With the passage of the Child Parent Security Act (CPSA), New York leapfrogged to have the most thoughtful surrogacy legislation ever drafted, with extensive protections to parents, babies, surrogates and donors, legal clarity and streamlines process for parentage rights, and attention to long term physical and mental health outcomes. However it also added restrictions such as on who is eligible to benefit from surrogacy in the state (at least one of the intended parents need to be a resident).

The online event will include ample opportunities to ask questions in real time. Please register at the  link below:

April 22 at 7pm EDT


  • Background of the CPSA
  • What makes CPSA different from other surrogacy laws?
  • How this law changes parentage establishment in New York
  • Eligibility requirements
  • Regulations needed to allow law to take effect
  • What is not in the law?

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