The 13th Annual NY Men Having Babies
Surrogacy Seminar & Gay Parenting Expo

November 12, 2017

Full conference program

Part I - Surrogacy Seminar and expo (9am-4:30pm)

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Registration: 8:30-9:00 AM
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Planning your journey: 9:00-10:30 AM (Auditorium, floor L2)
We will open our session with introductions and a comparison of surrogacy with other parenting options. We will then provide the first part of our comprehensive surrogacy workshop that was developed based on the accumulated knowledge of hundreds of gay men who have already gone through the process.
Topics covered will include:
  • Basic terminology, types and components of typical surrogacy arrangements.
  • Typical sequence and timeline for gestational surrogacy journeys.
  • Legal considerations in the USA and Canada.
  • Major decisions regarding IVF, egg donation and surrogacy options.
  • Considering your family vision, financial constraints, risk tolerance and ethical preferences.
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Coffee Break: 10:30 AM -10:45 AM

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Picking providers, budgeting and financial assistance: 10:45 AM -12:00 PM (Auditorium, floor L2)
On the second part of our workshop we will provide peer advice on selecting service providers, cost saving tips, and resources for financial support. Topics covered will include:
  • Where to start (agency, clinic, surrogate or donor)
  • Selecting an agency and clinic
  • Estimated costs, and factors that affect costs
  • Cost saving best practices.
  • Financial help through the Gay Parenting Assistance Program (GPAP).
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Lunch / Gay Parenting Expo / Book Fair: 12:00 - 1:30 PM (Floors L1 and Lobby)
Enjoy a buffet lunch and our Book Fair on L1, and explore the Gay Parenting Services Exhibit at the main lobby: more than twenty five tables where you can meet and receive information from leading clinics, surrogacy agencies, lawyers and supporting community organizations. The expo will remain open until 5:30pm. Lunch is sponsored by San Diego Fertility Center.
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Personal stories panel: 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM (Auditorium, floor L2)
To help you further understand what surrogacy entails from the personal standpoint, you will have an opportunity to hear personal testimonies from a diverse group of of gay surrogacy dads, the surrogates who helped them, and an egg donor.

Panelist include:

Dave Beldin
Dave Bledin & Bart Rosenthal live in NYC. In July 2017 they welcomed their daughter, Sloane, born via gestational surrogacy. They created a YouTube channel, "Two Men and a Baby," to help others navigate the many decisions one needs to make along the surrogacy journey!

Chelsea Hawk
Chelsea Hawk, a preschool teacher from Maryland, acted as a gestational surrogate twice for a same-sex couple in New York. Chelsea feels that this not only reaffirmed her own beliefs about parenthood, but also helped shape her children’s understanding of love, support, and what it means to be a family. In 2016, Chelsea and the couple she carried for were featured on CNN with Lisa Ling in her feature “This Is Birth” (click on Part 04 surrogacy). When she is not teaching or chasing her dog around the yard, Chelsea enjoys baking, hiking, and hosting family game nights.

Mike Moreno
Mike and his husband Aldrin live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. In February of 2017, they welcomed their son Sebastián, born via gestational surrogacy in Ontario, Canada. Aldrin and Mike were recipients of GPAP stage I. The couple also recently did a Facebook Live interview about their surrogacy journey through Canada.

Christina Fenn
Christina is a surrogate who carried twice for a gay couple from the UK. She and her husband Brian live in CT with their two boys. Christina is currently in process to carry for a third time for a new couple.

Laura Alabre
Laura has been a known egg donor to several couples all over the world. She currently serves as the case manager for dozens of gay couples and singles who are having their children with the help of MHB’s Gay Parenting Assistance Program (GPAP).
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Bart (left) and Dave with their daughter Sloane

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Aldrin (left) and Mike with their surrogate Stephanie

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Christina with the parents she helped

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Breakout sessions - come meet the sponsors: 2:30 - 4:30 PM (Various rooms on L1 and L2 - see table)
Attendees will have the opportunity to take part in up to 6 introductory group consultations with the various providers. Take advantage of this opportunity to get to know these agencies and clinics more closely. The sessions will be 17-18 minutes long (plus 2-3 minutes switch time) and take place simultaneously in 4 meeting rooms on L1 and L2. The Gay Parenting Expo will also continue to be available during this period.

