brian Klein

Brian Klein是Falletta & Klein律所的合夥人之一,於2011年加入律所,他專門從事生殖法律工作。 Brian 目前管理Falletta & Klein的法律合同部門,每一年,他都會幫助數百個家庭完成代孕和卵子捐贈的法律工作。 Brian同時也是Falletta & Klein的國際關係團隊的領頭人,他創建了在所有的美國生殖法律律所中最大的中文團隊。從他加入律所以來,他與他的中文團隊已經成功幫助了上千位來自亞洲的客戶。 Brian Klein經常在國際性的代孕研討會中演講,為跨國界的代孕以及卵子捐贈法律問題提供指導,同時也提供加利福尼亞州法律下的法律見解。他也是SEEDS(卵子捐贈及代孕道德規範社團)的法律委員會的成員之一。 Brian持有加利福尼亞州執業律師資格。

Jessica Kleinman

As ARTparenting's program manager, Jessica supports the staff in facilitating our surrogacy program — coordinating the gestational surrogates’ medical screening, drafting essential documents, and giving referrals to intended parents and surrogates for service providers. Jessica provides necessary legal information for contract drafting and prepares legal documents for the intended parents such as birth-order court paperwork and egg-donor contracts. She handles filings in court and loves the buzz of the courthouse. Jessica received her BS from the University of Wisconsin, her Master in Public Health from George Washington University, and her JD from Catholic University. She is barred in DC and Maryland.

Sigal Klipstein, MD

Dr. Klipstein is a sub-specialist in reproductive endocrinology and infertility. She is a physician and the director of the Egg Donor Program at InVia Fertility Specialists in Chicago. She is a graduate of the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine. She completed both her residency and fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at Harvard Medical School. In addition, she completed a fellowship in Medical Ethics at Harvard. Dr. Klipstein chairs the national Ethics Committee of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. She is Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology as well as Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. She is a fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and a member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Dr. Klipstein has extensive experience working with same sex couples, egg donation and gestational surrogacy. Dr. Klipstein is widely published, having written numerous articles in both medical and ethics journals. She has also authored several book chapters and presented at numerous medical conferences. She is fluent in Spanish and Hebrew.

Jennifer Kulp-Makarov, MD, FACOG

Dr. Jennifer Kulp-Makarov is board-certified in both OB/GYN and Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility. She graduated cum laude from Tufts University with a BS in biology and was awarded her medical degree from UMDNJ – Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. She completed her OB/ GYN residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital and a fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at Yale University School of Medicine. Dr. Makarov has a special interest in helping couples conceive using both basic and advanced reproductive technologies. Dr. Makarov works closely with the LGBT community and has helped many single women and same sex couples to start or grow their families. Dr. Makarov is committed to helping people start or complete their families. She firmly believes in providing personalized, patient-centered and compassionate care to each individual seeking to become a parent.

Ashim Kumar, MD

Dr. Kumar is board certified in reproductive endocrinology, obstetrics and gynecology, and practices near Los Angeles, California at Western Fertility Institute. In recent years he has focused his efforts on those who have had difficulty conceiving and require third party reproduction (egg donation and gestational surrogacy). Obtaining the highest success rates achievable today, by combining meticulous attention to detail, a 7-day work ethic, the best support staff, and the latest technology, over half of his current patients travel from overseas which include countries such as Australia, China, Austria, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Israel, UK, Netherlands, and India. Dr. Kumar’s fellowship in reproductive endocrinology and infertility allowed him to work with world-renowned leaders in the field at both UCLA and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Highly regarded in the field, he has published numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals and presented his work at the annual meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. He serves as an ad hoc reviewer for the journal Fertility and Sterility and is a Pacific Coast Reproductive Society member.

Georgia Kuo Mama 郭媽媽
同志⽗⺟愛⼼協會是亞洲第⼀個由同志的⽗⺟組成的團體,於2011年成立, 召集⼈郭媽媽⾝為⼀位跨性別同志的⺟親,從2004年開始接觸台灣的同志團體,密切為同志族群及他們的⽗⺟親⼈服務。即使台灣的社會逐漸開放,同志們從⼩⾯臨的焦慮與壓⼒仍舊存在,⽽社會⼤眾對性別議題的陌⽣隔閡,使得同志的⽗⺟親⼈更需要理解與陪伴。

Charlene Kuspa

Charlene is the co-founder of Carrying Hope Surrogacy. Charlene has a strong background in business and mentorship as well as law enforcement holding two different degrees. She is kind, compassionate and loves to serve others. Charlene has served as a surrogate for an international couple and later carried again for a couple in Tennessee. Before Charlene completed her own family, she endured a very traumatic loss that resulted in emergency surgery that nearly cost her her life and that left her, for a moments time, considering surrogacy for herself. She has firsthand experience and an understanding of how stressful this decision can be, and how emotionally and financially challenging this is. She is truly happy and blessed to support and help dreams come true.

Jens Landwehr

Jens and his husband are a German couple who had their daughter and son in two different surrogacy journeys in the USA. The couple are among the first gay German couples to have had children from surrogacy, and were featured in a documentary by ARD, Germany’s public broadcasting corporation. Jens is also the founder and Chairman of VFLLD, an association in Germany to support legalization of surrogacy through education, events and family support. Furthermore, he talks about the day to day challenges of same sex families with surrogacy kids in his private blog and his YouTube Channel.

Jenn Lange

Jenn became a case manager with Creative Family Connections in September of 2018 after completing her own journey as a gestational surrogate for gay intended parents. As a part of the case manager team, Jenn provides direct support to Intended Parents and Gestational Carriers throughout their journey. Jenn earned her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Nursing from York College of Pennsylvania and spent over 10 years working as a registered nurse in various areas of healthcare, including nursery and postpartum care before joining our team. Jenn has always had a passion for helping others, both as a registered nurse and during her own journey as a gestational carrier. This passion for helping others build their families has carried over into her professional career as she loves sharing her firsthand knowledge of surrogacy with her clients! Jenn resides in Maryland with her husband and three children and loves to run in her free time. 

Gad Lavy, MD, FACOG

Dr. Gad Lavy established the New England Fertility Institute as the first non-hospital-based outpatient IVF center in Connecticut. Thirty years and more than 10,000 babies later, he is a world-renowned expert in third-party reproduction and an outspoken advocate for surrogacy and egg donation. His clinic is based just an hour away from New York City. Dr. Lavy received his training at Hadassah Medical School at Hebrew University in Israel and completed his residency at Yale University School of Medicine, where he served on the medical faculty of the Department of OB/GYN. Before establishing New England Fertility, Dr. Lavy was an assistant professor in the Division of Reproductive Endocrinology at Yale University School of Medicine and served as the director of the program for assisted reproduction. Dr. Lavy is Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and Reproductive Endocrinology. He is a medical staff member in the Department of OB/GYN at Stamford Hospital, as well as a member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine and the Society of Reproductive Surgeons.

Samantha Lavy, MA, MFT

As relationship consultants, Samantha Lavy and Jennifer Strom are trained as Marriage and Family Therapists. Together with clients, they explore the issues in clients' lives and how they are impacted by important relationships. They recognize that most people find themselves in therapy at points of transition and unanticipated stressful life events. Working with clients, they are always looking for strengths and providing tools to help them reach their goals. As moms of teenage girls and, with years of life and experience fueling their desire to do the work, Samantha and Jennifer founded JSRC Group to incorporate emotional support into the fertility journey. Samantha and Jennifer have over 20 years of personal and professional experience with the fertility therapy process. They understand the medical perspective well as the emotional.

Michael R. Lawson

Michael Lawson is a registered investment advisor/fiduciary who runs a national team of LGBTQ financial advisors and agents, who have themselves completed surrogacy or already in process of their own journeys.  We can be a one-stop shop anywhere in the country for same-sex families’ financial planning needs – we provide complimentary holistic financial plans, your own financial website, life insurance planning, retirement planning, estate planning strategies, investments/wealth management and 529 Education Savings Plans for your new children.  For your life insurance needs, we can exclusively place you and your Surrogate with New York Life policies, or broker life insurance to over 65 other carriers.  New York Life is the largest mutual insurance company with the highest financial ratings awarded by the four rating agencies.  New York Life has received a perfect 100% score for LGBTQ equality from the Human Rights Campaign Foundation.  Michael earned an undergraduate business degree in accounting from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Nicole Lawson

Nicole and her husband chose surrogacy as their route to parenthood after many years of struggling. Now a mother to two daughters, born via surrogacy, Nicole is a compassionate companion to those embarking upon the surrogacy journey. Nicole is extremely relatable, and Abundant Beginnings Co. clients are a top priority in her life. She understands the strong desire to be a parent, and with each interaction she brings personal experience, knowledge, and understanding. Nicole is also the Co-Founder of the Baby Question Foundation, which is a non-profit organization offering grants to those struggling with fertility treatments.

Udi Ledergor

Udi Ledergor is a proud father originally from Tel Aviv, Israel. Udi and his husband, Guy, are fathers of Tom (8), Noa (6) and Adam (6) born through two surrogacy journeys in California and Texas. They now all live in San Francisco, where Udi serves as the Chief Marketing Officer at a local tech company, Gong, and Guy is a physician and researcher at UCSF. Shortly after becoming fathers, Udi co-founded and chaired the Association of Israeli Gay Fathers, a position he held for five years until the family relocated to San Francisco. During those five years, Udi and the association's board of directors led their community through numerous legal cases around equality for gay fathers and helped educate intended parents, lawmakers, and the Israeli media about the unique challenges of gay men growing their families.

Mark P. Leondires, MD

Dr. Mark Leondires is founder and Medical Director at Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut (RMACT). After he and his husband Greg had two children through the complex journey of egg donation and surrogacy he realized the need for a more comprehensive concierge service for assisted reproductive team. Thus the birth of RMACT's LGBTQ-focused family building program, Gay Parents To Be. He is proud to enable members of the LGBTQ community to build the family of their dreams, as he believes all hurdles are surmountable and the joys of parenting are boundless. Dr. Leondires is board-certified in both Obstetrics and Gynecology (OBGYN) and Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility (REI), and has been selected a Best Doctor in America, a Top Doc by Castle Connolly and the 2015 Path to Parenthood Visionary Award Recipient for his outstanding commitment to patient care and building families.

Risa Levine

Risa A. Levine is a leader in the effort to secure insurance coverage for infertility treatment on the State and Federal level for over 15 years. She was instrumental in securing legislation in New York to cover in vitro fertilization treatment for large group insurance plans and legalizing compensated gestational surrogacy.  She served on the Board of Directors of RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association from 2010 through 2019, and as Chair of RESOLVE’s Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill in 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, and 2013, and chaired RESOLVE’s Congressional Briefing in 2010. She was the recipient of RESOLVE’s Hope Award for Advocacy in 2010 and was the recipient of the Barbara Eck Founder’s Award in 2019. Also in 2019, the RESOLVE Advocacy Legacy Award in honor of Risa A Levine was established. Ms. Levine has appeared in numerous television and print features, including Fox and Friends, CNN, ABC and CBS, and Self Magazine, the New York Times, the Albany Times Union and other forums.

Andrew Li, PhD, board member

Andrew, who holds a PhD in computer science, currently serves as a Vice President at a major investment bank in New York City. Andrew and his husband first learned of MHB by attending the NYC conference and monthly meetings as intended parents. The couple is currently on their first surrogacy journey, looking forward to completing their family with a child soon. MHB has been instrumental in their journey so far and Andrew wishes to pay it forward to other intended parents. He strongly believes that being a parent is everyone’s right, no matter their socioeconomic or ethnic background. Andrew is of Asian descent and hopes to help MHB overcome language and cultural barriers to more effectively reach out to Asian prospective parents who currently have limited access to the full breadth of resources the organization offers.

