Widnel is a teacher in New York City. He has dedicated his time to supporting his family and community. - working three jobs to both save for his surrogacy journey and support his parents. After a fire destroyed the apartment building they were living in, Widnel and his family lost almost all their possessions. But their love and support of one another has allowed Widnel to continue his path to becoming a father. Widnel shares his dream about being a father:

“Since I was a child, I have loved inspiring and working with youth. Since my earliest memories, I have been drawn to fatherhood, wanting to one day mentor, nurture, love, and inspire my own child. Coming from a Hispanic background, where the topic of surrogacy is not well known, documented, or affordable, I knew this journey would be challenging. If my surrogate achieves pregnancy, I will become the first person in my immediate family to have a child. I will more than likely also be the only person in my immediate family to have a child, given the fact that my older brother does not desire children, and my transgender brother, does not find her situation fit for parenting.

I have not been fortunate enough to find a partner to share this dream with yet - but have found the love and support from family and friends who are rooting for my success in achieving parenthood. My desire to father a child is so strong, that I am determined to take on the challenges, and struggles of single parenting, if that means having the honor to be someone’s dad, and knowing that my parents have someone to call their grandchild. With the fulfillment of this dream, I hope to bring awareness, education and inspiration, to minority groups, and intended single father’s, within LGBTQ+ on surrogacy, parenting, and the possibilities of alternative family building, for people like myself, who have not always been well represented in the community.”

Widnel's passion to become of father is tangible. His drive and his passion have paved the way for him on this journey but it is not a journey he can navigate on his own. The support of Stage II allowed him to take his next steps forward and we are all waiting for the day he can bring a baby into his loving family,