Why did mommy decide to have a baby for another family? What does that mean? What will happen? Will our family be the same after the baby is born?These are the questions “The Kangaroo Pouch” — a 28-page, fully illustrated picture book for children — answers. Narrated by Oliver, a young kangaroo whose mother has decided to be a surrogate, “The Kangaroo Pouch” gently introduces what the process is like: why his mother decided to help another family, basic information on how a baby is made, what the pregnancy is like for Oliver and his brother Oscar, and most importantly, what happens after baby Jemima is born. Oliver learns that his mother loves him and his brother so much that she wants to help another family to experience that love too. “The Kangaroo Pouch” is the first picture book of its kind to explain the surrogacy process for the young children of surrogates. Written in 2005 by Sarah A. Phillips, a gestational carrier herself on behalf of a family member, the book underwent two years of revisions and review by several industry experts before its publication in 2007. They included a director of child and adolescent behavior in the United States, a communication and behaviour specialist in the United Kingdom, and a world-class LGBTQ surrogacy agency. This rigorous review by these professionals ensures the story answers the questions that a typical child would have and that all the words and illustrations are age-appropriate. Also, the intended parents (the gender-neutral Bouncing-Hopsalots), inclusively represent the love, hope, and wonder intended parents have when welcoming a child into their lives through surrogacy.“The Kangaroo Pouch” is for the children (ages 2-8) of carriers and explains the surrogacy process.