Hsuan-Ping Li 黎璿萍

Leo Li

Leo is the founder and CEO of ACRC. A full-service egg donation and surrogacy have brought more than seven years of executive experience with leading professional bilingual staff members with a deep assisted reproductive technology background across the U. S, Japan. The team has been grateful for assisting hundreds of families and individuals to successfully bringing babies home and are highly involved in every journey. Providing personalized and one-stop service, taking good care of the families or individuals, to bringing babies home is his most important goal and mission.

Lina Li

Since 2011, Lina Li has consulted thousands of couples through their IVF cycles and have successfully guided over 200+ Intended Parents, from Greater China, in their surrogate journeys. Her firsthand experience as an intended parent based in China allows her the unique perspective to serve couples or individuals from Taiwan and Mainland to confidently start their surrogacy journey with SurrogateFirst. SurrogateFirst’s entire team consists of experienced Surrogates and Intended Parents who serve their clients with expertise, compassion, respect and genuine love. Our team is excited and honored to have the opportunity to assist you in starting your journey ahead! Lina Li started out like most intended parents with the inability to conceive accompanied by many failed IVF cycles leaving her family emotionally and financially spent. During her 6-year journey across 4 countries (China, Hong Kong, USA and Thailand) and numerous failed IVF cycles, she was finally blessed through surrogacy with healthy babies. Her family is forever grateful to the surrogate and those that guided her through the journey.

Lina Li

自2011年起, 李娜已經諮詢上千個試管嬰兒週期,也成功在大中華區指導了200对以上的代孕周期准父母。她作為一個中國準父母的親身經歷,使她以獨特的視角為台灣和大陸的夫婦或个人用心服務,讓未來的準父母跟「SF美國第一助孕」開始代孕旅程充滿信心。SurrogateFirst美國第一助孕,幾乎整個團隊都是過去經驗豐富的美国代孕母,或者是曾經的準父母,我們用專業,同情心,尊重和真誠的愛為客戶服務。我們的團隊很欣喜,也很榮幸有機會協助您開始您的旅程。李娜(Lina Li),就像許多其他的準父母一樣,因為嘗試了多次失敗的試管嬰兒週期,花費了大量的時間,情感,和金錢,才開始走上代孕这条路。在橫跨四個國家或地区,中國大陆,香港,美國和泰國的六年旅程中,经过多次的試管嬰兒失敗,她最后通過代孕的寶貝們,得到最終的祝福。全家會永遠對代孕母,以及曾經在過程中帮助过的人们心懷感激。

Peter Li

Peter and his family live in Shanghai, China. As a father of two children, he is full of fighting spirit and having fun every day. In addition to working and volunteering, Peter enjoys spending time with his children and watching their amazing and fun personalities bloom every day. Peter has worked as an editor and reporter for newspapers. He is rigorous and has a strong sense of responsibility. At the same time, as a father of two via surrogacy journeys, he also has extensive knowledge of third-party assisted reproduction experience. Peter joined the FSC team in 2019 and utilizes his personal experience and expertise assisting Chinese Intended Parent clients successfully fulfill their family building dreams. Peter believes that with the help of our FSC team, our Intended Parent clients will soon be known as "Dad or Mom."

Peter Li

Peter和他的家人住在中國上海。作為兩個孩子的父親,他充滿鬥志,每天都過得很開心。除了工作和志願服務,Peter喜歡花時間和他的孩子們在一起,看著他們每天綻放著精彩有趣的個性。 Peter做過報社的編輯和記者。他做事嚴謹,責任心强。同時,作為一名通過代孕旅行而做父親的他,還擁有廣泛的第三方輔助生殖常識。Peter於2019年加入FSC團隊,他將利用自己的個人經驗和專業知識幫助中國准父母客戶成功實現其家庭夢想。 Peter堅信在FSC團隊的幫助下,我們的准父母客戶很快就有了一個新身份“爸爸”“媽媽”。

Clifford Librach, MD

Dr. Clifford Librach is the founder and Director of the CReATe Fertility Centre The largest Fertility Clinic Canada. He is a Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Toronto, and holds cross-appointments with the Department of Physiology and Institute of Medical Sciences. Dr. Librach played an integral role in the establishment of the reproductive biology clinical and research programs at Women’s College Hospital in 1991, and since then has shown unparalleled leadership and commitment, and made significant contributions to current fertility practice in Canada. Dr. Librach was the head of the CFAS in 2019. He is a huge supporter of the LGBTQ2 community and helped building thousands of gay families with the largest egg donation and surrogacy program in Canada. CReATe had their 10,000 Baby this year.

Jay Lin

Founder and CEO of Portico Media, a Taiwan-based content production, content aggregation and channel distribution company. The company has received major accolades from the Golden Horse Awards (Best Short) and the Taipei Film Festival (Best Feature), to name a few. Since 2009, Portico has been working in collaboration with key Taiwanese IPTV, digital cable, OTT and mobile operators by distributing to them some of the world’s premium channels and content. Portico’s content partners include: NBCUniversal, Viacom, A&E, CNBC Asia, Blue Ant, CinemaWorld, Fashion TV and DW. In 2015, Portico’s production division launched HahaTai, the go-to destination for comedy and humor content and marketing. In 2016, Portico started DramaQueen, the US TV series and movie news website, as well as the two entertainment and lifestyle platforms GagaTai and LalaTai for the gay and lesbian communities. At the same time, it launched the first LGBTQ focused OTT service GagaOOLala in Asia, following the industry trend to bring more entertainment to niche groups. Within this platform, Portico has already co-produced queer content with teams in the Philippines, Japan, Vietnam and Hong Kong, and it is currently looking for new co-production partnerships around the world.

Jay Lin

曾在美國矽谷從事律師工作,返台後創立了杰德影音(Portico Media),目前任職CEO,旗下包括哈哈台 (HahaTai)、拉拉台 (LalaTai)、嘎嘎台 (GagaTai)和最新推出的GagaOOLala同志線上影音平台。多年來致力於推動許多同志族群相關運動,創辦了台灣國際酷兒影展、酷摩沙獎以及婚姻平權點亮計畫。《新聞週刊》(Newsweek)公佈了一份榜單「The Creative Class of 2019」,表揚全球15位在科技、經濟、人權及環境等領域提供創新服務與解決方案的人士。林志杰也名列其中,這是台灣人首次獲此殊榮。2016也透過美國代理孕母成為一位同志爸爸, 有一對雙胞胎。

Julie Liss

Julie has been our Account Manager and Surrogacy Coordinator since 2012. When prospective surrogates reach out to us, Julie helps them learn about our surrogacy program, answers their questions, guides them through the application and screening process. She provides one-on-one support and coordinates all the logistics: financial, medical, insurance, travel, and more. Julie received her BS degree from the University of Maryland.

Zitao Liu, MD, PhD, FACOG

Dr. Zitao Liu is world-renowned fertility doctor with a deep understanding of the field of Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART). His focus is on the development and implementation of individualized patient protocols in order to maximize a patient’s chance of conception. He received his medical degree from the Norman Bethune University of Medical Sciences in China, then went on to earn his PhD from Wayne State University, studying pre-implantation embryonic development and completed his post-doctoral research on uterine responses to embryo implantation at Vanderbilt University. He completed his residency training in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center, an affiliate of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and, before joining New Hope Fertility Center in New York City, he practiced academic medicine as an attending physician in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Tufts Medical Center. Dr. Liu still actively continues his clinical research in embryo implantation and trophoblast differentiation. At the same time, he is constantly pursuing the development of new medical devices, novel medications, and advanced diagnostic approaches.

Rachel Loftspring, Esq.

Rachel Loftspring is a Partner at Essig & Evans, LLP, where she practices Fertility Law exclusively. As a Fertility Law attorney, she counsels clients from the United States and around the world on family-building through surrogacy as well as egg, sperm, and embryo donation. Her clients are intended parents and gestational carriers, recipients and donors, married and single, and of all sexual orientations. Rachel is licensed to practice law in Ohio and Illinois, where she began her career at a large Chicago law firm. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania Law School in 2008 and as a member of the Order of the Coif. Following 7 magnificent years in Chicago, Rachel now lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, with her husband Dan, a cardiologist who trained at Northwestern, their 4 year old Lady Gaga loving daughter and their chubby 2 year old son.

Michelle Loris, PsyD

Michelle has been a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice for nearly twenty years, and has extensive experience in the assessment of surrogacy-related cases and the evaluation of potential gestational surrogates. A hands-on and meticulous therapist, Michelle ensures that each carrier is evaluated carefully and thoroughly before approval. Michelle also serves as the Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Sacred Heart University where she is a full-time Dean and Professor of Psychology.

Tabitha Lundberg Koh, JD

Tabitha Lundberg Koh, J.D. is the Director of Legal Services at Northwest Surrogacy Center, LLC. A graduate of the University of California Berkeley Law School and an attorney since 2007, her practice areas include adoption, surrogacy, and assisted reproductive technology, as well as estate planning and probate. She is licensed to practice law in California, Oregon, and Washington. Tabitha is a member of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys , Oregon Women Lawyers (OWLS), and the Oregon Gay and Lesbian Law Association.

Jennifer P. Maas, Esq.

Attorney Jennifer Maas has been practicing law in the State of New York since 2002.  After embarking on her own surrogacy journey as an Intended Parent in 2017, she opened her boutique law firm to help other Intended Parents, Gestational Surrogates, Donors and Recipients to navigate the complex area of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) law in New York to create and expand their families.  Jennifer is a graduate of Connecticut College, and received her J.D. from St. John's University School of Law, after which she spent many years as a trial attorney throughout the NYC Courts.  Jennifer is a proud member of the American Bar Association’s Assisted Reproduction Technology Committee, the Legal Professional Group of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, the New York Bar Association, and SEEDS (Society for Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy).

Alex MacNab, LLB

Alex MacNab has extensive training and experience in interest- based negotiation, mediation and arbitration. He offers creative solutions for clients in a way that best fits their needs whether that be through lawyer-assisted negotiation, mediation or arbitration, with litigation as the method of last resort. He also specializes in reproductive law and is well-known for helping families with third party assisted reproductive techniques including donor egg, donor sperm, traditional and gestational surrogacy, as well as adoption. Alex’s legal career began in 2004 in Newfoundland and Labrador where he practiced with the Legal Aid Commission in Labrador. Alex gained experience in the areas of criminal defense and family law, appearing regularly in both the Provincial and Supreme Courts. Alex’s educational background includes a Law Degree from Dalhousie University Law School, and a BA from Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Zachary Marcus, MD

Dr. Zachary Marcus is a board-certified primary care pediatrician. A graduate of Brown University, the University of Cambridge, and Brown University Medical School, he completed his Pediatrics residency at University of California, San Francisco with a focus on primary care. His clinical, research, and policy interests are centered on LGBTQ families and youth. He lives in Chicago with his husband where they are currently beginning their surrogacy journey.

Shelly Marsh

Shelly is a three-time surrogate mother to same sex male couples both domestic and international. Shelly served as the marketing manager at MHB from December 2017 to June 2020. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Communications. Prior to MHB, she worked at a California based fertility clinic as the Marketing Manager for over five years.  Shelly lives in Southern California with her wonderful husband and two children.