L1: Adult Center

L1: Classroom 2

L2: Teen Center

L2: Classroom 1

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2:30 pm
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Susanna Park, MD
Said T. Daneshmand, MD, FACOG
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Diane Hinson, Esq.
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Victoria T. Ferrara, Esq.
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Vasiliki A. Moragianni, MD
Brian Levine, MD

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2:50 pm
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Susanna Park, MD
Said T. Daneshmand, MD, FACOG
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Diane Hinson, Esq.
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Victoria T. Ferrara, Esq.
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Jay Cook, RN
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3:10 pm
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Mark P. Leondires, MD

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Stephanie Scott
Kristen Hanson
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Dean Hutchison, Esq.
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Joao dePinho, MD
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3:30 pm
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Mark P. Leondires, MD

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Samuel Pang, MD
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Cindy Wasser, LLB (Canada)
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John Chally, JD
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3:50 pm
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John Hesla, MD
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Steven H. Snyder, Esq.

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Nir Keren
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John Chally, JD
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4:10 pm
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John Hesla, MD
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Steven H. Snyder, Esq.

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Nir Keren
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Rebecca Silver
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Private consultations with service providers: 3:00 -8:00 PM (Nursery School, Floor 2, 7th floor reception center and library)
Several clinics and agencies will be available in offices for private consultations with prospective parents that wish to explore the options they offer in more depth. Prospective parents may request to coordinate consultations in advance using this form. Consultation slots may also be available last minute for those who want to first hear the providers during the breakout sessions.

Part II - Specialty panels and reception (4:30pm-7:30pm) - free admission

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4:30-5:30 pm
Networking Reception / Gay Parenting Expo (Main Lobby)

Prospective parents, parents (&children!), psychologists, social workers, students, researchers and other professionals are invited to network and exchange perspectives over refreshments, courtesy of Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists. The Our Gay Parenting Expo will run in parallel until 5:30pm in the same space.
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5:30-6:30 pm



Teen Center

Budgeting: A closer look at medical insurance and surrogate compensation packages
Moderator: Ron Poole-Dayan / MHB board
- Victoria Ferrara, Esq.
/ Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists
- Diane Hinson, Esq.
/ Creative Family Connections
- Michelle Pine
/ MHB board member
- Cindy Wasser, LLB
/ Hope Springs Fertility Law / Canada
- Kristen Hanson
/ Simple Surrogacy
Medical workshop: The medical screening of future fathers, egg donors and surrogates, the creation of optimal embryos, and the IVF process
Moderator: Dr. Georges Sylvestre / MHB board
- Mark Leondires, M.D.
/ RMA of Connecticut
- Jerald Goldstein, M.D.
/ Fertility Specialists of Texas
- Susanna Park, M.D.
/ San Diego Fertility Center
- John Hesla, M.D.
/ Oregon Reproductive Medicine
- David Ryley, M.D.
/ Boston IVF
Psychological and social issues during the surrogacy process
Moderator: Elliott Kronenfeld, LICSW / Insight Brookline Psychotherapy
- Jen Rachman, LICSW
/ Circle Surrogacy
- Mindy Schiffman, Ph.D.
/NYU Langone Fertility Center
- Jan Silverman, Ph.D.
/ CReATe Fertility Centre (Canada)
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6:30-7:30 pm
Teen Panel: Surrogacy children of gay dads share their stories (Auditorium, L2)
Moderator: Jason Knight / Family Equality Council

Teen panel_160
The panel is offered in cooperation with the Outspoken Generation program of Family Equality Council. The program strives to empower those with LGBTQ parents to speak out about our community’s families. This panel is unique for featuring exclusively children in gay headed families formed through surrogacy. Parents, children, prospective parents, psychologists, social workers, students, researchers and other professionals are all welcome!