While many professionals in surrogacy & fertility fields are driven by personal passion for family building, there are increasing signs that as the "industry" matures, there may be more instances of cutthroat competition and the pursuit of profit.  Our panel will discuss these signs, and possible efforts to combat these trends.

Topics will include:

  • Predatory recruitment of surrogates and egg donors
  • Escalating compensation levels
  • Increased commodification of egg donation
  • Proliferation of commercial intermediaries, especially internationally 
  • Infusion of outside equity, mergers, acquisitions and IPOs

Initiatives to combat adverse impact of commercialization:

  • Efforts to compile industry best practices into formal standards and certification systems
  • Positive impact of some regulatory efforts, such as with the recent NY Surrogacy Reform
  • Tackling the "third-rail" of surrogacy by developing compensation principles
  • Facilitation of more transparency and awareness regarding industry practices

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