Teo Martinez

Teo Martinez graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.A. from the University of California, Los Angeles. Later he earned an executive MBA from Pepperdine University's Graziadio School of Business and Management, where he was inducted as a Beta Gamma Sigma honoree. Teo began his career with Growing Generations in 1998, and is considered an authority in the field of surrogacy and egg donation administration, as well as cost analysis. As CEO, Teo oversees the Strategic Development of Growing Generations and is the executive officer in charge of customer care and satisfaction. Teo also is Chairman of the board of directors of Youth Emerging Stronger (YES). With his educational background, volunteer work and over two decades of experience in the industry, Martinez is one of the most knowledgeable and accomplished professionals in the field of surrogacy and egg donation.

Daniel Marzoa

Daniel Marzoa is a passionate and dedicated advocate for the Gay Community. He recently stumbled upon this path on his life-changing opportunity of fatherhood and became driven to help others. Having undertaken the process of surrogacy with his partner, he finds it needful to motivate and guide people on the process. In his current endeavor, Daniel strives to enlighten people and give them hope. As an advocate, he is helping potential parents in learning more about IVF and surrogacy in general, and also how to embrace these procedures. Likewise, he will be guiding these future parents to make healthy and informed decisions. Daniel is actively involved in the gay dad’s community and with Families thru Surrogacy. For him, the most rewarding part of being an advocate is educating future parents. Daniel currently resides in Miami with his partner and their twins. Surrogacy was a life-time experience for him and he looks forward to sharing it with other parents.

Kyle Dean Massey

A co-founder of Elevate, Kyle Dean was essential in creating Elevate’s operational infrastructure.  He returns to the agency after serving as a National Business Developer for one of the nation’s largest fertility clinics and currently serves as Elevate’s Director of Surrogacy. As a parent through egg donation and surrogacy himself, Kyle Dean is understanding of the process from an Intended Parent perspective while offering insight and experience from handling hundreds of cycles each year. Kyle Dean spent many years starring in Broadway shows, and has brought that collaborative spirit and creative philosophy to his passion for assisted reproduction. Whatever your reasons for coming to Elevate, he hopes to work with you to make your journey joyful and successful. Kyle Dean graduated Magna Cum Laude from Missouri State University.

Jamie Massie, MD

Jamie Massie, MD, is a board-certified reproductive endocrinologist and infertility specialist at ORM Fertility (ORM) - recognized globally for its success rates and for being among the top 3 IVF programs in the US for donor egg surrogacy by number of cycles annually. Dr. Massie completed both her residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology, and her fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, at Stanford University.  She is an expert in third party reproduction, pre-implantation genetic diagnostics and genomic medicine and delights in using her expertise to help her patients realize their dream of parenthood through egg donation and surrogacy.  Dr. Massie believes passionately that “Love is Family” and cherishes her work with LGBTQ+ families across the US and globally.  Throughout their journey, Dr. Massie provides her patients with the support, education and advocacy needed to help successfully achieve their goal of having a healthy baby.

Jennifer McArthur

Jennifer McArthur is the Director of Case Management for Worldwide Surrogacy, and has a Master's Degree in Social Work. Along with Victoria Ferrara, Esq. who is the founder and legal director of Worldwide Surrogacy, Jen is the first touch point for intended parents, and a primary source of communication throughout the journey. By providing a wealth of information about the matching process, screening of surrogates, insurance matters, as well as many other important details regarding the surrogacy journey. Jen provides ongoing support and case management to intended parents, and supervises other case managers who assist our intended parents with similar matters. In addition, Jen conducts all social work assessments of surrogates and further assists intended parents with the coordination of services. By conducting interviews of all our potential surrogates and working closely with intended parents, her goal is to ensure a good match for all parties involved. Jen is highly dedicated and enthusiastic about making a lasting difference in people's lives throughout their surrogacy journey.

Jenna McCarthy, MD

Jenna McCarthy, MD, is a board certified reproductive endocrinologist who joined IVFMD in 2010.

After receiving her undergraduate degree from Dartmouth, Dr. McCarthy completed her medical training at the University of Michigan, one of the top five women's health programs in the U.S. She is one of only a handful of physicians selected by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology to complete her training as a combined, six-year residency/fellowship. As a fellow, Dr. McCarthy was awarded grants from the Fibroid Foundation and the National Institutes of Health for her work on uterine muscle stem cells.

Dr. McCarthy has published numerous articles and co-authored multiple book chapters on her major research interests, including uterine fibroids, ovarian reserve, and fertility preservation. She has presented her research at both national and international meetings and remains active in medical research and education by serving as an ad hoc reviewer for Human Reproduction and the International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and as a volunteer professor for the University of Miami Medical School.

Mandie McGlynn

Mandie McGlynn has given birth to two beautiful babies for four amazing dads, and has long been an advocate of the surrogacy experience. She received her Master of Divinity degree from Chicago Theological Seminary in 2019 and is currently pursuing certification as a Spiritual Director. Mandie lives on the outskirts of Chicago with her two partners, three children, and two energetic dogs.

Mary Ellen McLaughlin, BSN, RN

Mary Ellen began her career working as a registered nurse in intensive care and obstetrics and gynecology.  Soon after the founding of ARR, Mary Ellen joined the team as Robin’s business partner and was instrumental in creating the ARR surrogacy program. She has taken her nurse’s passion for patient advocacy to an even higher level, creating the first dual-headed approach to surrogacy case management.  Mary Ellen is perfectly suited for the fast paced changes in reproductive technology by staying apprised of scientific advancements, FDA regulations, and state laws.  Her medical expertise in third-party reproduction, and ability to connect deeply with all those involved, are what make Mary Ellen such a valued member of the ARR team. Currently, Mary Ellen interviews, guides, and advocates for gestational surrogates, maintaining relationships throughout their surrogacy journey and well beyond. She is a member of ASRM and the ASRM Nurses Professional Group.

Rebecca Mendel, Esq.

Rebecca Mendel has been with the NYC law firm Rosin Steinhagen Mendel, PLLC since 1998, and a partner since 2004. Rebecca handles all types of adoptions, and represents people participating in assisted reproduction. Rebecca is a fellow of the Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Attorneys.Rebecca served on the Executive Committee for the NYC Bar Association, is a past Chair of the Family Court & Family Law Committee and is a member of the Council on Children. Rebecca is a founding member of New York Attorneys for Adoption and Family Formation and serves as Vice President. For over ten years, Rebecca was actively involved in drafting the Child Parent Security Act, and looks forward to it being law in New York on February 15, 2021.

Jered Mercer

Jered Mercer is the Chief Operations Officer at Family Creations, an international surrogacy and egg donor agency that has been in business for over 15 years. Originally from San Diego, Jered now works from the Los Angeles branch of Family Creations. Jered first joined the team in 2012, and he has held nearly every position in the company before taking on his current supervisory role. Over that time, Family Creations has seen extraordinary growth as one of the most trusted agencies globally. By developing an understanding of the specific intricacies involved in LGBTQ+ parenting through the help of surrogacy and donor eggs, Jered has been instrumental in Family Creations being amongst the most experienced agencies in the field. Jered is proud to have been such an integral part of this beautiful process for countless LGBTQ+ parents over the years, and together with the help of the rest of the Family Creations team, he looks forward to joining many more parents on their family building journeys.

Laura Meyer, MD

Dr. Laura Meyer is board certified in both reproductive endocrinology and obstetrics and gynecology. After graduating from the NYU School of Medicine, she completed both her residency and fellowship at New York Presbyterian Hospital-Weill Cornell Medical Center. She has been with Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut team since 2020. Her areas of interest include reproductive genetics, third party reproduction (donor sperm, donor egg, and gestational surrogacy), and medical fertility preservation for girls and women with cancer.

Lori S. Meyers

Lori S. Meyers is a Partner of Meyers & O'Hara, and is a highly experienced reproductive attorney practicing in Los Angeles, California.   Lori first researched the area of surrogacy for a close friend in 1995 and never left the field.  Lori’s work in this area for more than 25 years offers exclusive insights into third party reproductive arrangements of many kinds, each one unique and specialized in its own way, requiring sound professional oversight to avoid pitfalls and problems.  Lori believes in building strong partnerships to ensure her cases run smoothly, and works hard to maintain a reputation for creating open and trusting relationships with her clients.  Lori has traveled extensively and spoken internationally to bring information regarding surrogacy to hundreds of families from all over the world.  She is proud of her membership in the American Academy of Adoption and Reproductive Technology Attorneys (AAARTA), the Academy of California Adoption-ART Lawyers and the Family Law Division of the American Bar Association.

Sara Miller, Director of Business Development

Sara joined the Men Having Babies team in June of 2020 as the Director of Business Development. Her primary focus is to expand and strengthen strategic partnerships with fellow third party reproductive professionals, to allow continued growth and education of the Men Having Babies' mission. Sara has a Bachelor's Degree in Cell and Molecular Biology, and completed two years of an MD program at The University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine before opting to discontinue her medical studies to spend more time with her growing family. Sara spent 10 years doing consulting work for a leading biotech company, before working as a Case Manager followed by Program Director and COO for a surrogate and egg donation agency. Additionally, Sara is a one-time surrogate, delivering in 2019 for a same-sex couple in Spain.

Sharon Moayeri, MD

Dr. Sharon Moayeri, M.D. is the Co-Founder and Co-Medical Director of CCRM Orange County and is board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology, as well as Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. She received her medical degree from University of California Irvine School of Medicine and stayed on at University of California to complete her residency. One of her many accomplishments include a three-year fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at Stanford University Hospital and Clinics. Dr. Moayeri is a frequent reviewer for the prestigious American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Her clinical expertise spans the full spectrum of reproductive medicine including: infertility management, in vitro fertilization, minimally invasive reproductive surgery, and fertility preservation options. She is admired for her knowledge, clinical expertise, as well as her warm bedside manner. Her contributions to medical literature include publications on blastocyst transfer, oncofertility, cost-effective fertility treatment, endometriosis, and preimplantation genetic screening (PGS).

Brent Monseur, MD

Brent Monseur is a reproductive endocrinology fellow at Stanford Fertility.  He trained as a reproductive biologist at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health prior to completing his MD at the Medical College of Virginia. Dr. Monseur is committed to improving outcomes for LBGTQ+ family building and has published relevant work in Fertility & Sterility and the Journal of Assisted Reproduction & Genetics. He recently partnered with Progyny, a fertility benefits insurance company, to investigate trends in single or coupled intended fathers to be presented at the 2021 virtual Pacific Coast Reproductive Society annual meeting. Dr. Monseur is a board member emeritus of the Family Equality Council (Path2Parenthood).

Caitlin Moran

Caitlin is the L.A. Egg Donors' Program Manager. She oversees our egg donor program and coordinates the matching process. With a dedicated and warm approach, Caitlin guides our intended parents not only in the search for their desired donor, but also assists them with the financial planning of their journeys. Ultimately her goal is making sure all their initial needs are met at the highest level possible. Caitlin’s favorite moments are when the little ones come back to visit with their parents and enjoys the baby cuddles.

Mary Murphey

Mary is the Director of Hope Surrogacy as well as a co-owner along with her partners LeeAnn Schulz and Amy Kothe. Mary’s background is in business having worked in corporate roles as a logistics analyst, corporate facilitator, and in customer service. Over the past 14+ years she has had the joy of helping clients fulfill their dream of having a family through surrogacy. Mary is a native Californian and transplant to Madison, Wisconsin. She is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara in Business Economics, and has been married to her husband, Dave for 30 years. She is also the proud momma of one daughter, Sarah, who lives in Boston, and one son, Graham, who is a recent graduate of Marquette University.

