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Men Having Babies Israel 2013 - International Surrogacy Conference

In February 2013 Men Having Babies partnered with the Tel Aviv Gay Center to offer a 3-day international surrogacy conference that attracted over 150 intended parents, dozens of parents who came with their children for a surrogacy family reunion, 14 agencies and clinics from around the world, the Tel Aviv mayor, and much media attention. The program was an extended version of the successful format of our programs in the USA and Europe. The focus of the conference was on international surrogacy opportunities, mostly in the USA, but also Thailand, Mexico and Nepal. Proceeds from sponsorship fees benefited our Gay Parenting Financial Assistance Fund.
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Exhibiting sponsors
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CT Fertility - IVF Surrogacy and Egg Donation
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Comprehensive "how-to" parenting program
Medical, psychological, and legal experts
Parent and surrogate testimonies
10+ Gay Parenting Services Exhibitors
Sixteen "meet the sponsor" breakout sessions

Men Having Babies' first International Surrogacy Conference in Israel is scheduled for February 14-16, 2013!

We are proud to announce Israel's first International Surrogacy Conference in February 2013, in cooperation with the Tel Aviv Gay Center. This three-day event is going to be the largest and most extensive program for Israeli prospective surrogacy parents ever, and it is based on the successful format of our programs in the USA and Europe.

We secured for the exhibit the participation of about ten clinics and agencies from across the world, some of them will be in Israel for the first time. Alongside we will have representation or information from a number of supportive local community organizations.

The program will span three days: On Thursday night, February 14, an opening session will feature an all-Hebrew expert panel followed by short presentations from the event sponsors from the USA, India and Israel. On Friday, February 15, a personal stories panel will be followed by breakout sessions with sponsoring agencies and clinics, and finally a Gay Parenting exhibit. On Saturday, February 16, several agencies and clinics will be available at the Center for private consultations with prospective parents.

Sponsorship proceeds will be dedicated to the Gay Parenting Financial Assistance Fund and earmarked for Israeli prospective parents. Stay tuned for more details and registration information!!

Note: while the event is organized by a gay parenting organization, non-gay prospective parents are welcome and will no doubt highly benefit from it as well.

So don't miss this event, and register early to save time when you check-in, and to get updates on new speakers, sponsors and breakout sessions as they are added.
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The Men Having Babies Seminar and Expo in Israel will take place on February 14, 15 and 16. See program below for more information.
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The conference will take place at the Tel Aviv Gay Center, at Gan Meir (22 Tsernichovsky Street).
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Admission is 60 NIS per person and will include food and beverages. Advanced registration is highly recommended.

Supportive community organizations

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