With the passage in 2020 of the Child Parent Security Act (CPSA), New York leapfrogged to have the most comprehensive surrogacy legislation ever drafted, with extensive protections to all involved, legal clarity and a streamlined process for parentage rights, and attention to long term physical and mental health outcomes. However it also added restrictions such as who is eligible to benefit from surrogacy in the state, and a wide array of requirements and regulations that affect all professionals, in the state or elsewhere, who will treat or assist NY IPs or surrogates. 

This new legal framework is taking effect February 15, while several major provisions are still unclear and subject to multiple interpretations, a wide array of clauses may be soon amended as part of a "cleanup bill," and no Department of Health (DOH) regulations released. 

To help decipher it all MHB has partnered with NYAAFF to assemble a panel of legal experts, some of whom were and still are directly involved in the drafting and negotiating of the original legislation and the cleanup bill.

Topics covered included:

  • Background of the CPSA
  • What makes CPSA different from other surrogacy laws?
  • The Surrogates Bill of Rights
  • How this law changes parentage establishment in New York
  • Requirements for clinics (in NY and elsewhere)
  • Requirements for agencies ("Matching Programs")
  • The Cleanup Bill: what it may change, and the latest on its progress and prospects  
  • What is left for DOH regulations,  when can we expect them, and what happens until and when they are released?

For a limited time, you may watch the event recording below, and you can find the presentation PDF here