Hanneke Naus

Hanneke has more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry. She worked as Director of Marketing for Philips Healthcare and was based out of Europe, Asia, and the US. She joined the SurroPlans team a year and a half ago. She is from the Netherlands and currently works from the Mediterranean office in order to get more sunshine than is available in Seattle.

Adrienne Neithardt, MD

Dr. Adrienne Neithardt is a board certified reproductive endocrinology and infertility specialist who joined RADfertility in 2009. As the Medical Director of Donor Services, Dr. Neithardt has a special interest in helping patients who wish to build their families utilizing donor eggs from our PreciousEggs™ Program, donor sperm, donor embryos, or a gestational carrier.

Melanie Neubarth

Melanie lives on a hobby farm in a small town in Minnesota. She has 3 of her own children, ages 17, 8 and 5. She has had 2 surrogate deliveries. Melanie works as a ER nurse in a metro hospital.

Marla Neufeld

Marla Neufeld is a partner in Greenspoon Marder’s Surrogacy practice group. She is the founder of the firm’s Assisted Reproductive Technology practice group and represents parties using a surrogate, egg, sperm or embryo donor. Ms. Neufeld was personally part of the statistic of one of every eight couples of childbearing age struggling with infertility and utilizes her own experience with her fertility related legal practice. She experienced her own infertility journey for over four years and ultimately used a gestational surrogate to build her own family. She also co-authored a book published by the American Bar Association titled, The ABA Guide to Assisted Reproduction: Techniques, Legal Issues and Pathways to Success. Drawing from her own personal journey with infertility and the use of a gestational surrogate, Ms. Neufeld utilizes her transactional law background and combines it with her compassion and understanding of the surrogacy and adoption process. She focuses on helping others start a family using the available third party reproductive technologies and adoption laws in Florida.

Luc Nibbeling

Luc Nibbeling and his partner Luuk would like to become parents via the Dutch (inter)national children adoption program. In their search for information about same-sex parenthood possibilities in the Netherlands, Luc consulted the Dutch rainbow family foundation “Meer dan Gewenst”, and is president of this non-profit organization since June 2018. As president, he has contact with members of parliament and other political or non-profit bodies to help improve rainbow family rights in the Netherlands. At this moment, Dutch legislation concerning surrogacy is being extended. Meer dan Gewenst provides information to LGBT intended parents. At the informational meetings they welcome many intended parents. The foundation also serves as a community for rainbow family members.

John Norian, MD

Dr. John Norian is a double board certified Reproductive Endocrinologist with HRC Fertility.  He is passionate about helping gay men achieve their goals of family building and becoming fathers through egg donation and surrogacy.  His philosophy in helping those realize their dream of having a family combines both the precision and science of reproductive medicine with a warm and compassionate style of doctoring.  Dr. Norian is very involved in all the clinical decisions and all of the fertility treatment procedures which have allowed our team and his patients to achieve the highest success rates.  As a board member of Family Equality and SART, Dr. Norian has greatly helped to raise awareness and develop usable information about fertility options for gay men and the greater LGBTQ community.  He received his undergraduate degree from the UC Berkeley, his medical degree from the Royal College of Surgeons, completed his residency at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and his fellowship at the prestigious National Institutes of Health program.

John Norian, MD

HRC Fertility John Norian醫學博士是美國不孕症及內分泌科雙主治專業醫師,他熱衷於幫助男同性戀者實現家庭建設目標,並通過卵子捐贈和代理孕母使其成為家長。他的目標是要以溫暖的方式並利用不孕症科學技術的結合實現家庭理念。Norian醫學博士非常積極的參與所有的臨床決策以及所有的生育治療程序,使我們團隊獲得最高的成功率。作為Family Equality和SART的董事會成員,Norian醫學博士極力的幫助同性戀患者和更多的LGBT Community 提供有關生育選擇、信用和提高更多同志權意識。Norian醫學博士是在加利福尼亞州柏克萊獲得本科學位,於皇家外科醫院獲得醫學學士,在阿爾伯特愛因斯坦醫學院完成了住院醫師培訓並在著名的國立衛生研究院計畫中獲得獎金。

Molly O’Brien, Esq.

International Fertility Law Group attorney Molly O’Brien began working in the field of assisted reproduction technology (ART) in 2005 at an egg donation and surrogacy agency, where she gained experience in all aspects of in-vitro fertilization, egg donation, and the financial aspects of surrogacy. Since becoming an attorney in 2011, Molly has drafted and negotiated surrogacy and egg, sperm, and embryo donation agreements for hundreds of clients worldwide. Molly has represented numerous U.S. and international intended parents in finalizing parental rights and has extensive experience in obtaining required citizenship and parentage documents. She has also been a court appointed Guardian Ad Litem representing unborn children conceived via surrogacy. Molly graduated Magna Cum Laude from Whittier Law School. She serves as chair of the Legal Professional Group Section of American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and as a member of the American Bar Association ART Executive Committee and the American Bar Association (ABA) Sponsorship Committee. She is a member of the Society for Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy (SEEDS).

Thomas Oberhäuser

Thomas is a lawyer based in Ulm, Germany, chairman of the Working Group (Geschäftsführender Ausschuss) and member of the Legislative Committee (Gesetzgebungsausschuss) “migration law” of the German Bar Association (Deutscher Anwaltverein) and specialist for migration law since 1997 – including visa and citizenship issues. He is working on surrogacy cases since 2009. With the experience of hundreds of court cases for intended parents to establish their rights to be accepted as legal parents in Germany, he is familiar with nearly every legal aspect of surrogacy in respect of German regulations.

Janene Oleaga

Janene Oleaga began Oleaga Law, LLC to provide legal services to Intended Parents wishing to grow their family through assisted reproductive technology or adoption, and Gestational Carriers, Surrogates, Egg Donors and Sperm Donors helping families fulfill these dreams. She grew up on Long Island, New York and attended Loyola University in Maryland before graduating from the Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University. She practiced family law in New York, and criminal defense in Tennessee, before moving to Maine where she lives today with her husband and two daughters. She is admitted to the bar in Maine and New York. Janene Oleaga presented with Equality Maine, a non-profit working to secure full equality for LGBTQ+ individuals in Maine, and have advocated with RESOLVE for legislative changes supporting LGBTQ+ individuals on both state and federal levels. She is a member of the American Bar Association Reproductive Technology Committee and Adoption Committee, the Maine State Bar Association, the Cumberland County Bar Association, and RESOLVE New England.

Alan Osborne

As Director of Client Development for Family Source Consultants, Alan Osborne works closely with hopeful intended parents, fertility centers, and fellow reproductive professionals within the field of Third-Party Reproduction. Alan is dedicated to sharing FSC's mission with others, focusing on exceptional client services in family-building utilizing a compassionate, empathetic, and individualized approach. As a father to two young girls, Alan has experienced IVF struggles firsthand. He has found Third-Party Reproduction to be his most gratifying career endeavor and is passionate about helping people realize the same joy he and his wife shared in starting their family.

Sarah Paige

Sarah Paige has been in the insurance field for the past 10 years. As COO of ART Risk Financial and Insurance Solutions, Inc., she remains current on all insurance issues pertinent to the ART field and works with her clients to find the best solution, whether it be through commercial insurance, specialty products, or financial case management. With ART Risk Solutions licensed in all 50 states, this allows her to work with clients regardless of location in the U.S. as well as internationally. With her extensive breadth of knowledge and expertise in the Assisted Reproductive Technology insurance industry, Sarah has been requested as a guest lecturer or expert witness with both the American Bar Association Section of Family Law and the Nevada State Assembly. Focusing on offering clients the knowledge to help them better understand their liability exposures and the best available financial risk management solutions is always one of Ms. Paige’s highest priorities.

Samuel C. Pang, MD

Dr. Samuel Pang is a Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologist and the Medical Director of Boston IVF’s Donor Egg and Gestational Surrogacy Program. Dr. Pang and his husband have two sons conceived through IVF with donor eggs and gestational surrogacy, so he fully appreciates the process of IVF with donor eggs and gestational surrogacy from both the patient and clinical perspectives. Since 1996, Dr. Pang has led Boston IVF’s Third Party Reproduction Program, which provides IVF for patients who need to use donor eggs and/or a gestational surrogate.  He has been treating gay male couples with IVF since 1998, and has since treated dozens of gay male couples successfully. Additionally, he has been recognized by Boston magazine as Top Doctor in the field of infertility since 2012. Dr. Pang completed his residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Toronto and received his fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at the UCLA School of Medicine.

Ida Parisi

Ida Parisi is a highly qualified Italian lawyer in the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) field of law providing legal consulting services about family and fertility law. With offices in Taranto and Milan, the firm provides continuous legal assistance. She is also member of the American Bar Association (ABA) – Family Law Section, Assisted Reproductive Technologies Committee. She is the author of many articles about fertility and surrogacy law published by Italian and international scientific journals, and is actively engaged in the field by participating in conferences to discuss fertility and surrogacy law from an international perspective. While in the U.S she attended many ASRM meetings and seminars about fertility and surrogacy law that enhanced her knowledge. She also acquired extensive experience in working with American attorneys and agencies. It is her firm belief that to best advise her clients it is necessary to know other jurisdictions and be able to identify the most favorable legal system. Commitment, dedication and attention to the client are among the main goals of the firm.

Monica Parsons

Monica is a leader committed to providing the highest level of customer service and support to people needing donor eggs to build their families. She joined Donor Egg Bank USA with 20+ years of experience in business operations and customer service. Originally from Bogota, Colombia and a graduate of The American University in Washington, DC Monica completed both her undergraduate and graduate studies in Business. Monica began her career in hotel operations and after completing her MBA, transitioned to the financial services industry. After several years of travel Monica decided to lay roots and start a family, while becoming the master area franchisor for a chain of children’s fitness centers. Her passion and skillset for helping children lead happy and healthy lives made her the perfect fit for Donor Egg Bank USA, where she now continues to provide support to families on their journey towards becoming parents. As Director of Operations and Client Services, Monica and her team are ready and excited to help support your journey to parenthood.

Michelle Pine, former board member, chair of the Surrogates Advisory Committee

Michelle Pine is a special education teacher for students with mild disabilities at an alternative high school in Klamath Falls, Oregon, having previously taught special education and Language Arts in Portland. Michelle holds two Masters in Education from Concordia University and a Bachelor of Arts in English from Eastern Oregon University. When not working, Michelle enjoys reading and writing and spending time with her family exploring Oregon. Michelle is a two-time surrogate.  In 2015 she carried boy/girl twins for a same-sex couple in Israel.  She delivered a baby girl in September 2017 for a mixed-status same-sex couple from San Francisco. Michelle and her husband have three amazing children, all who played an important role in both surrogacy journeys and have enjoyed being a part of helping others become a family.

Elinor Poole-Dayan, Website Developer

Elinor has been working for MHB  since 2017 and began working on the website in 2018. She modernized and updated the website to ensure mobile compatibility and incorporated a CMS. She continues working on improving the website and keeping it up to date. In addition, she helps with general administrative tasks and data management. Elinor is an honors math and computer science student in her second year at McGill University in Montreal, Canada.

