For years we have heard about the bond between mother and baby, labeled as the "maternal connection", it has been scientifically studied and documented for as far back as we can remember. Now that families are evolving with the help of third party assisted reproduction, egg donation and surrogacy many have wondered how the connection changes when the parents of a new baby is a gay male couple. Is there as strong a bond as there is with a birth mother? 

Thanks to this new Netflix docuseries "Babies", they were able to capture the chemical changes in 80 fathers over the first few months of their babies' lives. With the help of saliva analysis, scientists are able to identify that oxytocin levels of these fathers mirrored that of new mothers. "Fatherhood is biological," explains neuroscientist Ruth Feldman, Ph.D, in the clip. "It's as deep as motherhood." Research also supported that the chemical response was directly correlated to how much time the each father spent caring for the new baby. 

Many different studies have been done over the last decade and it has all pointed back to the facts: the special moments, likes the ones captured in this episode of the docuseries, proves that the time fathers spend bathing, snuggling, holding and showering their babies with love suggests a solid foundation for rewarding father-baby bonds for years to come.

"Babies" was filmed over the course of three years, and it followed different through the first year of their babies' lives. We were captivated by the first episode, "Love," as they explored the connection between the parents and child, highlighting those of gay headed families. You can watch clips from this episode through the YouTube link on this page, and catch the full episode on Netflix.