Surrogacy is illegal in the majority of Europe and the large segments in the public may have a negative perception of the surrogacy process. This can lead towards stigmatization of families through surrogacy and possibly even the children born through surrogacy. This forum will discuss:

  • Common misconceptions about surrogacy and the motivations of surrogates
  • Controversy around the issue of compensation, and perceived exploitation of surrogates
  • Critical attitudes and stigma facing families through surrogacy
  • Impact of negative attitudes: punitive legislation, administrative hostility, avoidable financial burdens 
  • How children may be impacted by inflammatory language used by surrogacy critics  
  • What studies and research show about outcomes for children through surrogacy
  • How increased awareness and education can help change attitudes towards surrogacy families in Europe 
  • Specific initiatives individuals and organizations can take to help combat these negative stereotypes

During the program we will screen the short documentary film Tristan. The film depicts Tristan and his husband, a Belgian couple who recently had a little girl together via surrogacy. But when he arrives at the nursery to pick his daughter up, Tristan realizes that not everyone sees his paternity the way he does. We will also hear from Sonam Larcin, the creator of the 11 minute film. Sonam is now developing a feature-length documentary about parenthood The bond between us.  

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