Ron Poole-Dayan, board member / Executive Director

Ron is the executive director and founder of Men Having Babies. He has over 20 years of experience in marketing and business strategy development both in the USA and internationally. Ron earned his Masters degree in political economy and comparative politics from Columbia University, and his bachelor’s degree in business administration from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Ron is married to Greg Poole-Dayan, the COO of the Wartburg, a leading provider of senior healthcare and residential services in NY. The couple met in 1994, and are among the first same-sex couples in the nation to father children through gestational surrogacy. The twins, born in 2001, were conceived with the use of eggs donated by Greg's sister, and carried by a gestational carrier. Ron has been the MHB program coordinator since 2005, and was appointed as the Executive Director of Men Having Babies upon its incorporation in July 2012.

Leah Potter

After experiencing her own infertility journey, Leah began working at a local law firm assisting with Assisted Reproductive matters for over five years. Leah was able to help families navigate the complicated world of surrogacy, embryo adoption, egg/sperm donation to see them ultimately fulfill their dreams of becoming parents. Her passion for helping families, sparked by her own experience, inspired her to launch Family Choice Surrogacy. Prior to working in ART, Leah was an accomplished Organizational and Human Resources leader for 15 years in many different industries. She has led many teams and organizations to success. Leah has her B.S. in Organizational Leadership. Leah is a trained birth doula. She is currently pursuing her CD (birthing doula) and PCD (postpartum doula) certifications to assist our surrogates and parents with the birthing and bonding processes. Leah also volunteers as a Fruitful Fertility mentor to lend an ear and help make a difference for those suffering with infertility.

Kristina Preston

Kristina Preston leads Milk Stork’s customer care and shipping operations. Since 2018, Kristina has overseen the safe transport of over 2.5 million ounces of liquid gold for moms, breast milk donors, surrogates and intended families. In recent months, Kristina spearheaded and launched a new logistics model to support donor breast milk collections for clinical studies. A mom of two, Kristina is passionate about supporting parents in their breastfeeding journeys.

Robyn Price

When Robyn was just four years old, her mom, Joanne became the first ever surrogate in Canada. Having spent almost all her life surrounded by all things surrogacy, Robyn knew it was natural for her to follow, walk beside and now lead in her mother footsteps. From watching first hand the struggles Intended Parents go through to build their family, She started the First Egg Donation Agency in Canada, Little Miracles (our egg Donation agency). While she is now the Owner and Managing Partner of both companies, Robyn carries on her Mom’s legacy offering superior support and guidance to all the clients who chose to include CSO & Little Miracles as part of their alternative family building team.

Jen Rachman, LCSW

Jen is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, cancer survivor and mother through gestational surrogacy. She earned a Master of Social Work degree from New York University and has over a decade of clinical experience working with children, adolescents and their families. A former Circle client, Jen is excited to combine her professional and personal experience as part of the Circle Team. A New York City native, Jen provides outreach, consultations, and support to potential intended parents who live in the NYC metropolitan area.

Donna Raidy

Donna Raidy is our Vice President of Operations and oversees all operations at Fertility Source Companies. Donna has over 30 years of experience in business management and takes tremendous pride in directing our great team of professional and compassionate staff who all truly understand and appreciate the journey our Intended Parents are on. Donna is a longtime advocate for children’s rights and volunteers as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for children in the dependent care system. Donna’s love for family and children, coupled with her extensive management experience is a unique blend that she brings to Fertility Source Companies and our Intended Parents.

Teri Y. Reaves

Teri Y. Reaves is the Director of Client Relations for Fairfax EggBank. In this role, she is responsible for the oversight, strategy and development of the Client Relations team which works directly with intended parents and Fairfax EggBank’s 300-plus IVF clinic partners throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Brazil. With more than 20 years of healthcare sales and marketing experience, Teri joined Fairfax EggBank in 2018 with a keen knowledge of consultative sales and business development. Teri’s professional leadership experience includes working in various industries such as hospital administration, organ donation & transplantation, private practice physician relations, ambulatory surgery centers and pharmaceutical sales. Teri is a graduate of the University of Virginia and attended Howard University College of Medicine. Teri is a Certified Lego Serious Play® Facilitator, an innovative methodology designed to enhance innovation and business performance. 

Eddie Reilly

Eddie Reilly is the Marketing Specialist for Third-Party Reproduction and International Markets for American Fertility Services. He is the proud parent of a 5-year-old boy through surrogacy. He and his husband started their journey by attending a Men Having Babies conference in New York several years ago. The experience led him to work with the skilled and capable Doctors who make fertility dreams come true. Eddie has been a part of the American Fertility team since the start, helping build relationships with intended parents abroad. Being that Eddie was an Intended Parent himself, he can bring insight and awareness to the process. He's a valuable member in helping Intended Parents find their happiness and realize their dream of building their family!

Craig Reisser

Craig Reisser is a parent through egg donor surrogacy in the USA and was a patient at ORM Fertility.  He found his egg donor in the ORM egg donor program.  His two surrogacy journeys, one after the other working with the same surrogate and during which he had first-time success with each step in the IVF process, took just under three years from start to finish to build his family. Craig has helped hundreds of intended parents globally.  He has written and spoken extensively on family building through egg donation and surrogacy.  Craig now guides ORM’s international intended parents from across Europe and other countries smoothly through the egg donor surrogacy process. Craig is based on-the-ground in Europe to help intended parents simplify their IVF process and reduce costs by completing their portion of the process locally in Europe.  Craig is expert in many of the specific legal and process needs of European intended parents. Craig parle français.

Niki Renslow

Niki is the Senior Manager of Surrogate Recruiting and Matching. Her team recruits and screens Gestational Surrogate Candidates, and then matches them to our Intended Parents. Niki oversees the Recruiting & Matching team. With the support of her team, Niki reviews surrogate applications, speaks to surrogate candidates and references, and performs many of our gestational surrogates’ in-home visits. You may also experience Niki’s warm presence and enthusiasm for check-ins after the journey, as Niki and her team complete the post-delivery calls for our surrogates.
Niki offers a unique perspective as she was a former surrogate herself, carrying twins for a same-sex couple. She brings profound understanding of the process and is highly attuned to nurturing a relationship with potential gestational carriers. Niki’s passion for surrogacy and building families is contagious.

Nina Resetkova, MD

Nina Resetkova is a Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologist. She graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Biochemistry and a Minor in Management from McGill University in Montreal, Canada in 2005. Nina earned her medical degree from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine in 2010. While completing her medical education, she simultaneously obtained a Master's in Business Administration. She then completed her residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD. During her residency, she served on the ethics and quality improvement committees. She was actively involved in the Johns Hopkins House Staff Council, and served as the elected Vice Chair of Communications from 2013-2014.

Melissa Reynolds

Melissa is the Program Coordinator for NYSC, overseeing every aspect of the surrogacy journey for the families we work with.  Melissa, who lives in upstate New York with her husband, understands the struggle that many people endure while trying to become parents, as she has struggled with fertility issues of her own.  These experiences have provided Melissa with great compassion and empathy for others who long to become parents.  Melissa still has great hope that she will bring a baby home one day, and she could not be more excited to help others experience the same!

Angela Richardson-Mook

Between the personal experience of closed adoption and the years of the infertility roller coaster that followed, a calling to third party reproduction seemed inevitable for Alcea Co-Founder and Executive Director Angela Richardson-Mook. With a successful corporate project management background, fifteen+ years of third-party reproduction expertise, and professional connections to alternative family building nationwide, she has brought her dream of a female-owned, full-service, holistic surrogacy agency to life. As an adopted woman, a gestational carrier, an egg donor, and a mother via IVF, she has a unique outlook on the mechanics of what truly composes a family. By leveraging her knowledge as a corporate executive and as an active member of the surrogacy community, she built unique bonds with a community of people all experiencing different nuances of infertility, yet with all the same dissatisfaction with the status quo. Personal relationships with intended mothers and fathers, surrogates, donors, and agency employees, evolved into the collective creation of a decidedly different surrogacy agency strategy.

Mary Riddle, Ph.D.

Dr. Riddle received her PH.D. in Clinical Health Psychology from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine/Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology of Yeshiva University. Dr. Riddle is an Assistant Teaching Professor in The Department of Psychology at The Pennsylvania State University and maintains a private practice devoted to Reproductive Psychology (Family Life Psychological Services, LLC). Her area of expertise is in the evaluation and counseling of gestational surrogacy arrangements. Current research interests include aspects of Gestational Surrogacy including the psychological well-being of the biological children of surrogates, the role of religion and spirituality in the process of surrogacy, and the use of narrative assessment in the psychological evaluation of gestational surrogates. She is the past Chair of the Mental Health Professional Group (MHPG) of The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). She currently serves as a member of the task-force on qualifications for fertility counselors and the abstract committee of the MHPG. Dr. Riddle also serves on the Editorial Board of Fertility and Sterility, the medical journal of the ASRM.

Guy Ringler, MD

Guy Ringler醫生在洛杉磯有超過二十五年的臨床經驗,於生殖治療的各個方面都在國際上(包括亞洲各地)擁有良好的聲譽,尤其是在利用卵子捐贈和代孕的第三方生殖療程上。他是世界上第一批使用輔助生殖技術幫助男同性戀者生育的醫生之一。Ringler醫生畢業於密歇根大學並獲得榮譽學位,之後就讀於韋恩州立大學醫學院。他曾在芝加哥大學接受婦產科培訓,並在賓夕法尼亞大學完成了生殖內分泌和不孕症研究。Ringler醫生因為其成就被美國生育協會授予組建家庭獎,更被洛杉磯雜誌評為超級醫生。他在世界各地講學,幫助教育LGBT群體有關組建家庭的治療方案。他現在與他的建築師丈夫 Mark Rios一起在洛杉磯工作和生活。

Shantai Rivera-Bonilla

Shanti serves as the Third-Party Program Manager at American Fertility Services. “Helping couples achieve their family creation dreams is an amazing aspect of my job,” says Shantai. With more than 20 years of experience working in the fertility industry, Shantai manages American Fertility’s third-party programs to help intended parents from across the country and across the globe build their families through egg donation and gestational surrogacy. In addition to acting as the primary liaison with partner agencies, Shantai manages the egg donor matching process at AFS. 

Deb Roberts 

Founder & CEO of Embryo Connections, Mom of two fantastic children through embryo donation, Single Mom By Choice over 45. Deb managed brands and launched new products at large companies such as Quaker Oats and Coca-Cola.  She completed her MBA at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, and her undergraduate education at the University of Pennsylvania with a BA from the Annenberg School of Communications and & BS from the Wharton School of Business.  She left that world to pursue her passion to help create families when she became the proud, overflowing single-mom-by-choice of an embryo-donated child.  In addition to her business management and new products experience, Deb has been on the board of various non-profit organizations, including a children’s literacy program, another passion of hers. Deb is an active member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Deb supports the team to ensure that everyone can provide the highest level of attention to every client, and personally matches donating and receiving families.

Teresa Rockey

Teresa Rockey is the Founder/Director of Family Formers Surrogacy & Egg Donation Consultants. Through her own challenging journey to become mother of 3 beautiful and smart boys via an egg donor and 2 surrogates, Teresa has become a strong advocate to help intended parents make the right choices to ensure the best possible outcome to parenthood. As a boutique agency based in South Florida, Family Formers offers one of the most successful donor/surrogacy programs in the state. For the past decade, Family Formers has dedicated itself to assisting Intended Parents throughout the US, South America, and Europe. Our affordable program offers our LGBTQ+ community the expertise and personal care that our Intended Parents deserve.

