Follow an inquisitive little boy who learns of his parents' quest to have children, and the success they ultimately achieve in creating a family. Told in a language a child can understand, read the tale of how mom and dad met, fell in love, and ultimately built a family. This story on the gift of surrogacy is part of a book collection that brings to light the many reproductive options of family building.We live in a world where telling our children about their origins seems to emphasize biology or technology at the unfortunate expense of the emotional climate that surrounds a familys beginnings. It is important for children to know the love, excitement and enthusiasm that parents feel when children became part of their family. These emotions, sometimes joyous, sometimes challenging, are acknowledged in the Hope & Will Have a Baby collection of books in an appropriate way for little ears to hear and little minds to learn about.The books in this collection provide a delightfully new and refreshing way to tell children about their unique beginnings. Written by mental health and reproductive specialist Irene Celcer, and boldly portrayed by internationally recognized illustrator Horacio Gatto, each stand-alone volume recounts the same story from a different perspective, highlighting six distinct pathways to conception: egg donation, embryo donation, sperm donation, surrogacy, adoption, and traditional conception.Each book in this collection is available for individual purchase, and provides a great vehicle for parents to tell children how they came into this world. Come and celebrate the unique gift couples can receive on their way to becoming a family.