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MHB Virtual Technology Guide

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Interprefy Guide
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MHB has widened the range of educational events we offer, and we now utilize more technology at our in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. The MHB Virtual Tech Guide is where you can find tips, resources and product recommendations to optimize the use of these technologies. Please don't hesitate to approach us if you have additional questions by emailing

Virtual Meeting Best Practices - Setup and Equipment

The quality of your interaction with virtual meeting attendees depends on several factors, including audio and video equipment, lighting, setup, internet connection, and computer. We provide here links to several articles and online guides you may use. However if time is a consideration, please note the following tips, and see the equipment list below.
  • Good soft lighting, not necessarily professional grade, is essential. Avoid backlighting as well as you can, that alone can make a big difference.
  • Using automated virtual background is not recommended, unless done professionally. They tend to create an artificial floating effect, especially in less than perfect lighting conditions.
  • Position your camera at eye level or slightly above, and as close to the screen you will monitor. Bring your microphone closer if you can (ideally 5 to 6 inches from your mouth).
  • Always record and stream at landscape mode, not portrait mode / mobile device style.
  • Built in laptop and desktop webcams and microphones may be suitable for daily video chats, but you can get a dramatic improvement in audio and video quality by spending less than $200 on external USB HD camera and a dedicated microphone. This will also allow you more flexibility in positioning these devices to optimize quality.
  • Note that often online reviews and guides recommend equipment that is currently out of stock or only available at prices that are much above suggested retail. The list below includes several options that are highly rated and available at a reasonable price.
  • Reliable internet connection is of course a must. Test your connection to make sure you have at least 2.5 Mbs speed for both upload and download. You may also want to close as many applications and tabs you have open in the background and that may use bandwidth or computer resources.

Here are links to more detailed guides:

You can click on the link under each image to purchase the item. As an Amazon Associate, MHB earns from qualifying purchases made through clicking our links.

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Interprefy Guide

Coming soon: a guide on how to use the Interprefy app for conference interpretation services.

Remo Guide

When public health concerns prevent us from holding in-person conferences, MHB is holding comprehensive virtual programs utilizing the specialized REMO platform that allows for general presentations, breakout sessions, expo "tables" and effective interaction.

Most people who regularly use online technology will have no problem getting by – but they may miss on some of the features or lose time learning the platform on the fly. In order to make the best of this experience, we’d like you to pay close attention to the following guide.

First: a computer is a must. The main difference between this experience and conventional video conferencing (like Zoom) is the ability to navigate in the virtual space using a map (floor plan) – this cannot be done on a mobile device. It is also important that you have good internet connection in order to optimize your experience.

Next: please ensure your computer has a working camera and microphone. While this is not necessary for the presentations, this is a must in order to be able to network with other participants and take part at the expo. Upon entry and throughout the event, you will land in a “table” with up to 5 other attendees, with whom you can interact. These groups are initially random and are just meant to make it easy to mingle. During the expo and consultations, you will be able to navigate to the specific branded table where you can interact with providers.

On the right you will find a tutorial video to introduce you to the Remo platform. Registered attendees will receive a link to access the event, along with a link to a companion page with more information and links to breakout sessions. You can join the event as a couple (on one computer), move around as one unit, and share the exact same experience. However, if you have more than one ticket, you may join on separate computers, and have the option of splitting up during the breakout sessions and the expo.

Reference Guide

Test Before You Join – Please use Remo’s system test page, to check your system's compatibility with Remo. It will automatically check your network, operating system and browser for compatibility, as well as your microphone and camera settings. We recommend testing your system at least the day before the event to resolve problems.

Arrival – When you arrive to the event you will be assigned randomly to a table in Building A. You can use the controls at the bottom of your screen to turn your mic on and off, your camera on and off, and use the other features available. (Remember, Green means ON, Black means OFF. Simply click to turn on or off.)

Moving – Double click on other table to move there if room is available. To move between your breakout session, consult, and expo locations, click the links along the top or bottom of the screen to move between the spaces (as shown in the tour).

Help Desk – Floor 1 of Building A there will be an MHB help desk, please stop by if you are having any issues. It will be manned at all times by an MHB team member. Although the Help Desk appears on other floors, it will only be manned on the first floor.

Q&A – During the main presentation as well as the Breakout Sessions, you can use the Q&A feature on the Chat menu to ask the presenters questions. You can also raise your hand and upvote questions submitted by others.

Whiteboard – Each expo table will have a white board. Providers can customize this with graphics, logos, links, etc.