Gerardo Rodriguez-Albizu

Gerardo Rodriguez-Albizu is a seasoned attorney who represents international and domestic intended parents with their reproductive law needs. Having experienced infertility previously with his wife, Gerardo understands the challenges intended parents face in attempting to start their own families. Gerardo’s experience includes representing intended parents and gestational surrogates in pre-planned adoptions agreements and gestational surrogacy agreements, along with representing intended parents and egg donors in anonymous and known egg donation agreements. Fluent in Spanish and with considerable experience in assisting clients from Latin America, Gerardo is dedicated to assisting international intended parents with the unique legal challenges they face when traveling to Florida for their reproductive law needs. Gerardo’s fluency in Spanish also allows him to effectively represent gestational surrogates and egg donors who primarily speak Spanish. Mr. Rodriguez-Albizu has received numerous accolades in recognition of his legal services, including the "Most Effective Lawyers" award from the South Florida Daily Business Review and was named a “Rising Star” by Super Lawyers for five consecutive years.

Colin Rogerson 

Colin is a partner at London-based firm Dawson Cornwell who is recognised as one of the UK’s “go-to” surrogacy lawyers.  He is well known for his expertise in the law relating to surrogacy, assisted reproduction and family formation and often advises on both international and domestic surrogacy arrangements. Colin’s surrogacy and LGBT family law practice is recognised by the leading legal directories, the most recent editions say “he is a really good and technically able surrogacy lawyer … and committed to helping the LGBT community” and “an expert in international surrogacy cases, with an encyclopaedic knowledge of law and practice in this field… He is well connected and well respected for his surrogacy work." He is a regular speaker at conferences all over the world and is a Fellow of the Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Attorneys and active as an international member of the American Bar Association Family Law Section Assisted Reproductive Technology Committee, where he sits on their Executive Council.

Meryl Rosenberg, Esq.

Meryl B. Rosenberg Esq. has been an attorney specializing in assisted reproductive technology (ART) since 1993. She helps all intended parents — individuals and couples alike — to form their families through surrogacy as well as legal services for gamete donation, embryo donation, step- and second-parent adoption. Ms. Rosenberg is a Fellow of the AAARTA executive committee for the Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Attorneys, chair of the AAARTA membership committee, past chair of the executive board of the Legal Professional Group of ASRM, and co-chair of the Legal Advisory Committee of Path2Parenthood. She is a member of the ABA Reproductive Technology Committee and the Family Law Institute of the LGBTQ Bar. Collaborating with fellow attorneys in Maryland and DC, Meryl spearheaded ART legislation that became law in DC in 2017. She has been a guest lecturer for the University of Maryland School of Law, the American University Washington College of Law, the ABA Family Law Section, AAAA, ASRM, Rainbow Families DC, Path2Parenthood, Men Having Babies.

Bart Rosenthal

Bart Rosenthal and his husband David Bledin, are from New York City and started their journey towards fatherhood in 2015 shortly after getting married. They worked with an agency for both journeys which helped them match for egg donors as well as surrogates. Sloane came into their lives via surrogacy in 2017 and they recently welcomed Reece to their pack in March 2021. Apart from their #1 job of being dads, Bart and Dave work full-time in the Tech industry. Dave works at Google and Bart works at Facebook.

Heather Ross

Heather Ross co-founded the law firm of Ross & Zuckerman, LLP in 2005 to focus solely on legal issues surrounding assisted reproductive technology. Heather is past chair to  the Legal Professional Group of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine.  She is also a member of the Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Attorneys, a professional member of Resolve, Family Equality Council, The LGBT Bar, and a committee member of the American Bar Association’s Assisted Reproductive Technology Committee. Heather has represented thousands of clients in gamete donation, embryo donation, gestational surrogacy arrangements, co-parenting agreements, parental orders and co-parent adoptions. She is a frequent lecturer and writer in the area of ART law and has presented numerous CLE courses to attorneys, medical professionals and law students practicing in this field. Heather is also a Village Trustee in her hometown of Northbrook, Illinois, where she lives with her spouse, and 3 teenage girls – all of which are the successful outcome of assisted reproductive technology.

Julia Ross

Julia is a Military spouse, adoptive parent, infertility survivor and proud 3x Gestational Surrogate. As Director of client care for Canadian Surrogacy Options, Julia works to support intended parents and surrogates as they embark on their journey to parenthood.

Patricia Roy

Patricia Roy has worked in the field of Embryology for two decades. She received a B.S. from St. Joseph College. Obtained her Masters degree at Long Island University-Brooklyn Campus she started her career in IVF at Cornell University. Working under many of IVF’s pioneers she developed a love for the field. She has coauthored publications, one of which was presented at an ASRM annual meeting.

Don Royster, MD

Dr. Don Royster is an award-winning, double board certified physician in both obstetrics and gynecology (OB/GYN) and reproductive endocrinology and infertility (REI). Dr. Royster is an ardent supporter of the LGBTQ+ community. He joined the Southern California Center for Reproductive Medicine (SCCRM) in 2020 after serving in the United States Air Force for over two decades, rising to the rank of colonel. Dr. Royster has the distinction of performing one of the first gender confirmation surgeries in the military after the ban on transgender active-duty members was lifted in 2016. Over his illustrious career, he has performed over 6,000 surgeries and infertility treatments while delivering more than 1,000 babies, with deployments and humanitarian missions across the globe. He believes that patients deserve compassionate, highly effective and individualized care, regardless of their assigned gender at birth or sexual orientation.

Brian and Toby Rubin-Sowers

Toby and Brian are Daddy and Papa, respectively, to Anna, age 5 1/2, and Joni, age 2 1/2.  They live in the Ditmas Park area of Brooklyn.  Toby is Co-Founder and Executive Producer at Spectacle Studio, a post-production boutique specializing in 2D/3D animation, and Brian is Co-Founder and Vice President of fortyseven communications, a public relations firm focused on the intersection of entertainment and technology.  After having first started to explore the idea of surrogacy at a Men Having Babies conference 8 years ago, they are excited to have come full circle and now be able to share their experiences across two journeys to help others start to paint a picture of what their futures could look like.  You can also find us on the Men Having Babies site under the Parent Network as the Rubin-Sowers family. Ask us anything!

Wendy Rudolph, Esq.

Wendy Rudolph has worked with ARTparenting since 2015, primarily representing Intended Parents in surrogacy agreements but also in egg donor agreements. She was previously a partner at Caplin & Drysdale in Washington, DC, specializing in corporate and securities. Her work included public and private offerings and drafting and negotiating contracts for a wide range of individual and corporate clients. Wendy has also worked representing children in child abuse cases, and mediating commercial disputes. She has spent much of her time in recent years working with non-profits in leadership positions, including her current role as co-chair of an international collaborative funders group.

Alberto Sabater

Dr. Sabater is a medical doctor, psychiatrist, single dad and bisexual man.  He decided to begin his journey as an IP at 48, after consulting with his attorney who recommended a surrogacy firm that caters to LGBT clients. Through the agency, he met both his egg donor & carrier virtually. The egg donor has agreed to have contact with Dr. Sabater’s son if and when he wants to meet her and they already enjoy annual meetings with his carrier & family. Both families will be spending Mother’s day together this year at her home :) Meanwhile, Dr.S. is starting a new journey in order to complete his family with a little lady in the house ;) He had his remaining embryos biopsied to check for chromosomal abnormalities and to determine the gender of each one. The biggest stumbling block so far has been finding a surrogate willing and able to get the covid-19 vaccine, so it might take a while. It’s never a dull moment in the interim between daddy & doctor duties. Dr. Sabater & his son live in the Fort Lauderdale area.

Vicken Sahakian, MD

Dr. Sahakian is the Chief Medical Officer of Pacific Fertility Center of Los Angeles, one of the leading fertility clinics in America, responsible for the birth of over 7,000 babies all over the world. Dr. Sahakian will guide you every step of the way through your journey, helping you to have the most rewarding experience possible of creating a family of your own. Dr. Sahakian’s central focus is treating same-sex partners and anyone with social infertility. One of his proudest accomplishments is that with him hundreds of LGBTQ+ couples have achieved their dreams of having a family. Dr. Sahakian also specializes in treating patients with advanced maternal age, including postmenopausal women seeking infertility treatment through egg donation. Intended Parents, including celebrities and royalty, come from more than 75 countries to take advantage of Dr. Sahakian's exceptional treatment and support.

Vicken Sahakian, MD

萨哈吉安医生是洛杉矶太平洋生育中心(Pacific Fertility Center of Los Angeles)的首席医疗官,洛杉矶太平洋生育中心是美国领先的生育诊所之一,参与创造了在世界各地的7000多名婴儿。萨哈吉安医生将指导您在这个旅途中的每一步,帮助您获得最有价值的经历,创造自己的家庭。萨哈吉安医生的主要关注点是治疗同性伴侣和任何有不孕症的人。他最自豪的成就之一是,有了他,数以百计的LGBTQ+夫妇实现了他们拥有一个家庭的梦想。萨哈吉安还精专于治疗高龄产妇,包括寻求通过捐献卵子治疗不孕的绝经后妇女。包括名人和皇室成员在内的准父母来自超过75个国家,都获得了萨哈吉安医生的特殊待遇和支持。

Cathy Sakimura

Cathy Sakimura is the Deputy Director and Family Law Director at the National Center for Lesbian Rights. Cathy also founded and oversees NCLR’s Family Protection Project, which improves access to family law services for low-income LGBT parents and their children, with a focus on increasing services to families of color. She serves on the International Advisory Board of Surrogacy360. Cathy received her J.D. from UC Hastings College of the Law and her B.A. from Stanford University. In 2012, she was named one of the Best LGBT Lawyers under 40 by the National LGBT Bar Association. She is a co-author of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Family Law, published by Thomson Reuters.

Sarah Saul

Sarah grew up in Portland, Oregon, and is an alumna of St. Mary’s Academy. Sarah attended Oregon State University where she obtained her Bachelor’s in Science in Political Science. Soon after, Sarah continued her studies in Madrid, Spain, at the University of Complutense, where she received a certificate in Spanish Studies and Culture in 2012. Sarah achieved her J.D. at Willamette University College of Law in Salem, Oregon. Upon passing the Oregon bar exam, Sarah began her practice in advanced reproductive technology and adoption law. Sarah’s interests in these areas stemmed from her own difficult experience growing her family. Sarah and her husband welcomed a baby girl in 2019 with the help of their gracious surrogate and a thoughtful legal approach. Sarah provides a personal and professional perspective to the often difficult and confusing process of surrogacy.

Eldon Schriock, MD

Dr. Eldon Schriock has been a Medical Director with Pacific Fertility Center since 1999. An internationally recognized expert in infertility, he has been at the forefront of assisted reproductive technology since 1981. In fact, he was a member of the medical team that performed the first in-vitro fertilization treatment in Northern California. Dr. Schriock is recognized as one of the "Best Doctors in America." His clinical expertise and compassionate care earn him referrals from both physicians and patients. As an innovator, he has authored over 50 abstracts and articles in medical publications. Early on, Dr. Schriock was among the first to advocate for the rights of the LGBTQ community to have access to fertility services. Today, he is proud to have helped create so many LGBTQ families.

