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Video Library - the July 2011 symposium for International LGBT Family Organizations

Below is the complete program from the International LGBT Families Symposium that took place July 2011 in Florida. Hosted by R Family Vacations, the panel examined successes and challenges in the social and political realm across different cultures. Parents from around the world shared what it is like to be an LGBT family in their respective countries, including their experience at schools, places of worship, and when accessing government and medical services. The group of organizations decided on several cooperation initiatives, and the establishment of an "International Family Equality Day" to take place on May 6, 2012.
Among the topics discussed:
- The state of LGBT family rights and acceptance across different cultures.
- LGBT family rights in the European-wide level versus national legal and political level.
- Tips for forming effective family associations.
- Adoptions in the USA and how Europeans may be able to adopt American children.

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