Mark Schroeder

Mark Schroeder is the Head of Client Relations & Marketing at GSHC Surrogacy Agency in Los Angeles and a proud advocate for the LGBTQ community. Mark works tirelessly to make sure that Intended Parents are informed, prepared, and exhilarated as they embark on the surrogacy journey ahead of them. Upon joining the GSHC team, he found his calling connecting Intended Parents with Surrogates in order to create the family of their dreams. His personalized approach, devotion to IPs, sense of humor (and height) help him stand out as a natural leader and comforting ally. Mark is driven by his passionate belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to start a family of their own and he looks forward to helping you start yours.

Mark Schroeder

Mark Schroeder是GSHC国际代孕机构的市场和客户关系部主管,同时他也是支持同性关系家庭的倡导者。Mark一直兢兢业业地协助准父母做好代孕准备,以确保准父母们在踏上代孕之旅前能够充分了解代孕相关的各种信息,安心愉快地开启代孕之旅。在加入GSHC团队时,他深知自己的使命是做好准父母和代母间的沟通桥梁,以最大地努力帮助他们实现美满的家庭梦想。他会按照每个客户所需制定出符合各自家庭的个性化代孕方案。正是对代孕事业的不断努力和自身散发的幽默,让他自然而然的成为GSHC市场和客户关系部的领导者和客户可信赖的合作对象。Mark会时常充满激情地说:“在我心里,有爱就有家!每个人都有权力组建自己的家庭,任何父母都愿意承担起照顾宝宝的责任,享受为人父母的快乐。我期待帮助他们实现梦想!”

Lisa Schuman, LCSW

Lisa Schuman, LCSW is a leading expert in family building and has helped thousands of people around the globe build the families of their dreams.  She has lectured extensively and has written numerous articles on a variety of family building subjects including LGBTQ, and single parent family building. Ms. Schuman also runs workshops and offers counseling for parents and children who have formed their families through sperm and egg donation or adoption. Ms. Schuman has been working as a licensed therapist for more than two decades and is currently the Director of Mental Health Services for Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut and Gay Parents to Be. She is a consultant for schools and corporations and has worked with groups such as Memorial Sloane Kettering, The Gay and Lesbian Community Center, The Family Equality Council and Single Mothers by Choice.

Lisa Schuster, Director of Programming

Lisa joined the MHB team in January of 2018 as the Stage II GPAP Case Manager and has grown in her role to become the Programming Director. Lisa’s responsibilities include managing the Gay Parenting Assistance Program and Membership Benefits Program, developing and implementing content for educational programs, and working with partner organizations to help fulfill MHB’s mission. Lisa’s professional background is in business development and government contracting, and she also served as treasurer and financial planner for a local non-profit. Lisa was a gestational carrier twice for an international same sex male couple, and she lives with her husband and three children in Maryland.

Stephanie Scott

Stephanie Scott is the Executive Program Director at Simple Surrogacy. Stephanie is responsible for the initial screening of all Intended Parents, Surrogates, and Egg Donors who apply with our program. She reviews all new applicant profiles, records, references, insurance policies, and ensures all applicant background investigations have been completed and cleared before matching within our program (investigation includes a search of both Federal and State criminal records, as well as a Residential History and Social Security Verification). She also ensures that the surrogates in our program have optimal medical coverage to cover the pregnancy and delivery and arranges for all parties to obtain a life insurance policy.

Keely Seaverson

Keely is IARC Surrogacy’s Operations Manager and one of our Associate Attorneys. She has been a part of the IARC team since 2006, acting as an educator and guide to parties undergoing surrogacy and egg donor journeys. Her time in this field has been spent working side-by-side with fellow professionals in the U.S. and internationally, including attorneys, fertility physicians, psychologists, and medical insurance specialists, which has led to a broad and deep understanding of all aspects of this complex process. She has been active in educating law school students through various speaking engagements and has contributed to educational panels for RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association, the Family Law Section of the American Bar Association, and the Family Equality Council. Keely has an immense passion for helping families through surrogacy, and she is grateful for the lasting relationships she has created with many of IARC’s surrogates and intended parents. Keely is known for her willingness to help our clients and our team in any way she can to make this process as positive, smooth, and gratifying as possible.

Denise E. Seidelman, Esq. 

Denise is a Partner in the firm of Rumbold & Seidelman, LLP and she practices exclusively in the areas of adoption and reproductive law. Denise was a major contributor to The Child-Parent Security Act (CPSA), which reformed New York’s laws regarding the parentage of children born through assisted reproductive technology. She is a member of the leading organizations in the adoption and reproductive law fields including: The Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Attorneys (AAAA), the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and the Family Law Institute of the National LGBT Bar Association. Denise is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and the Washington College of Law. She is admitted to practice in New York and New Jersey and also admitted to practice before the Federal District Courts for the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York. Denise is also a member of the New York Attorneys for Adoption and Family Formation (NYAAFF), an organization which advocates for legislative reform in the areas of adoption and reproductive law.

Lila M. Seif

Lila M. Seif is the founder and owner of New Family Fertility Law, a professional corporation. Her practice is dedicated to fertility law and related matters. Lila first became involved in fertility law in 2005 and the work has inspired her ever since. She pursued a law career specifically to help form new families and has been doing so as an attorney since 2015. She assists clients from diverse backgrounds, both domestically and internationally. She has expertise in egg donation, sperm donation, embryo donation, and all aspects of surrogacy law, including drafting, negotiating, and finalizing contracts, establishing legal parentage, and pertinent medical insurance matters. Lila serves on the Board of the Legal Professionals Group of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), is a member of the American Bar Association Assisted Reproductive Technologies Committee, and is a member of the Society for Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy (SEEDS). She regularly attends fertility law conferences and presents on panels addressing best practices, ethics, and the latest advances in the field.

Michael Serwa

Michael is the Intended Parent Coordinator at Surro Connections and is a father of three through surrogacy and egg donation. In 2017, he and his husband welcomed their son, Noah, and in 2019 they welcomed their surprise twins, Leah and Maya. Michael spent eight years working for a big corporation, but when his son was born, he felt the need to give back to the surrogacy community and help other families with their dreams of becoming parents. In 2019, Michael and his husband also donated their remaining embryos to a same-sex couple living in California who are now expecting a little boy. Although the agency is located in Oregon (USA), Michael is based out of Barcelona, Spain, and speaks English, French, and Spanish. His empathy, passion, and personal experience with surrogacy is what will make you feel you are being taken care of during your journey.

Michael Serwa

麥可是Surro Connections的專案協調員,通曉英語、法語和西班牙語,是準爸媽們和代理孕母間的溝通橋樑。麥可現居西班牙巴塞隆納,本身也是透過卵子捐贈者及代理孕母的協助,成為3個小孩的父親。他和先生在2017年迎來了長子Noah,並在2019年喜獲雙胞胎女兒Leah和Maya。麥可曾經在一家大企業工作了8年,在兒子出生後,他決定將自己的經驗回饋給代孕社群,並幫助其他想要擁有小孩的父母實現建立家庭的夢想,他們在2019年將未使用的胚胎捐贈給一對住在加州的同性伴侶,這個家庭現在也正準備迎接一個小男孩的誕生。麥可富有同理心和熱情,並樂於與您分享他的經驗,他將在代孕過程中為您提供服務與關照。

Barbara Sessim

Barbara Sessim, from Brazil, has been in New York City for the past five and a half years, currently living in the Financial District. She is a fashion designer, and has been an egg donor twice. Helping families to conquer their dream is what drove her into becoming an egg donor, and that desire is what ensured she was able to finish the process both times!  

Robert Setton, MD

Robert Setton, M.D., is board certified in obstetrics and gynecology and board eligible in reproductive endocrinology and infertility, practicing at Shady Grove Fertility- New York. Dr. Setton earned his medical degree from New York University School of Medicine. He completed his both his residency in Obstetrics & Gynecology and his fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility at Weill Cornell Medical Center. He is a member of several professional organizations, including the American Medical Association (AMA), American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), Society for Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (SREI), and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). An accomplished researcher, Dr. Setton has contributed to more than 20 presentations across the globe on topics including frozen embryo transfer (FET) and donor egg transfer. He has also served as a peer-reviewer for several medical journals including the American Journal for Obstetrics and Gynecology (AJOG). Born and raised in Brooklyn, he proudly sees patients at SGF New York to help them achieve their family dreams.

F. Nicholas Shamma, MD

Dr. F. Nicholas Shamma is a founding member of IVF Ohio Fertility Centers and the founder of Gift of Life Surrogacy Agency located in Sylvania, Ohio. Dr. Shamma is one of the leading reproductive endocrinologists and infertility specialists in Ohio and Michigan. Dr. Shamma is American Board Certified in both Obstetrics and Gynecology, Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. He has performed over 8,000 IVF cases and has helped several thousand couples achieve their dreams of parenthood. Dr. Shamma has over 150 publications and abstracts in the fields of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Infertility. Along with consistently delivering personalized care and compassion, he understands the emotional aspects of infertility. Throughout your unique journey, Dr. Shamma and the team at IVF Ohio is here to support you build your family.

Mousa Shamonki, MD

Dr. Shamonki received his medical degree and OB/GYN residency at the University of Vermont. He completed his reproductive endocrinology and infertility fellowship at Cornell University, considered by many in the field as the premier fellowship in the country. After fellowship, Dr.Shamonki spent one year perfecting his skills at Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey, where he performed thousands of ultrasounds and procedures. In 2006 Dr. Shamonki joined his alma mater UCLA and, as Director of In-Vitro Fertilization and Assisted Reproduction, quickly developed the IVF Program at UCLA into a center of excellence. He has published numerous papers and has won several awards, including the Carbee Award for excellence in OB/GYN, the Patients' Choice Award and America's Top Doctors Award, and is currently practicing at Fertility & Surgical Associates of California. In his words, "I had the great fortune of growing up learning about reproductive medicine through the eyes of my father, Dr. Issa Shamonki, who was one of the pioneers in the field. I hope to continue his legacy by providing care of the highest quality, with great compassion and consideration."

Mousa Shamonki, MD

Shamonki醫學博士在佛蒙特大學獲得了醫學學位和婦產科住院醫師資格。他在康奈爾大學完成了生殖內分泌學和不孕不育研究專案,該專案被該領域的許多人認為是美國最重要的研究專案。獲得獎學金後,Shamonki博士花了一年時間在新澤西州生殖醫學協會(新澤西州生殖醫學協會)完善自己的技能,在那裡他做了數千次超聲波檢查和手術。2006年, Shamonki博士加入了他的母校加州大學洛杉磯分校,並作為體外受精和輔助生殖的主任,迅速將加州大學洛杉磯分校的體外受精專案發展成為一個卓越的中心。他發表了許多論文,並獲得了多個獎項,包括婦產科傑出醫師Carbee獎,患者選擇獎和美國頂級醫生獎。用他的話來說,「我很幸運,在成長過程中,我可以從父親伊薩沙蒙基(Issa Shamonki)博士的視角學習生殖醫學,他是這一領域的先驅之一。我希望能繼續他的傳承,為患者們提供最優質的,富有同情心的關懷和說明。

Bruce Shapiro, MD, PhD, FACOG, HCLD

A well-known fertility research pioneer, board certified reproductive endocrinologist Dr. Shapiro founded The Fertility Center of Las Vegas (FCLV) in 1988. His commitment to developing new techniques to make IVF and third-party reproduction safer and more effective has made FCLV a leading force for advancing the science and practice of reproductive medicine. Patients who visit him receive individualized treatment plans and compassionate care that enhance their chance of bringing home a healthy baby. Dr. Shapiro completed his residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Yale New Haven Hospital, finished his fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at Yale University and earned his Ph.D. at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. He is also the Director of the Division of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at the University of Nevada School of Medicine, where he teaches medical students and residents.

Bruce Shapiro醫學博士

拉斯維加斯生殖中心創始人及院長Dr. Bruce Shapiro,作為連續20年的“全美最佳生殖醫生”獲得者,得到了美國婦產科專業委員會、美國生殖內分泌不孕不育專業委員會的最高級別雙重認證。他是全美首位將“囊胚移植”進行標準化、首位將卵巢過度刺激症(OHSS)患者的治療方案進行標準化、並且首位研究得出“冷凍胚胎移植”擁有更高成功率的生殖專家,他為生殖醫學的發展做出了巨大貢獻。Dr. Bruce Shapiro的臨床研究被評為“過去10年在試管嬰兒領域最重要的研究成果”。他共11次榮獲專業學術研究獎項、146篇公開發表論文、32場國際學術會議代表發言人。此外,他還在美國內華達州大學醫學院泌尿生殖與不孕不育系擔任系主任。Dr. Shapiro非常註重如何為有不同特別需求的準家長提供個性化的診療方案,他親切、熱情、嚴謹的態度深受國際客人的喜愛,在生殖界他是成功率、同情心、尊重和正直的榜樣。

Daniel Shapiro, MD

Dr. Shapiro is the medical director of RBA and MyEggBank- North America. Dr Shapiro organized the nation's first operational frozen egg banking operation in 2007, which made egg donation services more accessible and affordable without compromising on outcomes. He is a native of Miami, Florida and a graduate of Bowdoin College and Emory Medical school. His residency training was in Philadelphia at Pennsylvania Hospital and his completed fellowship at the University of Connecticut. He is double boarded in OB/GYN and Reproductive Endocrinology-Infertility. Dr Shapiro has been an invited speaker multiple times and continues to do CME and CNE programs on a regular basis. He is married to Nadine Becker, MD, also an OB/GYN and together they have three adult children

Jan Silverman, PhD

For the past 25 years, Jan Silverman has worked in the field of reproductive health; supporting, educating and advocating for those requiring assistance to make their families. Starting off as a grass roots advocate, Jan co-founded the first Canadian infertility support network. After earning a second master’s degree, Jan established and ran the infertility support and education program at women’s college hospital in Toronto for 21 years. Jan was one of 11 experts selected to participate in the provincial expert panel on infertility and adoption. She is now in private practice providing counselling services to the Create Fertility Centre. Over the years she has provided services to the Gay Parenting Network, Daddies and Papas To Be and Dykes Having Tykes. Jan created her own family by adopting two (former) children.

Candace Simpson

Candace has a rich history of taking part in third-party reproduction. She is considered by her peers as an advocate for both egg donation and surrogacy. With much pride, Candace has experienced being an egg donor on six separate occasions. Two of these experiences were an open donation in where a close bond still exists between all. Candace has been involved in the field of fertility for ten+ years. Her focus began as a practice administrator for an IVF clinic, four years ago; she shifted gears toward the agency pathway and now is the Director of the Surrogacy Department within EC. Candace earned her Bachelor’s degree in human development, followed by a postgraduate degree in healthcare administration, with an emphasis in business management. Candace’s beliefs are aligned with the mission and vision of Extraordinary Conceptions: Everyone deserves the love of a child.

Tomer Singer, MD, FACOG, MBA

Tomer Singer, M.D., FACOG, MBA, currently serves as the New York Medical Director for Shady Grove Fertility.  Dr. Singer earned his medical degree from the Sackler School of Medicine and completed his residency training in obstetrics and gynecology at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, NY. He completed a reproductive endocrinology and infertility fellowship at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York, NY. Dr. Tomer Singer is currently Associate Professor at Zucker School of Medicine, New York and former Vice Chairman of Education, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Director of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, Lenox Hill Hospital. In addition, as the director of egg freezing program at the Northwell Health system for 7 years he performed hundreds of medical egg freezing cycles. Dr. Tomer Singer has produced numerous publications, chapter reviews and has given international and national presentations in the field of infertility and reproductive endocrinology, IVF, egg freezing and egg donation. He is double board certified in obstetrics and gynecology and reproductive endocrinology and infertility.

Daniel Skora, MD

Daniel A. Skora, M.D., is a physician at Fertility Specialists of Texas, and serves as medical director of third party and LGBTQ+ services. A proud member of the LGBTQ community, Dr. Skora is board certified in both Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. Dr. Skora graduated cum laude with his Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology with a certificate in neuroscience from Princeton University. After working as a research fellow at the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Skora attended the University of Minnesota medical school and received his medical degree. Dr. Skora completed his residency at George Washington University Hospital and his fellowship at The Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont. Dr. Skora is passionate about all aspects of infertility. He is dedicated to addressing the unique needs of the whole patient and uses his education and experience in psychology to help each one overcome the emotional challenges of trying to conceive. Dr. Skora is a member of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Hilary Smith

Hilary is the International Client Relations Consultant for Extraordinary Conceptions Surrogacy & Egg Donation Agency. Based out of the UK, part of Hilary's role is to support, educate and guide intended parents from across Europe through the surrogacy and egg donation process in North America, as well as to develop and grow more accessible options internationally. Hilary has over 15 years of nursing experience with almost a decade in reproductive health and infertility. Her passion for this very specific area of fertility began almost a decade ago when she worked as a Surrogacy and Donor Nurse Coordinator at a busy clinic in Toronto, Canada. Hilary managed all aspects of the IVF cycle for her patients and assisted international intended parents, surrogates and their egg donors through the entire process. Over the years, her role on the international team allowed her to travel to several different countries to help educate intended parents worldwide on their family building options through surrogacy and egg donation

Kellie Snell Keenan

Kellie Snell Keenan, founded Creative Conception, Inc. in 1995 after spending 11 years in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Reproductive Medicine and Infertility, where she created and managed a successful Egg Donation and Surrogate Program.  Kellie is also an experienced egg donor (1996) and an experienced surrogate, having delivered healthy twins in 2003.   Kellie’s expertise in surrogacy and egg donation is well recognized throughout the industry and is referred to by over 50 doctors in the field of Reproductive Medicine, both nationally and internationally. Kellie is a frequently requested presenter for national organizations on the subject of Surrogacy and Egg Donation.  Her reproductive medical experience is an essential component in the proven success of Creative Conception, Inc.   With Kellie Snell’s dedication and experience, Creative Conception, Inc. continues to provide Intended Parents with excellence, individualized personal attention, and the support and education they need throughout their journeys to ensure their paths to parenthood are exceptional in every way.

Emily Sonier, LICSW

Emily Sonier is the Director of Clinical and Program Support at Circle Surrogacy. Emily earned her Master of Social Work degree from the University of Pennsylvania. She has worked at Circle for 10 years and prior to that she worked with individuals and families living with HIV/AIDS in Philadelphia and as a family therapist in a residential program outside of Boston. Emily oversees many of the teams that support the egg donors, surrogates and intended parents at Circle.

Enrique Soto, MD

Enrique Soto, MD, MSc obtained his medical degree from the Monterrey Tech School of Medicine and completed a residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, where he was subsequently awarded a Fellowship in Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery. Dr. Soto then obtained a Master of Science with a specialty in Clinical Embryology and Andrology from the prestigious Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School–the first program in the United States to conceive and deliver a baby through in vitro fertilization (IVF). He then completed a second third-year Fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic. Dr. Soto is board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and is a Fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. As a fertility specialist, Dr. Soto's areas of expertise include the medical and surgical treatment of infertility, IVF and third-party reproduction. Dr. Soto has published multiple peer-reviewed articles and textbook chapters and has presented his research at numerous national and international meetings.

Brad Spencer

Brad Spencer (布萊德·斯賓塞) 是Same Love Surrogacy (同愛代孕) 的創辦人以及負責人,同愛代孕是一家全球領先,位於美國洛杉磯的卵子捐贈以及代孕代理機構。 布萊德和他的先生通過IVF試管醫療技術,有幸由他先生的親屬願意作為卵母,還有另外一位優秀的代理孕母為他們誕下了一對男雙胞胎。 經過个人的親身歷程,創辦人們在2014年用心打造了一家全方位服務,由同性父親們負責運營的代孕代理機構。 布萊德全球知名於為LGBTQ族群提供最頂尖的服務,幫助TA們通過第三方生育輔助建立自己的家庭。 他成功為不少LGBTQ個體們圓夢成為父母,其中包括艾滋病呈陽性者。 同愛代孕與行業中最富盛名的專業人士緊密合作,包括位於美國的生殖醫師、辯護律師、信託公司以及保險經紀。 布萊德居住並生長於美國洛杉磯,在創立同愛代孕之前,他是一位擁有20年經驗的成功投資銀行家,畢業於California State University, Northridge (美國加州州立大學北嶺分校),有商務管理學士學位。 布萊德常年積極支持並志願幫助The Trevor Project,一家美國國立專注於為LGBTQ青年族群促進精神健康和預防自殺的非盈利機構。

Charlie Spiegel

Charlie Spiegel's SF law practice includes adoption and surrogacy for gay and straight couples and single people. Charlie is a former co-chair of Lambda Legal's National Board, one of the founding Executive Directors of Our Family Coalition, and recent board member of and He educates regularly for Adoption Connection and Our Family. He graduated with honors from New York University School of Law. While advocating for marriage equality over 25 years, Charlie became a parent through private infant adoption. Charlie won JFCS's Fammy Award, is an annual volunteer in the Gender Spectrum free legal clinic, and does other volunteer mediation and education work through the SF Family Court and Community Boards.

Nicole Stanley

Nicole is a wife and mother of three as well as a surrogate who has completed three journeys. She had the pleasure of carrying for an international couple twice and once their family was complete she carried for another couple living in the North East. Nicole has been involved in the surrogacy community since 2015 and has a true passion for providing support, sharing her knowledge and helping others to achieve their dreams of parenthood.

Denise Steele

Denise Steele, ART Escrow Consultant at SeedTrust Escrow, has a deep understanding of technology and fertility. She resides in Chicago and became the mother of 3 baby boys thanks to third-party fertility and domestic adoption in 2009. In 2014 she published, a blog that shares insights and provides support to those facing infertility. She has consulted and freelanced for fertility and parenting organizations which include FertilityAuthority, MommyNearest and Neighborhood Parents Network. She was a Clinic Liaison and Account Strategist for a large, global agency. There she developed affordable offerings that were available through the agency's clinic partners. Having endured infertility, she believes that intended parents should be protected and provided full transparency so they may garner as much control as is possible throughout their journeys. Helping agencies and clinics grow their businesses is something she is passionate about. Providing a secure, online platform that is always available to intended parents, surrogates, clinics and agencies is the tool that offers all of the parties the protection and control they deserve.

Joshua Stewart, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.

Dr. Joshua D. Stewart is an Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine at the Ronald O. Perelman and Claudia Cohen Center for Reproductive Medicine of Weill Cornell Medical College. Dr. Stewart is a board-certified Fellow of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and a member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and the Society for Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. He has authored and co-authored many articles and textbook chapters in the field of reproductive endocrinology and infertility, as well as presented his research at numerous national and international meetings on topics such as pre-implantation genetic testing, male factor infertility, and frozen embryo transfers. His current areas of interest include third-party reproduction, pre-implantation genetic testing (PGT), and LGBTQ reproductive possibilities. In addition to his professional expertise, Dr. Stewart knows firsthand the intricacies of the family building process through donor egg and gestational carrier, as he and his husband have also embarked on this path.